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Pakistan’s Miraculous Survival

Updated  Sunday, Aug14th, 2011
Pakistan's birth took place on the night of 27th Ramadan, which is the holiest night in the Muslim calendar and the way to celebrate is to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT with an undertaking to bring the true spirit of Islam in our lives.
 Happy 64th birth day to Pakistan: A country with a proud population of more than 170 million is currently going through a difficult phase; has been facing some real challenges needing an early addressal - sooner the better.
Nevertheless, the proud nation still feels lucky enough to have its own homeland after a long struggle.
Chronologically speaking, the Moughals (the Muslim emperors) ruled the Indian subcontinent before the East India Company from Britain intruded into India. The emperors lost power during the 1857 uprising.
As the frustrated people of united India hated the British rule, the uprising became a large scale armed freedom struggle against the British Raj, which eventually turned into a messy freedom movement leading to independence of India in the later years. Soon it was followed by another freedom struggle but in a peaceful manner. The struggle was led by the Indian National Congress (a political party).
Muslim leaders Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Syed Ameer Ali worked diligently for the Muslim people’s political advancement.
Later on, in the late 1930s - the Muslim League, another political party, gained popularity, amid fears of ‘under representation’ and an ongoing neglect of Muslims in wider Indian politics.
The word Pakistan is a conjunction of two words Pak meaning “Pure” and Stan meaning “Land,” a name suggested by Choudhary Rahmat Ali.
On 29th December 1930, Allama Iqbal presented the idea of a separate State that would geographically consist of the Muslim majority areas in the subcontinent. Hence, his presidential address called for a separate Muslim homeland in the North Western and North Eastern of South Asia.
At the time, strong Hindu nationalists advocated the “Two Nation Theory,” an ideology that is accredited as being the basis for Pakistan’s creation.
Mr. Jinnah supported the “Two Nation Theory” and led the Muslim League to adopt the Lahore Resolution of 1940 (Pakistan Resolution), which ultimately facilitated the birth of Pakistan.
Since the British colonies were about to dissolve after the Second World War, Pakistan movement, under the leadership of Mr Jinnah, persistently asked for a greater Muslim autonomy in British India. Eventually, a separate Muslim country became a definite outcome.
And, upon creation of Pakistan, the Muslims of India were able to have gained two independent wings (one thousand miles apart).
The Great Britain allowed the creation of Pakistan made up of a “flawed weld of twins” of East Pakistan with West Pakistan on August 14, 1947.
Sadly, the unsupervised partition of British India resulted in deadly communal riots across India and Pakistan where millions of Muslims moved to Pakistan, and millions of Hindus and Sikhs moved to India.
Post partition, certain disputes arose over several princely states between the two neighbours - including Jammu and Kashmir issue which remains responsible for all wars so far.
India claims it as inseparable and Pakistan claims it as a right. While on the contrary, the UN passed resolutions to grant right of plebiscite (self determination) to Kashmiris, India stubbornly manages to deny the right and the dispute lingers on as alive.
Mockery is noteworthy: The adjacent Muslim dominated area of Kashmir headed by Hindu Raja was manipulated to be kept away from joining Pakistan, whereas far away East Pakistan was made part of Pakistan unfairly.
Having been manoeuvred further, Pakistan’s union of eastern and western wings could not withstand the negative ground work against the newly born Muslim country right from the very beginning.
Socio economic and political environment was the major irritation for East Pakistanis which led to violent political repression and tensions escalating into a civil war (the Bangladesh Liberation War) and the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, which sadly caused the fall of Dacca - meaning eastern wing of Pakistan was illegitimately cut off, and East Pakistan became an independent state of Bangladesh with Indian assistance of course.
