Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freeing Pakistan of Deadly Trouble

Though, tsunamis, earth quakes, tornadoes, air turbulence, lightening strike, glacier melting, monsoon rains and flooding etc are all just a tiny process of an unquestionable “Natural Phenomenon,” whereas the humankind is only partially able to cope with some of the above - provided there is “ahead of time” preparedness and training for using the available expertise and resources accordingly and appropriately. However, sometimes, there is a mix of various factors contributing to air or ground disaster which is caused due to bad weather or human error or technical fault/malfunctioning. Yet, the havoc brought on by the malicious/greedy anti social elements or state/non state actors are absolutely preventable, if the "policy of justice, fairness, merit and integrity" is adopted/followed by everyone individually and collectively of course.

The nation is celebrating 63rd birth day of the (left over) troubled Pakistan amid the ongoing devastation. During all these years, the country hasn’t been able to have grown up to be ranked among the matured nations. Almost every inch of the country is passing through an extremely stressful condition. Most recently, there appeared some hidden but powerful forces fully determined to ignite and fuel chaos on a wide scale to put Karachi on fire to satisfy their negative agenda. The fact that the current wave of killings has both ethnic and sectarian overtones shows some forces are using every available option to push 'Karachi - the commercial hub of Pakistan' into a state of disasterous anarchy unprecedented in its history.

Due to Mr. Jinnah’s demise and Late Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan’s murder in the early days, the orphaned country began its long voyage going through the severe political turbulance containing artificial tidal currents, rugged terrain, constitutional usurption and what not. The baby country started with almost nil resources. Yet, despite the incapacitated leadership, the nation carried on with meager resources including the poor training, dis-organization and inadequate guidance.

Nevertheless, the country’s intelligentsia and the youth always looked for direction. Certainly, the youth of today are the future assets; there is a great need of proper care of this precious treasure. In reality, the future of a country depends upon the youth of today. Indeed, they are in need of right direction at the right time which is “now or never.” This is so worrisome that in today’s rapidly changing environment, the pace of life has become faster leaving little time for caring and nurturing. Encouraging the youth to care about the world in which they live--is actually needed the most. Such an encouragement cannot be over-emphasized as the youth of today are the adults of tomorrow; therefore, they deserve the role models around them beyond any doubt.

Indeed, instilling philanthropic ideals and goals into the younger people would mean a lot to them, as they grow up realizing that they can make a real difference toward what is happening in the world. As we need a brand new generation of caring people, we must train these ‘youths of today’ to respond to a problem with positive attitude resulting in happy outcome. Quite surely, they can develop their own ability of problem solving, but only if they are properly guided when they are young. They need to be educated enough to understand the injustice of poverty, famine, terrorism, corruption and disaster, so that they can learn to play their role in addressing the difficulties.

Positive role models could be the key to success. It is so important for young workers to follow the role models and become great leaders when they grow up as adults. We must realize the importance of youth development. If the proper steps are taken, maybe this generation of youth will become a new breed of leaders that can handle the constantly changing world around them.

It is worth mentioning that the people of Pakistan including the youth must be thankful to Allama Iqbal, who persuaded Mr. Jinnah in 1934 to return from England and lead the Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent in their struggle to create Pakistan. Throughout his writings, he laid great emphasis on humanity’s creative capability. He was interested in the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilization across the world, but specifically in South Asia; a series of famous lectures he delivered to this effect, were published as presidential address. He worked closely with Mr. Jinnah; is known as Muffakir-e-Pakistan, Shair-e-Mashriq and Hakeem-ul-Ummat, and is officially recognized as the national poet of Pakistan.

Indeed, the ever-inspiring Iqbal’s poetry is full of freshness containing a golden message. His God-gifted ability to transform complex feelings into rhyming words and phrases is well known. He stresses the role of the youth in Saqi Nama, saying that the young people are full of passion and new ideas, suggesting that the outdated rituals should not stop them from exploring new horizons. He didn’t mean a moral degeneration among the youths on the pretext of ultra modern fashions encouraged by the Musharraf’s notion of “Enlightened Moderation.”

