Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quagmire of Pakistan’s Credibility Deficit

No doubt, Pakistan played its cards really well to claim a decent position whenever the US would finally leave Afghanistan accommodating Pakistan’s strategic interests. Yet, the recent US navy seal operation in Abbottabad ruined it. There is ambiguity about the duration of the operation, exact number of choppers involved and the Pakistani radar system.
Some anti Pakistan internal and external elements have always been working skilfully to damage US/PAK relations. Despite a huge number of sacrifices by Pakistan, an environment of trust deficit finally took over. Resultantly, the US went ahead without informing Pakistan-a front line friend in war on terrorism.
Washington claims Islamabad was not told about the operation fearing the leakage of the planned operation might jeopardize the commando strike. It claims Pakistani radars were deactivated to ensure the success of the operation, however, Islamabad claims quite the opposite as PAF clarification on the issue carries more weight and is acceptable beyond doubt. Nevertheless, the people are more concerned about the intelligence failure or lack of knowledge on the part of ISI as well as the lacking immediate response expected of the Pak security forces.
It is further claimed that while doing such an operation and drone attacks, the US isn’t breaking any rules because there exists an understanding or a secret deal reached between the ex Pres Musharraf and Mr. Bush regarding such incursions by the Americans. Whereas, the Zardari regime is simply obliged to follow the said deal.
Whatever the case may be, many citizens appear more interested to have a national referendum about dealing with the scenario. PML (n) wants a probe by the sitting chief justices of all high courts headed by the CJ Pakistan.
So far, there is no evidence that any active members of Pakistan’s military or intelligence establishment knew about or actively protected the al Qaeda leader. The US government knows well that Abbottabad incidence could not have happened without Pakistani cooperation, yet, the allegations by some senators or the Western media are aimed at building up pressure on Pakistan to have American friendly atmosphere in Afghanistan. India is very excited to win a position in Afghanistan for its own strategic benefits. Since, the current year is very important for Afghanistan, Pakistan will face difficult times ahead.
Interestingly enough, a conservative legal watchdog group has filed a legal complaint petitioning for compliance in the federal court of Washington. It is seeking the public release of the video and photographs of the raid and its aftermath. The group is asking the Department of Defense to comply with a Freedom of Information request for the material, especially photos of bin Laden’s body.
On the other hand, Pakistan National Assembly reaffirmed the resolve of the people and the Government of Pakistan to uphold Pakistan's sovereignty and national security, which is a sacred duty, at all costs. It also affirms the resolve of the people and state institutions of Pakistan to safeguard Pakistan's national interests and strategic assets and, in this context, underscores that any action to the contrary will warrant a strong national response. National parliament expressed its deep distress on the campaign to disturb Pakistan, launched by certain quarters in other countries without appreciating Pakistan's sacrifices in combating terror and the fact that more than 30,000 Pakistani innocent men, women and children and more than 5,000 soldiers had lost their lives in the fight against terror. Cooperation for eliminating international terrorism can only be carried forward on the basis of a true partnership approach, based on equality, mutual respect and mutual trust.
Though extremely painful, yet it seems as if lack of security and protection to the general public is none of the government’s business any longer. Faking national pride is nothing but an attempt of misleading the innocent public. A false sense of political and economic security is very dangerous for any country, where strong opposition in the parliament is almost nonexistent.
Damage Control: The armed forces of Pakistan are for safeguarding Pakistan's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and deserve to be supported by the people and the government in overcoming any challenge to security. As the situation is still within control, the civil population, the government, the opposition leaders, and military have to be on the same page to successfully rescue the sinking ship out of the troubled waters, safeguarding Pakistan’s national interests and strategic assets indeed.
Bottom line: Emotionality isn’t going to solve any problem. It is much better to identify the ongoing ground realities and the reasons behind. Based on the findings, a line of action is the best answer to proceed for becoming a proud nation.
Foreign financial dependence is one of the most dangerous dominant factors keeping Pakistan voiceless. Unless you have a voice, nobody would ever bother to listen.
Pakistan should be more focused on improving its economic environment to stand among the rich nations on equality basis.
In other words, talking about sovereignty is useless unless Pakistan’s entire leadership brings all looted money back to the nation’s exchequer and makes the country a Donor State to earn respect around the globe.


Anonymous said...

we need to eat grass instead of a beggar's bowl in our hands to earn global repute.

gurdev said...

It is better for Pakistan to sort out all differences with Bharat to live in peace.

sangeeta said...

what's the future of isi?--I wonder

Anonymous said...

pak and america still need each other

frustrated citizen said...

bribery is very common in pakistan. no moral values are seen.
selfishness rules everywhere--------as you sow so shall you reap--
the rulers belong to the same corrupt society.

zara sambal key chal said...

kidnapping, burglaries, hold ups are happening almost on dail basis with no end in sight--inqlaab is the answer.

Canadian citizen said...

I have been watching the situation in poor countries. I do realize that the poor countries always have rich dictators--Why! I don't know. What I know is, that without the inhabitants' poltical awareness and their active participation in the corrective action, nothing on earth can change their own poor plight. As long as sincerity as well as awareness are missing, the suffering has to go on.

Anonymous said...

Currently Pakistan is a known as a "Borrower State" and has beggar's bowl in its hands through its leadership. Therefore, talking about sovereignty will remain laughable matter unless Pakistan’s entire leadership brings all looted money back to the nation’s exchequer and makes the country a "Donor State" to earn respect around the globe.

peace lover said...

Today MONDAY), the US has apologized the civil and military leadership of Pakistan over the drone strikes that killed nine people in North Waziristan.
Hopefully the US restraint policy might win the hearts of Pakistanis who believed innocent lives including the seniors, women and children were lost almost on daily basis during these attacks.

My submission said...

A legitimate democracy is the answer to Pakistan’s present turmoil. The NRO democracy or a sham democracy with subverted constitution or a democracy with a duel powered president is all nonsense.

akram said...

All outsiders/insiders involved in terrorism and killing of innocent public are actually are desperate to destabize the country.
The government and the security forces and the civil society shoul be on the single page to revert the mysterious situation.

Joe said...

Have you noticed?
Pakistani leadership is the best audience when sitting with foreigners.

Sobia Awan said...

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Anonymous said...

extended loadshedding increases the public discomfort and Zardari is to blame for the whole mess.
Zardari and gilani must go home to relieve the people from further hardship.

Anonymous said...

high tempratures, no electricity and lack of work bring nothing but misery to the masses.

akram said...

pakistan is infected with viral infection of locally planted and imported terrorism. There was no such thing in the history of the country. no power outage, no joblessness.
Everything was almost going so smooth.

Sadiq Guraaya (Lahore) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sadiq Guraaya (Lahore) said...

Charishmatic leaders in Pakistan are emerging. This indicates about a strong likelihood of a drastic change in the socio-economic and political environment. Frustrated people below the poverty line need jobs and power restoration sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories are a big challenge pakistani people are facing.
The scenario not only provides opportunity-but also does ask a few hard questions.
Promises of assistance,account for money given to Pakistan, exchange of information between allies and a covert operation--all have endangered the friendly relations.


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