Sunday, February 21, 2010

Judicial independence is not judicial dictatorship

HRCP chairperson Advocate Asma Jahangir said people would soon witness a judicial dictatorship in the country, if the judiciary continuously moves ahead in its “present direction” and then we would forget military and political dictatorships. Is it not a sarcastic remark amounting to contempt of court?

Her analysis on the "mother of all surrenders" sounds highly immature and biased, because it is tilting off the ‘Balance.’
Instead, she needs to be more focused on the prevailing scenario and its solution rather than worrying like a crybaby about the judicial dictatorship.
Furthermore, she says, “we will not like pro-establishment judges.”
But then the people of Pakistan are also asking her, “will she pinpoint such judges so that Justice Chaudhry can take care of the unhealthy stuff?
On the other hand she is absolutely at liberty to file a petition on behalf of the aggrieved masses. It is believed that the court would surely satisfy her.
Referring to a meeting between PM Gilani and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, she said the HRCP would not accept any give-and-take as an outcome of the meeting. What a non sense again?
To a query, she said neither the parliament nor the judiciary were supreme, only the people are supreme, because both the institutions have to serve the masses.
It is so pathetic that she is forgetting here that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry worries the most about the rights of the people than she does.
Human rights activist Asma is therefore needlessly criticizing the judiciary and CJ’s meeting with the PM to resolve the judges appointment issue.
Legally speaking, CJ is fully entitled under his administrative capacity to resolve issues inside or outside the court. Why Asma is so upset about it when the whole nation stands with Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry?
However, her concern about share in the SC positions from Peshawar is indeed a genuine one, yet it can be addressed later based on fairness.
Last of all, Asma needs to concentrate on other issues in the country to alleviate poverty and begin helping the judiciary as a judicial officer of the court to fight off the rampant corruption.
She should be on the forefront to side with the independent judiciary to speed up the judicial process against the looter mafia.
The nation celebrates judicial victory and prays for CJ's long life so that he is able to root out corruption from the lower judiciary as well.
1 comment:
  • Dr. Talal said...

"I agree with the writer. The nation stands with the judiciary and CJ is heading the department. Asma Jahangir better focus on how to solve problems faced by the masses which have grown gross now."

1 comment:

Dr. Talal said...

I agree with the writer. The nations stands with the judiciary and CJ is heading the department. Asma Jahangir better focus on how to solve problems faced by the masses which have grown gross now.


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