The youth may benefit from the philosophy of Dr. Allama Iqbal, a lawyer and a poet who concentrated on writing on history, politics, economics, philosophy and religion. Asrar-e-Khudi, Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, Bang-e-Dara are some of his poetic works. His poetry has philosophical depth, passion, force and eloquence. (Khudi ko ker buland itna ke her taqdeer se pahle Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kiya hai• In “Rumz-e-Bekhudi”, he is addressing the Ummah about an ideal community based on Islamic social and ethical value. “Payam-e-Mashriq” is a reminder to the west about the importance of spirituality, morality and religion. In ‘Zabur-e-Ajam’ he denounces slavery and reminds on remembering the past, excelling the present and preparing for the future. Javed Nama is addressed to his own son and other young people at large arguing that “Muslim traitors” were responsible for many British victories in the Indian subcontinent leading to enslaving. His other Persian works are Pas Chih Bayad Kard and Armaghan-e-Hijaz. All Pakistanis including the youths must understand and benefit from the philosophy of Allama Iqbal, who taught self-reliance and true sovereignty instead of relying on foreign assistance.

And, Mr. Jinnah’s golden sayings give direction to the nation as well. He said to the youths, “Prepare for the future, “You have to take up the reins of the country to steer the nation to the goal of a progressive and prosperous Pakistan.”

Although, corruption remains the headlines, it is not-- the only disease that ails the public sector. Unfortunately, there are other factors such as climate change, de-forestation, and defective planning by the governments over the years. Therefore, as the youths of today are the adults of tomorrow, they must be trained and prepared accordingly to properly evaluate the facts & figures for accurate balancing essential for the long awaited prosperity.

Sadly speaking, Pakistani politicians are to be mainly blamed for their 'non serious attitude' towards helping 180 million nationals through building dams to avoid future disasters. Of course, there are other issues related to security, energy and development projects and deficit-reduction through sticking to available resources. Corrupt elite sitting in our assemblies with fake degrees is a curse too-- needing a prompt corrective action, but dispensing justice is only possible if there is a regard for supremacy of constitution, rule of law and of course an independent judiciary.

It is safely concluded that the ongoing damaged writ of the State needs a quick fix up. Certainly, it is about time to launch a "peaceful national movement" against the plunderers of country's wealth and the corrupt politicians who possess undisclosed assets, foreign accounts, evade taxes and have capital outside the country. The loot has to be brought back to Pakistan urgently so that Jinnah’s country could enjoy self respect, peace, prosperity and high rank among the global nations as envisioned by Allama Iqbal the great.

The writer is an indepedent analyst based in Canada


Anonymous said...

A good analysis of our national problems.Yet there is no workable sloution in the above writing and i guess there can't be a single solution..not in the present state.As there is no one single problem therefore there cannot be a single solution.Allah knows how its going to change.Change comes from people and so do problems.I would not talk much about our leaders as a part of problem.Leaders all over world, more or less, do stuff which pakistani politician are and have been doing.It is more about the nation who doesnt want to learn even after losing half of their country.Pakistan has been made property of few families who claim to own this country and its people too.I just wonder that what do people of pakistan think before they vote...probably nothing...and that is a major part of our problem.Jinnah and Liaqat Ali khan are history and should be kept just to get our directions.Other than that we should move-on from past and try live in present.If we keep on bringing these few families into power then we should not even regret whats going wrong with us.A lost nation of 180 million senseless people who can not stop voting for these faces and names is the real problem.And there is no easy fix as our nation has been stuck with even greater problems like food,shelter,security..they just cannot think straight anymore..atleast for now.
I can guess one thing with confidence.After this goverment finishes its 5 years,people will bring in PML(N) for the next 5 years to do more or less leave it to individuals to judge where the problem and the solution lies!

Tariq Mian said...