Pakistan suffered huge losses at the hands of its rival. There was an economic turmoil, and a series of successive political crises gave a big blow to Pakistan’s economic progress in its competition at international level.
Furthermore, during the current decade, Pakistan lost over 30,000 civilians and over 5,000 soldiers and security personnel in the war on terror since 9/11. Pakistan’s total economic losses are approximately seventy billion dollars.
The people of Pakistan have suffered the most at the hands of terrorism; they are still going through tough time.
Though an ongoing criminal activity in Karachi is crushing the country’s commerce, yet Pakistan is about to re-emerge as an economic power soon.
Good news: Despite numerous challenges, Pakistan has a great deal of economic opportunities. It does have a bright future. The country is self-sufficient in natural resources such as, natural gas, coal, salt, limestone, marble, etc.
Fortunately, natural resources/reserves are in abundance in Pakistan guaranteeing its economic empowerment depending upon an appropriate and timely injection of administrative measures into the ailing system at the earliest.
Moreover, a significant amount of deposits of copper and gold , zinc and lead in Baluchistan a new gas field in Nawabshah and coal in Tharparkar, Sindh have been confirmed in recent years by Geological Survey of Pakistan and Mineral Development Corporation of Pakistan in collaboration with Mining firms from Australia, China and other nations.
Reko Diq alone has the reserves estimated at “two billion tons of copper” and “20 million ounces of gold.” The value of the deposits has been estimated at about $65 billion which is enough to pay off Pak loans. Hopefully, based on preliminary data, a country-wide aerial survey can be helpful in finding many more significant mineral resources in Pakistan.
The Associated Press of Pakistan quoted Prime Minister Gilani as saying that despite heavy internal and external odds, his country had made significant progress in many fields including nuclear science and Information Technology. Prime Minister feels proud that Pakistanis have made significant strides in the fields of agriculture, industry, nuclear science, information technology and communications.
Luckily enough, Pakistan has been blessed with all kinds of geographical features i.e., mountains, hills, valleys, plains, rivers, ocean, farming lands, deserts, and the four seasons. Most commonly used crops of the world are produced here like, rice, cotton, wheat, sugarcane etc!
Furthermore, Pakistan is known as the best exporter of sport goods. There is good marble available, and handicraft is considered to be the best in the world as well. Historically, Pakistan’s ancient history including Mohenjo-Daro is well known.
Pakistan is famous among the leading manufacturers of top quality home textiles and denim fabrics.
When compared with the developed countries, a good quality education is available here at cheaper cost.
In Sports, Pakistan is proud to have a few extra ordinary names in squash. Hockey has seen many achievements, so did cricket and kabadi.
Don’t worry - be happy is the safest conclusion: After a nationwide destruction in Pakistan, re-construction has to begin as per the economic phenomenon.
Obviously, the country is open for business, as there exists a solid commercial opportunity for internal and external investors.
Furthermore, a gradually diverting trend towards “Merit only Policy” is a definite asset for “Pakistan in the making.”
But, good Governance is the condition precedent here as one of the major key factors for faster recovery. Despite, Pakistan- having been blessed with the experienced professionals, the scientific and technical knowhow, the relevant Industry, the agriculture and the natural resources/reserves, there is still a great deal of need to do more to achieve the desired goal.
Obviously, a competent Judiciary has to be in place to administer justice, safeguard the Constitution and maintain Rule of Law. Additionally, a competent National Election Commission is of extreme importance in order to facilitate the election of a “sovereign parliament” from amongst the educated people of good reputation, talent and integrity.
Beyond a doubt, with the above measures in place, the nation can safely expect an inflow of international investment soon enough to assist Pakistan’s emergence as highly successful State in the region.


