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Maintaining Momentum till Next Ramadan

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Allah, the Almighty turns to the Heavens and the Earth and asks: “O My servants! If any of you want something from me, I will grant it. If anybody prays, I will answer his prayer. If anybody asks for forgiveness, I will forgive him.” It is such a precious time.
We don’t know if we would live long enough to see the next Ramadan. Yet, what we know for sure is that we are almost at the end of the ongoing mandatory fasting period of this year; and getting ready for celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr very shortly - if God willing.
However, it’s kind of a “must remember exercise” to fully appreciate the usefulness of the month of Ramadan – provided, it has been appropriately practised. Beyond doubt, the experience is pretty helpful in enhancing and improving our self-discipline. Certainly, we learned compassion, tolerance and mutual support during the sacred period.

Although, in the fasting month some halal acts are forbidden only during the fasting hours, yet all Haraam (forbidden) things have to be totally avoided not only in the sacred month but also during all months of the year 24/7. Because, if you don’t, Allah Subhanahu wa Taalaa warns, “let him know that He (Allah) did not accept his fasting in Ramadan.” Meaning in utmost clarity, the sign of acceptable ibbadah (worship) throughout Ramadan is certainly the continuity of good deeds throughout the remainder of the year after the sacred month of fasting. The real focal point now should be nothing but maintaining our positive momentum of pious deeds after Ramadan is gone for another eleven months.

In short, our major obligation remains our sincere effort to keep ourselves motivated for the maintenance of good characters and attributes that we acquired during the blessed month.

After one month of tough rehearsal, we are now at much ease to comfortably schedule our day starting with getting up as early as before dawn in order to offer slatul fajre (morning prayer) followed by recitation of the Holy Qur’an and then spend the whole day under the light of teachings of the Noble Qur’an as practiced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SallAllaahu  alaihi wasallam and his companions.
Indeed, we are in a much better shape to keep connected to the Almighty Allah Subhanahu wa Taalaa.

Disappointingly, there is a majority of Muslims who turned Ramadan from a time to draw closer to God through fasting and contemplation to a superficial ritual hardly resembling the spirit of the month.
Nevertheless, there are some health issues too as some ailments are aggravated by fasting in which case the patient is exempted from fasting.

Furthermore,  the unaware Muslims turn the holy month of fasting into a month of over-eating. Just take a look at the way they buy food and the amount they consume during Ramadan. Resultantly, the real essence of fasting is diminished or completely lost in some instances.
As excess of everything is bad, this type of Muslims face health problems including diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses due to over-indulgence.

In fact, from medical point of view- there are a lot of health benefits including the elimination of harmful fatty substances from the blood stream, helping the cure of certain types of intestinal and stomach ailments and the reconditioning of body tissues.

Definitely, voluntary abstinence of lawful appetites leads one to appreciate the bounties of Allah Subhaanahu wa taala which are usually taken for granted.
Having realised Allah’s pleasure there are many other clearly noticeable goodies:
It enhances the feelings of inner peace, contentment and optimism, patience, perseverance and moral accomplishment.
As Muslims go through a different and exciting experience for the whole month every year, it naturally breaks the normal routine of life. This is so refreshing, because it teaches the person how to adapt to varying circumstances in his life.
It’s so fascinating experience as fasting promotes the spirit of unity and belonging within the Muslim Ummah. It’s so beautiful as millions of Muslims around the world fast during the same month; and following the same rules and observances.
Genuinely, fasting does promote the spirit of human equality before Allah Subhanhu wa taalaa.
Muslim males and females, rich and poor from all ethnic backgrounds go through the same experience of deprivation with no special privileges for any group or class.
Fasting promotes the spirit of charity and sympathy towards the poor and needy. A rich person may not realise the suffering of the poor or even think about hunger until actually experiencing them. That is why Ramadan is also known as the month of charity and generosity.
Fasting promotes Islamic socializing. Muslims are urged to invite others to eat iftar meal with them at sunset and to gather for Qur'anic study, prayer and visits. This surely provides a better opportunity for socialization in a brotherly and spiritual fashion. Our Prophet ((Sallal Laahu Ta'ala wa alaihi wasallam) indicated on more than one occasion that inviting a fasting person to break his fast after sunset is an act which is highly rewarded by Allah, the Almighty.
Additionally, self-discipline exercised in Ramadan provides an excellent way to get rid of all bad habits.

In nutshell, fasting provides an annual golden opportunity of physical overhaul of the body and spirtual healing of the mind and soul.
Most importantly, it must be remembered that the main essence behind fasting remains the obedience of the Almighty Allah SWT and seeking only His pleasure.


ateeq mughal said...

i am glad that at least in the month of Ramadan i practice good deeds, and the bad thing as the last sun of ramadan sets, i kinda start to get away from them, hopefully i would try to remain the focus and strive hard,
pray for me, :D

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ateeq mughal,
Please maintain your good deeds so that you are rewarded more inshaAllah.