Optimism is the key solution here - provided there is massive awareness of rights of everyone along with the following guidelines:
1. An independent Election Commission will make sure the process of electing the right stuff goes smoothly.
2. An independent judiciary will ensure the constitution and the rule of law prevail under all circumstances through giving its verdicts independently and purely on merit instead of being pressured by the powerful Generals or Dictators or any greed or influence.
3. A massive political awareness program will enable the people/voters to assess the problems and find viable solution. A politically aware voter will elect - not the vederas or maliks but the right candidate based on candidate’s past good record, honesty, integrity etc.
4. And most of all, sincerity with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Prophet’s Sunnah is the way to go.

Tariq Mian said...

Janab Tasadduq sahib,
I do hereby recognize our telepathic connection (dil ko dil sey rah hoti hai) indeed. I appreciate all those who had a chance to have a glance at my recent article. Main purpose of the said article was to invite criticism - healthy or otherwise - which I did. Hopefully, I would improve the way I see things because there is always a room for improvement.
I am grateful to everyone for broadening my vision. Special thanks to Dr Azrab Khan for his beautiful comment directly to my blog.
Thank you Tasadduq sahib for the encouragement. Certainly, your dua and desire would help me to carry on with the noble task.
With Regards,
Tariq Mian
Janab Tariq Mian Sahib,
Assalam-o-Alaikum waRahmatullah waBarakatuhu
I hope you will accept this reality now that both of us are connected telepathically. Otherwise I would not have received your call yesterday. Because day before I was thinking of you. Sorry I am not a saint but it is true if you love some one it will surely reflect it in form or the other.
As we were talking in the IPC last night & I noticed many brothers were admiring your recent blog article on current affairs. I decided to read it again. It was indeed a very powerful one. May Allah SWT give you the strength & wisdom to carry out the noble task.

The last part was very significant & I quote here for the benefit of others;

` It is safely concluded that the ongoing damaged writ of the State needs a quick fix up. Certainly, it is about time to launch a "peaceful national movement" against the plunderers of country's wealth and the corrupt politicians who possess undisclosed assets, foreign accounts, evade taxes and have capital outside the country. The loot has to be brought back to Pakistan urgently so that Jinnah’s country could enjoy self respect, peace, prosperity and high rank among the global nations as envisioned by Allama Iqbal the great'.

Please keep up the good work.
Wa' Salaam,

Aslam Malik said...

God helps those who help themselves.
Not many Muslim nations are offering a helping hand as yet.
We need a fresh breed of politicians who can handle such crises in future. We need Kalabagh Dam as soon as possible.
And we also deserve to get back the loot sitting in other countries.
PM Gilani has already given up due to non preparedness and insufficient resources at the time of national tragedy. Zardari has just returned from abroad. He is good for nothing.

Long live Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

It has to be a slow and steady recovery.It has to start with the re-habilitation of our basic national structure:
MPs should be made to do their jobs with-out fail and their performances should be disclosed to public.
Police,Legal Courts and district administration should be monitored and improved similarly.
We should start dis-qualifying and replacing in-capable individuals on all levels atleast in the above important fields.If something like that can start to take shape i wuld say that we have started on a road which will lead us to produce real leadership and less traitors.In all that process,our nation should be looking for finding,punishing and dumping in-capable people and bringing in better ones.

AZHAR (UK) said...

I know my reply isn't any special as out 180 million the large majority will say so.But i also think that it is the biggest of our problems.As a nation we need to get some grip on ourselves and our leaders.They should be made answerable to people which they are not right now.To start with, we should be questioning our selected MPs what they have achieved from their weekly or monthly goals.Their tasks and performance should be made available to public and their promotion and jobs should rely on that performance.Courts and judges should be monitored to see where do we lose time and fix those problems.If a judge is not capable of achieving targets he should simply go to give chance to a better individual.We dont have a leadership and to find it among ourselves we need to be atleast searching!I hope this changes in future.May be after these floods people ask themselves a question ..indeed a very important question.May be its time we need a BIG BROTHER but an honest one so we are pushed toward the road to recovery.

Tariq.MJ said...

yes, I guess you are right. After the election, status quo still exits. Not much can be changed unless there is inqilaab.


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