Mishi said...

a great read once again!!! I was planning to write on the same topic...will do so in a day or two...and now on your read...what to say! I agree with every word you said here...and em hopeful that things will be changes but How ?! positivism alone cant help us out...and neither can Judiciary! look at their present state of affairs....well lets stay hopeful but work for the betterment too...or we are doomed

Anonymous said...
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Musafer said...
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Musafer said...

Janab Tariq Sahib,

Very well written article on independence day environments. Should we be optimistic? I am a believer & optimistic.
Things were worst in 1947 & 1971. Its the geographical location which is strategically important to friends & foes.
About people, they are fabulous. There are millions of expatriates residing in the west, 99% of them are law abiding citizens, a comparable record to any other nationality. What Pakistan needs is a healthy system. It will flourish.


Tariq said...

@Mishi, positivism plus a viable strategy will put Pakistan on road to recovery.
Thanks Mishi being #one responder with good analysis.

tariq mian said...

@ Musafer,
You are right about the history.
I agree that our geographical location is of great strategical importance. Absolutely, Pakistan needs a workable system in order to succeed.
Sir, thanks for your time. Pl do come by again.

Asma Khan said...

Unfortunately, we increased population of our country but failed to bring up ONE TRUE LEADER who talk ONLY Pakistan...... :/
Anyways a good read... :)

tariq said...

@ Asma Khan,
I agree with you but "jaisee rooh waisay farishtay."
That's a seperate topic on lack of leadership in our beloved country.
Asma, thanks for the comment.

Jamilah R said...

Pakistan's flawed union of two wings couldn't be rectified because of bad leaders in the initial few years immediately after independence.
Outcome was a natural one out of unnatural marriage of physically faraway partners.

Anonymous said...

very long post-but a good one.

Ursula said...

why you guys can't have a decent leader?

Anonymous said...

Kashmir is muslim majority which should be part of pakistan because it is next door.
just my opinion.

TARIQ MIAN said...

We will have sincere leadership as soon as our education system is restructured accomodating the political awareness and individual and collective rights of citizens.
The problem of creating new provinces on language/mother tongue basis is highly thought provoking.
The present government is only playing games to make bases friendly to its future political gains - though it's highly unethical.
A change over in the system is the answer here.

Umm Maryam said...

Good article. I needed A dose of some of the history. Allah does not change the condition of people until they change what is in their hearts. A revolution is a must in a country that's becoming dust! We must always remain hopeful.

TARIQ MIAN said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...

Very true indeed, Allah does not change the condition of people until they change what is in their hearts.
People will have to purify their heart and soul for a regenerative therapy to work in favour of the poor people of Pakistan (inshaa Allah).

Anonymous said...

Indeed, with so much chaos in Karachi, the Opposition has also joined hands with the government which is a serious blow to the voices from the opposition benches.
Administrative paralysis is due to an uncontrolled high volume of looting spree by gangs and some political parties.
Pakistan actually needs a "miraculous jumpstart" of its economy to deal with hyperinflation and criminals/terrorists skilfully activated by the hidden hand in order to fai the nuclear power.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Hyperinflation gives hypertension to all concerned.
All blame goes to the rogues wherever at whatever position of authority thay are.
There is no room for neglecting the suppressed.
Hopefully, a big positive change is gonna flood the country soon.


Happy Independence Day to you all...

BTW Tariq Bhai, do you think that partition has served any purpose in uplifting our community??

Sometimes i personally feel(may be an emotional feeling) that we(muslims of both countries) would have gained more if there would not have been any boarder in between....

Anonymous said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...

Thanks a lot for your sincere wish on our independence day.
Good question: Has partition served any purpose in uplifting our community?
The answer needs another post but briefly, my dad (marhoum) a competent senior civil officer used to tell us—there was too much prejudice and discrimination against Muslims before partition.
So he was really happy about independence and began his career almost in mid fifties after finishing his post grad edu; he was a pious practising Muslim working hard to eliminate bribery and corruption from our ranks (judiciary and civil staff).
Secondly, it's our Hindu brothers who believed in "Two Nation Theory" Mr Jinnah took advantage of it.
Your emotional feeling is dear to me.
BTW I have Hindu neighbour in Canada, He is super fantastic
As yet, we have not gained much after the partition because our UMMAH suffers from bad apples.
But, I trust that Almighty Allah SWT would purify our “yet not PAK land.”
Please feel free to know my feelings.

Shayan said...

it's a nice read with a lot of info and enthusiasm.

rizwan said...

Pakistan's creation is based on ideology but subsequent to 1947independence achieved after so many sacrifices, there has been no sincere and efficient leadership.
That's the country is headed for final jump in the Ocean.

tariq said...

Your feedback is appreciated.

TARIQ MIAN said...

You are absolutely correct.
The country is headed for disaster unless there emerges a genuine leadership through a fair and impartial (national and provincial) elections to replace the stinky miserable power hungry and wealth thirsty rulers.
Thanks for visiting the page buddy.

Iqbal said...

the mess Pakistan is in--how can you be so positive of a positive change?

Anonymous said...

Our President must step down right away to save the sinking country before it's too late. The nation would be grateful Sir.