Asma Khan said...

Nice article... :)
But one thing want to say; To write, 'SAW or PBUH" in the place of “Sallal Laahu Ta'ala alaihi Wasallam” is Prohibibited

Today it is very common that people don’t write in the Durood Shareef in full after the name of the Beloved Prophet (Sallal Laahu Ta'ala Alaihi wasallam). My dear brothers and sisters when we do this we lose a lot of reward in writing the Durood Shareef. We should not write abbreviations like SAW, PBUH and SWT as this is Haraam (Prohibited).

Stay Blessed

TARIQ MIAN said...

thank you sister for the timely correction. It's been amended accordingly.
jazaak Allah

Mishi said...

msg conveyed nicely ! I really wish we could have the effect of this Holy Month on our Lives for the coming days until we find this Blessing again in our thing that disturbs me most is to observe pple behaving the same way as in usual days..not to mention..there are pple who dont fast and dont feel embarrassed while eating in front of those who are fasting..I get disappointed to see how pple are not that respectful towards this month as they were when I was a young kid..It encourages me to get more devoted towards it..and em glad it does effect me this way:-)

TARIQ MIAN said...

Thanks for the feedback. Your concern is a genuine one but that is due to a large scale ignorance.
The so-called Muslims are incincere and uneducated.
PHD or MSc or MBBS or LLB are merely vocational training while actual education is learning the complete code of life which is the Qur'an indeed. And practising Allah's word under the light of SUNNAH e RASOOLALLAH SALLALAAHO WA ELAIHEY WASALLAM.

Ezazi said...

Jazaak Allah, lovely post.
Follwed immediately. =)


lets hope n pray that whatever little we could do during this holy month, we keep doing same way in the upcoming days also.....

As usual a nice write up by you Tariq hai...

TARIQ MIAN said...

Thanks for your time and following.
See yoou around inshaAllah.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Irfanuddin,
Thanks for ecouraging feedback.
Yes we all have to keep the gained momentum of desciplined life going through all months till next Ramadan inshAllah.

Yusra said...

Excellent Article :)

Yusra said...

وجزاك خيرا شكرًا جزيل
For sharing this article.
May Allah swt have mercy on all
Of us and forgive us امين

tariqmian said...

look who is here?
Thanks for coming by and leaving 2 comments.

Imad Khalid said...

Absolute JAMMER. May you are always blessed. Fantastic post :)

We hope that like we are so close to ALLAH' we would able to have a healthy relation with ALLAH throughout the year :)

tariq mian said...

@IMAD KHALID, *********well said.

Yusra said...

Excellent feedback!!!

Iqra Azhar said...

I am very happy to note that even in a blogosphere of political affairs, posts about Ramadan and its continuity are sure to appear. I mean, I am grateful that they are because no matter what our expertise in life is, I believe we should never forget and, in fact, always keep our connection with Allah first and foremost. In my opinion, the whole essence of Ramadan, besides the wonderful points you made, is that it is an intensive training for the Muslim body, mind and soul. If we can do something for 30 days out of the whole year, we can do that same something for the whole year. It shows us we have the capability and willpower, although of course it is much harder when there is not a special label above it or as many rewards for the simplest things, but that is the point. We get a practice session - a break - from the humdrum of daily life to check ourselves, make new goals, correct bad habits, etc. How many people can say they do the same in nonreligious aspects of their life? That is why God is so cool - He already knows what we need and helps us to go towards a certain direction. If only our bosses and professors would see that vacations and school breaks should not be filled with homework and leftover tasks/files and that peace of mind should be encouraged on a daily basis - productivity would be so much higher.

There are a few companies I know who believe in that philosophy and they have some of the happiest employees in the world. We are not robots, we are humans and we make mistakes and we need time for self-reflection. Most of all, though, we need the experience of Ramadan so that we can learn how to balance ourselves always through out the days and our lives.

So all I can really say is...thank you God. May He make it easy for us to continue our momentum and improve upon it with every new year.

tariqmian said...

@ IQRA AZHAR, thanks for your additionally supportive write up for the benefit of the Muslims.
It helps to focus upon the essence of fasting.
Please stay involved with my blog to help my audience more clearly.


STRANGER said...

Dear Brother,

Just now I read each and every word of this article very carefully and found it very informative indeed.

I wish, the essence of this is clearly understood by all and practised throughout the life.

I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY EID and hope till next RAMADAN, there will be no violence of any kind anywhere in the world. Let's with the help of Lord, work for the same.

TARIQ MIAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TARIQ MIAN said...

Dear Brother, thank you for going through every word of the post very carefully and I am grateful for your feedback.
Indeed, Our sincere labour is loved by the Lord Almighty, and He helps those who help themselves.
Thanks again for your time.


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