Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Q League Receives Prompt Dower

Unaware of the US military operation in Abbottabad, Pakistani Presidency was busy celebrating a deal between the two rival parties of conflicting agendas. Some journalist from the media contacted the Presidency to find out about the American operation; surprisingly the authorities at the Presidency knew nothing at the time. 
There isn't any worry as it is pretty normal for the Government of Pakistan to wake up after it is all over.
Since 2008 election, the PPP minority government needed crutches to carry out its function of governance, so the PML N provided the needed tools on “off and on” basis initially, but later on agreed to extend the benefits of friendly opposition for long time which actually was detrimental to the interests of the nation.
Nevertheless, the recent newlyweds (political union) have broken all previous records crossing all democratic norms. The political parties involved in such an “adulterated democracy” are in the honey moon phase for now after the “haq maher muajjal” in the form of ministries has already been given upfront ignoring the resulted national loss beyond repair.
Adulteration of democracy endangers its very essence, yet it has been going on for long time depriving the country of good governance.
Sorry to say but the truth is - the very last nail to the coffin of Pakistan’s adulterated democracy has been hammered in. This unnatural alliance is the desperate need of the evil players to avoid corruption cases. They fear the apex judiciary and they want to hide behind executive powers for their own protection. This alliance is aimed at protecting personal vested interests and survival including of course - the release of Ch.Moonis Elahi, dumping all Swiss cases/ NRO cases for ever etc.
Since N league is out of the picture at the moment, and there is a desperate greed on the part of the PPP to cling to power, the Q league, MQM or other Maulanas and parties know exactly well - what to demand at the right time. Blackmailing plays an important role too indeed.
A matrimonial battle of interests is easily predictable, as Ch. Pervaiz Elahi is on his way to become Deputy Prime Minister with decision-making role and wants key ministries with powers. An executive order or constitutional amendment would do the trick. The Choudries are also looking for the spot of Senate chairman in the ultimate deal and this would be the ‘make or break point’ for Zardari.
The queenly Choudries have been demanding everything in writing before the budget and Zardari has agreed to Choudries’ demands for an unbelievable seat adjustment in the next polls. Very smart card.
The JUI on the other hand has been watching the game nervously and is genuinely worried that if the PPP and QL succeed, the next step will be further disintegration of provinces of Punjab and KP.
JUI is worried about its stronghold of DI Khan and adjoining areas may merge into the new Seraiki province thus cutting its size and influence substantially in national and provincial politics, while MQM favours Karachi province and Pukhtoons in Balochistan want their own province. Hazara and Seraiki province may soon be in the making if language card is played tactfully, yet it requires an overall real national consensus.
It seems, however, that everything is being done to damage the PML N. Others are happy that if Punjab starts boiling, the system may begin packing up sooner than later.
Zardari might succeed in hurting N league, but he is bound to damage his own party too, and beyond any doubt he will be depending upon his latest partner, the Choudries of Gujrat.
If that happens then the shrewd Zardari and the shrewd Choudries will take complete care of Pakistani exchequer. Good luck.


Nabi Saleh (Karachi) said...

Altaf Bhai is back to federal pavillion of ministers for his promised share of power sharing addiction.

zakir said...

Pakistan will never be a sovereign country until there is economic freedom

Dr. Q.Jay said...

Zardari is an expert to play the politics of survival. I don't blame him because it is human nature to be greedy dog.

Anonymous said...

Pain is not over yet

Shamil - Islamabad said...

a big army of ministerships in the federation is a bad news for the country. The best thing to do is ---- kick out all the expensive ministeries because departmental seretaries can better manage and do the job successfully.-----Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is not independent yet and never will be

Anonymous said...

Q league is the only best political party. It would facilitate the return of national hero General musharraf soon with the help of Chief boss Zardari.

Ravi-Dubai said...

Turmoiled Pakistan is trapped badly in political and economic nightmere. Getting out is a real challenge.
Musical chairs of the same old faces will never stop; hence a survival strategy is out of question.

Irfan Suhail Multan Pakistan said...

Pakistan is in the clutches of gangsters--------Army action is desperately needed to clear the mess.

Anonymous said...


Ruby said...

Zardari appears to be a good speaker; speaks with confidence.
He is always able to commit political seduction and manipulation of vulnerable politicians as well as other shrewd party leaders.
It has yet to be seen as to how he tackles the recent situation of security lapse.


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