Rahat (OKARA) said...

I went through your post but I am still unable to narrow down my search for Mr Right for the country.
In my humble opinion, a revolution is the only answer here.

amjad ali khan said...

Our political elite is goofing up with the country's resources-how about an early election to filter out the bad apples from the ailing democracy?

tariq mian said...

@amjad ali khan,

Yes early election would do.
good suggestion.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Rahat (OKARA),
How about Mr IMRAN KHAN?
Let's give him a chance too.
He claims to change the country for the better.

tariq said...


tariq said...

Hello Mr Anonymous,
I agree with your opinion about Prsident's stepping down.
thank U Sir/Madam.


First of all, this was very well written. It incorporated nicely a lot of the intense history of the land and did so in an interesting manner. I, myself, having studied the regions of South Asia in a university-setting found, to my surprise, that I did not disagree with your summary of events.

I agree heartily on the fact that Pakistan is well endowed with resources, intelligent people and proven achievements. However, since its conception, I have found that much of the infrastructure regarding government and economy was weakly built. And though there have been amendments and changes over the years, it it still in need of major upheavals in the areas you mentioned.

Other than that, I have complete hope, personally, and from what I observe of the world, that Pakistan will rise again. I believe that there are patterns which indicate that things will turn around for the better - especially with the newer and younger generations who, despite only sharing parental roots with the country, seem to be very concerned with Pakistan's survival.

Would just like to say one last thing before signing off and that is that I was watching a program on a Pakistani channel just yesterday. And the host asked the guest to make a prayer for the country and its people. Before the guest started to do so, he said one thing: there are no rains of mercy showering Pakistan like they are in other countries. Pakistan is in need of some blessings, which may come only if its folks ask for some. He continued to say that in other countries we respect rules such as no smoking in airports and whatnot, but in Pakistan, no one cares. It is about time people CARED about their country and made it their own. Finally, he said that for any previous mistakes and future mistakes, the people of Pakistan should ask for forgiveness so that Allah may open His doors of mercy and the people may be able to facilitate change.

tariqMian said...
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tariqMian said...

Iqra Azhar-York Uni,
Indeed, People of Pakistan should ask for forgiveness so that Allah SWT may open His doors of mercy and the people may be able to facilitate change.
Then surely, Pakistan would rise again.
Thank you Iqra for leaving a highly valuable feedback here. Your comment appears as "a much better post than that of mine."
Keep up the good work.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anonymous said...
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Ch. Anwar said...

What the hell is wrong withe current government? It has already wasted three and half years of nation's precious time; mishandled foreign money and taxpayers' money. Yet, the miserable ruling clowns are not serious at all to fix the ever degenerating Pak economics.
---Whatelse can you expect from the money and power hungry elite?

Anonymous said...


a friend indeed said...

I like the article.

Abdul Ghani (ISLAMABAD) said...

Pakistan, despite facing numerous unfriendly challenges, is rich with human resources/cheap labour, economic opportunity, natural and mineral resources/reserves.
In order to guarantee a brighter future, the ruling machinery needs to be overhauled and tuned up.

Anonymous said...
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Tariq said...

@ Ch. Anwar, I do agree with you.

@ Anonymous, you have good points- thanx.

Finding Mr Right for the country is kind of a mystery- a revolution would find one__________

tariq said...

@ a friend in need,
Thanks for feedback.

TARIQ MIAN said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Abdul Ghani [Islamabad],
You have rightly captured the ongoing scenario.
Indeed, there is a great need to fix up the overly rusting machinery (political leadership rulers and the friendly opposition).

An effective and strong Opposition is always good to correct the wrongs of the ruling party.
But the Partisan President Zardari is CHAMPION - he always buys the Opposition all the time.

Syd kalaam said...

How to safe Pakisan:
Since, Local Government System has done nothing for the common people; and rising ethnic strife, deteriorating law and order situation and rampant corruption was never envisioned by Mr. Jinnah or Hakimul ummat Dr, Allama Iqbal.

Because 'Commissioner system' was better, however it must be amended by taking all the stakeholder on board to save the country.

Anonymous said...

Very Happy Independence Day

noman said...

