Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coping With The Challenged Survivability

When the Mid-East is still undergoing a ‘change over phase’ via public resentment, Pakistan faces a number of dire crises of its own. It is being targeted so severely by the highly trained and equipped militants including the BLA and Tehreek-e-Taliban (all guerrillas); while a lot of other anti Pakistan groups are roaming around - fully supported by the evil hand in hiding. Crazily, the "united enemy" is super active using 'state of the art weaponry' just to make Pakistan moan till its last breath.
The intruders and 'the terrorists from within' are using the brainwashed children as suicide bombers for the dirty work of fighting ‘proxy war’ against Pakistan-- just to put deep dents in it. The primary purpose of the enemy action cannot be anything other than spreading "confusion and sense of insecurity" so that the people have nothing but misperception about the competence of the Pak armed forces.
Having exhausted patience, manufacturing current chaotic atmosphere is surely a 'destabalization made easy’ which would serve as a smokescreen to facilitate the desperately awaited robbery of Pak nukes on a fast track.
Significantly scary indeed, yet the tsunami like political turbulence at the same moment is quite ripe in the country for hammering a last nail in the coffin. The country, with series of past successive constitutional subversions, is currently at the mercy of the “NRO pardoned PPP lead government.” Sadly, so many parliamentarians, who benefitted under the repealed ‘national reconciliation ordinance’ were found to be sitting as legislators based on their bogus degrees.
Therefore, Pakistan has been slowly poisoned to let it be in such a muddy state of affairs from where it seems almost impossible to come out alive. Pakistan now stands too confused with regard to seeing ahead with an ultimate accuracy.
The country has been fighting back against the "well engineered terrorism.” Rarely, a day goes by without a fatal incidence of terror, where a number of innocent lives are not lost. Even the most secured locations have been successfully penetrated deep inside by the commando-like militants just to ridicule the security of the most secured.
Nevertheless, the recent attack on PNS Mehran Karachi is a clear war on Pakistan - which couldn’t have been carried out without connivance of the insiders.
Shamefully, the insensitive government is not taking precautionary measures essential to repulse such deadly attacks before they even occur.  Six Americans and Eleven Chinese were rescued by the naval commandos. Yet, two naval surveillance planes were destroyed by the "highly trained saboteurs " who were fully equipped with rocket-propelled grenades, LMGs and hand grenades.
Ironically, the terrorists used night goggles, and they were behaving like professional commandos with hell of confidence and good calculation. On the other hand, non availability of night vision goggles to Pak soldiers was a major obstacle.
Indeed, Government has failed to control the wave of terror attacks designed to destabilize the country. For sure, liability of the armed forces with regard to the protection of country’s strategic interests can’t be ignored at any point. “Democracy disorder, administrative paralysis and now the incidence of security lapses on the rise” - are a real cause of deep nervousness for the Pakistani nation.
At the critical hour, any external meddling in Pakistan’s affairs shouldn’t demoralize Pak military or manipulate the so called democratically elected government to commit any contributory negligence.
Ground reality still remains that Pakistan consists of a corrupt society, where people live in a heavily flawed system. The people, at all levels, are only familiar with a corrupt environment around them. Naturally, they look for the short cuts and an easy way out. Therefore, they tend to give or receive bribe, use their connections in order to reach their goals.
Beyond a doubt, some in the populace are more vulnerable to the ulterior motives of foreign elements. Of course, the camouflaged enemy is hell bent to inflict deep wounds in Pakistan’s security apparatus. As mentioned above, currently Pakistan is going through the unpredictable episodes of guerrilla warfare carried out by the suicide bombers. Pathetically, the internal criminal elements, out of greed for heavy cash, are helping the external elements to destabilize the country. Therefore, the greedy insiders and the national or international media for spreading misinformation are to blame for the whole mess.
Preferring personal interest over national interest is not only immoral but also unconstitutional. Sadly, the defiant rulers and the incompetent functionaries have failed to care much about following the Law and Constitution as required.
Beyond any doubt, the nuclear equipped Pak armed forces are second to none even for the conventional warfare ‘if adequately supplied’ with the latest resources without prejudice, while some sources suggest, the ISI still ranks number one among the top ten, albeit blame of intelligence lapse.
Since, such strength is too grave a concern for the cunning enemy to handle, there has to be some other hostile roadmap however illegitimate to hit the country hard economically first as a prerequisite for the success of dismantling process to finish the job.
In fact, Pak economic empowerment suffers from steady decline and erosion due to electricity shortage throughout the country. God forbid, “Collapse of Pakistan” is getting closer to become a reality unless the nation muscles up sooner the better. Certainly, along with the economic strength and political maturity, the military might is a guarantee to provide and maintain vital signs for a country to breath.
A well thought out and highly calculated game plan to eliminate Pakistan from the map is going on successfully. So, no point scoring at this time, rather early securing of the national strategic interests should be the main national agenda. Yes, a political dialogue among all involved is essential for a satisfactory development.
A much needed review of the domestic security policy will be of much help to pinpoint and identify the weak links in security and intelligence apparatus. This approach would help the faulty international alignment of Pakistan and encourage institutional calibration for betterment. Otherwise, it is impossible to toe the country away from the present mess.
Since, self-reliance leads to economic stability bringing natural capacity building and resource utilization, the government must devise a strategy on urgent basis to generate funds through tax reforms, land reforms and other economic measures. The loop holes in tax-collection system should be plugged in order to stop tax evasion under all circumstances and a zero tolerance policy be implemented. This would ensure that the foreign financial dependence is minimized and phased out gradually.
Strengthened national economic condition would guarantee a decent survival followed by revival of normalcy, and that would be a blessing for the present and future generations indeed.


Anonymous said...

Pak government is responsible.

rakesh said...

terrorist are gaining momemtum.
what r u guys doing about it?

Tasadduq said...

Janab Tariq Mian Sahib, Assalam-o-Alaikum waRahmatullah waBarakatuhu--
It was a very well worded article on the current issues.

Wa' Salaam,

Awan said...

Pakistan is being attacked left and right, but the armed forces, the government and the civillians are not on the same page.
In order to deal with the present illegal war against Pakistan, all must start a counter offensive against all anti Pakistan forces.
Only then the country shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

Economic survival is possible only after a country wide "rogue cleansing" is carried out first.

ashraf hussain [canada] said...

kal kay dost aaj kay dusman,
kia karain.
dost our dushman kee pehchaan mushkil ho gai hai.

Anonymous said...

I am confused

malki said...

is it terrorism or aggression? Please elaborat.

Anonymous said...

Pak army, air force and the navy must have peoples' support for morale boosting.


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