Friday, September 17, 2010

Overcoming Culture of Hypocrisy

‘Morality disorder’ in the form of rampant hypocrisy is deeply rooted in people all over the globe. Pretending to have feelings, beliefs, qualities, opinions, virtues and standards which someone does not actually possess is misleading indeed. In other words, hypocrisy simply means to present yourself as honest and upright to a degree where you are actually attempting to put others down and criticizing them for not having the same values while in fact you are almost on the opposite side.

This consists of an express or an implied deception of others; thus is a kind of lie which is responsible for social vices. It is human nature to judge others more severely than judging one’s own self. Whether we admit or not, most of us are moral hypocrites. In simpler words, the above said disorder is our worst enemy.

Ironically, when it comes to public officials, we have a tendency of condemning them, whereas we conveniently ignore our own dishonest actions of having evaded or cheated on our taxes.
Painfully, an irresponsible attitude towards conspiracy theories is a daily routine. A rampant culture of corruption exists in the society in one form or the other.
Committing corruption and worshiping of Lord (Allah SWT) simultaneously is the most evident example of the disorder. Accepting illegal gratification is another example of simultaneous action where people tend to doubly bless themselves for immorality and spirituality. However, some people spend their whole life struggling to commit or omit to come out of such a disorder of hypocritical behaviour.

Other examples of rampant hypocrisy include our government officials' unlawful practice of forcibly taking bribes. Cricketers’ involvement in match fixing gives rise to lack of discipline and image deficit. Obviously, these are problems of hypocritical nature. On top of that the political parties are hell bent to play with the masses by stealing their legal rights.

There are three signs of a hypocrite: Whenever he says something, he lies; whenever he makes a promise he breaks it, and if he is entrusted with something, he betrays the trust.
They always find ways to justify their sinful actions. Furthermore, the disease of hypocrisy exists at multi levels including public or private sector, individual or collective.

Unfortunately, such a rampant culture of hypocrisy is a norm in our society; runs through the blood arteries of our State functionaries. The laws are broken by those who made them. Contempt for the law has been in fashion throughout Pakistan's ruling class which has been presenting the best picture on the subject.

Resultantly, we have an incompetent bureaucracy, the ignorant lawmakers, and the military with a greed for power. Contempt for the law on the part of all three groups has created something like a social anarchy in the country giving a signal to the public that there is no law of the land and there are no rights whatsoever, except what they must grab whatever they can for themselves. What a greed?

The people's power cannot be under estimated. There is an urgent need of a miraculous recovery from such an illness of hypocrisy and rampant corruption in order to reform the whole society in Pakistan. Surely, If there is a will, there is a way. Remember! Justice Chaudhry and his team were restored because of massive support. Beyond any doubt, the people want justice. They believe in the need for laws, and they are capable of respecting them.
Nevertheless, it is the ruling class that routinely breaks the laws and considers it a privilege. These are the people who, for a change, are now fearful of the application of law under an independent judiciary.
Under the circumstances, we shouldn’t expect any change soon as our ‘Reborn Judiciary’ is in the midst of a genuine struggle to cleanse the polluted system out of the institutions that are bent upon crossing their legal limits, and thus violating the constitution.
Furthermore, the present administrative paralysis is the outcome of many years of inefficiency and corruption by some illegal and incompetent regimes. Shamefully, our government was in a “hands up position” recently while dealing with the devastating floods. The question is – if President of the country flew away with his huge team on national expense just to promote his son’s political future, what would you expect?

Preferring personal interest over national interest is not only unconstitutional but also immoral. Sadly, the rulers and functionaries have failed to care much about the Law and Constitution.
Hypocritically, they apply the writ only when it suites them, otherwise they don’t really care about the judiciary or the masses.
So far the Pakistanis have only learnt to live in a system which is heavily flawed against them. They are only familiar with a corrupt environment around them. Naturally, the masses look for the short cuts and an easy way out, therefore, they tend to offer bribe, use their connections, or other influence just to reach their goals.

Although, labelling such people as "law breakers" is probably applying salt to an injury by the ruling elite, yet laws are not made "for the people." Instead, the laws are perhaps made to be used "against them.” Mostly, it is the ruling class that routinely breaks the law and considers it a privilege. It is therefore only natural for people to violate laws whenever they can get away with it.

Fortunately, there is some remedial advantage in the form of an environment of regulations aiming to provide comfort and protection to the public. Yet, such laws have to be effectively communicated and appropriately followed by their fair and firm application. Hence, law abiding can quickly make life easier for everyone.

Most importantly, the best solution of the rampant disease is through practising the doctrine of “Altruism” which means the belief that acting for the benefit of others is right and good. Such an attitude or way of behaving marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others is the best remedy to be spiritually fit, medically healthy, morally and legally satisfying for everyone of course. The selfless act done for another’s benefit is a humanitarian endeavor praised by all societies and is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and a core aspect of various religious traditions. Also, as an ethical doctrine this holds that individuals have a moral obligation to help, serve, or benefit others, if necessary at the sacrifice of self interest.

Scientific studies show that altruism is not only helpful to society - but helpful to the person performing the good deed as well. Studies have shown that the Muslim doctrine of " Amr bil ma'rouf wa nahi 'ani almunkar" (ordering good and denouncing or literally "dis-ordering", evil) has significant health benefits in both the physical and psychological realm.

Finally, It is worth mentioning that among the happiest of societies was the first Muslim society. Those Muslims were the reflection of Islamic doctrines in the Qur'an and Sunnah; they were helping each other, neither for money, nor for fame but for the sake of Allah SWT.
“The best charity is that given when one is in need and struggling.” (Ibn Katheer).
“…And they give others preference over themselves even though they were themselves in need….” (Quran 59:9). “By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you spend of that which you love….” (Quran 3:92).
May Allah SWT purify our conscience of hypocrisy and guide us towards what really pleases Him.


M.Usman ghani said...

"You are the best of the nations raised up for
(the benefit of)men: you enjoin what is right and
forbid the wrong and believe in Allah." (3:llO)

Tariq Mian said...

@M.Usman ghani


Tariq Mian said...

we need purification of our thoughts via self cleansing.


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