There are looters everywhere in Pakistan but it has made it again to celebrate once again MIRACULOUSLY.

Rehan Rashid said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...
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tariqMian said...

@ Rehann Rashid.
PEER SAHIBAAN did help the Goras in 1857 by staying neutral at the time which was a big help to the goras.
That was why; the GORAS gave them big big piece of land as a thank you gift. And these peers are still the real puppets; they are also known as ignorant FEUDAL LORDS.
Most important is: We must thank Allah SWT for what we had achieved in 1947.
But those against the creation didn’t let the independence become fully enjoyable.
The feudal lords have to be blamed because they wouldn’t allow the masses to get educated.
And, as you know very well that illiterate people are never brave enough to take any action against the conspirators.
As such, the unethical but validated bunch of illegals/high class goons has been involved in keeping the newly born state away from progress.
Out of ignorance—the puppets have been fooling around and mishandling the delicate affairs of the baby country.
Resultantly, neither the Islamic ideology nor had the so called western democracy been ever allowed to flourish.
Had we adopted the “two nation theory” in the truer sense, we had been “an advanced nation” in all aspects of life according to Jinnah’s and Iqbal’s vision.
The troubling factor, hypocrisy runs in our blood, so we always remain insincere with ourselves as well as with our own people.
National general elections are never fair nor impartial; and criminals get to the parliament and other ruling positions at the top.
Now we are a country of LOLLIWOOD, with enlightened moderation (Musharaf’s notion).
Presently, Ali Baba aur challis chor ki kahani hai.

Gap between “the haves and the haves nots” is ever-widennig biger and bigger.
No more middle class. At least Mr. President has demolished the class system—now only two classes left.
Rich class needs the poor class desperately.

ateeq mughal said...

it was like u summed the whole history and present..
it was marvelous post, loved reading it.
well my point is we don't need a leader, we need a nation.
PAKISTAN is an abbreviation and u know what it abbreviates:
thumbs up, for this post
glad u dropped by my blog.

tariq mian said...

@ ateeq mughal,

One hundred percent true - PAKISTAN means
Peshawar And Karachi In Same Territory And Nation.

I love the abbreviation.
Mughal Sb thank U for having discarded the puppet/stinky leadership.

Of course, we can't tolerate DAKOOS any longer.
Our nation needs only a smart Captain and crew with utmost integrity indeed who can steer the country out of quagmire and bring it to safety under the light of the Qur'an and Sunnah (InshaaAllah).
Thanks for visiting the page.

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

We need a good strong leader just like Iran has Ahmadinejad , who actually listens to what people want and ACTUALLY do something in a longer run for all the crashing industries. A strong leader with good morals would actually be the next savior of Pakistan or these beggar cum thieves will juice up our dying yet patient nation.

I could see only one leader Imran Khan and people are hoping that he'll be our next savior. All we could do is wait and keep our fingers crossed while doing some effort individually of course.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@Muhammad Usman Chaudhry,
Alhamdolillah, Pakistan is gifted with so much wealth of natural resources including good brain and tech know how. All we need is a Pro Pak "think tank" dedicated enough to provide ICU (intensive care unit) style cure.
It's about time to kick out all the blacksheep leadership right away.
May Allah SWT guide us in choosing the right person for the right job on merit basis. amen

Daanish said...
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Daanish said...

Nice post,you are keeping hope alive.

do your best leave the rest to God.

one person at a time and enjoy the ripple effect of good in our homeland.

The best thing happened to us was the partition of INDIA.


Tariq Mian said...


Finally, a friendly lion visits my independent jurisdiction to support me.
Oh, Thank you Daanish.What a surprise?
Yeah U R right about partitition.

Pakistan was born on 27th of Ramazan which is a blessing to us from Allah SWT.

SIGN--BEWARE OF "LION" on my property is still missing UP TOP.

Adil Shah said...

very well written Tariq bhaie:-)

Tariq Mian said...

Thank U Adil Shah sb for visiting.

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

@Tariq Mian: I am sure we're all ready to throw these corrupt leaders out, as we're all direct victim of their corruption.

We're living in a place where you cannot complain that tax officials requested bribe instead of actual tax payout.

tariqMian said...

@ Muhammad Usman Chaudhry
Yeah right--
we all are in agreement with you regarding the ridding of corrupt tax officials and the inefficient government.
But we have still a long way to go before our dream comes true--- stay tuned buddy.

Anonymous said...

Privatization introduced by Nawaz in 1991 was a good economic experience.
Look! Manmohin Singh followed the same guidelines which made India booming.
So where is the problem?
Usurption of the Constitution and the hidden hand of vested interests are the culprits.

TARIQ MIAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tariq said...

"apnay man main doob ker paa jaa suragh-e-zinthgagi.------too ger mera nahin buntaa naa bun apna tou bun." Allama Iqbal

Pakistani populace needs to self- recognize itself to stand up against all internal and external enemies who are hell bent to cripple Pakistan economically and politically since its creation day.

"jisay Allah Rekhay usay kaun chakhay"
Wake up people! it's your chance now or never.

roshan ali (student GC Uni) said...

Unfortunately, the valuable statements of two leaders of both the nations have been long forgotten.
Mr Jinnah said at Lahore on 15th August, 1947:
"Our object should be peace within, and peace without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial friendly relations with our immediate neighbours and with the world at large."

Then, Mr. Gandhi stated:
"The quarrel between us, the two neighbours can be settled if fighting with guns is replaced with the strength of unconquerable will based upon good intentions. Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will".
We must not forget the above golden statements

TARIQ MIAN said...

@roshan ali (gc uni),
I agree with you, none of the people on either side has followed the Ssyings of their respective leaders (Founder figures).
This is sad.

Rehan Rashid said...

In my point of view,we didn't get freedom from British Raj but still we are in the prison of British Raj.Freedom does'nt mean the freedom of boundaries or land but actually it means freedom of thoughts,freedom of voice,freedom of practice,freedom of justice,freedom to implement religion(ISLAM).And that was the reason,we fought for seperate land and this was the basic theme of PAKISTAN,dream of IQBAL and mission of JINNAH.There is no justice and so no existence of freedom.The only difference is,before we were in the prison of British Raj and Hindus and now in the cage of duplicate people in our faces.
Firstly,We are still in the concepts of zaat paat ruled by fuderal lords,poverty,extremism and injustice.Can you tell me where is the existence of Two Nation Theory?We are still indulged in the thoughts of Hindu rules occupied by British Raj which are still being practiced in our courts.A great poltician said to overtake some nation indulge your thoughts in it and that's a policy by which our leaders are overtaken.
Our so called duplicate British Rulers are taking us to dark ages.Fuderal lords are ruling our country from the independence.It seems we have taken the land from British and had given it to fuderal lords.Where is the name and concept of Nation?Disappeared with flow of time?Where are the thoughts of Islam?
Secondly,our Mullas who have been created by the vested intrests for their own benefits are diverting attention of youth from main economical crises to Civil war,making our youth extremist,giving guns in their hands instead of pen.
According to me,for the survival of Pakistan,we have to unfold the pages of history where we see our great Muslim ancestors ruling the world.Pakistan still has the stamina to stand as ALLAH has gifted him everything like talented nation,natural resourses,four seasons,water,food and beautiful hearts to give away these mean leaders.Now this is the time to pay Pakistan by standing hand by hand like a nation.Pakistan only demands rules of ALLAH and thoughts of Islam,a ruler like UMER(R.A),a thinker like IQBAL to motivate freedom of thoughts and sincerity,justice and hardwork from its nation.

ateeq mughal said...

u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it :

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

There's no doubt Imran's the best choice now!
Nice post! Nicer Blog.


TARIQ MIAN said...

Thank u for choosing Mr. Right.
Yeah, let's try him now as he appears to be a politician with integrity who can steer Pakistan out of troubles.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ateeq mughal
I appreciate the award from you on your blogs.
Thanks again

tariq mian said...

My Award on your post is appreciated and is reproduced as follows:

TARIQ MIAN: Now this guy is really a thinker, his recent post 'Pakistan's miraculous survival'. was so awesome that i can easily get an A in history if learn that post by heart, it was like he summarized the whole book and then added some real thinking points, hats off to u sir, for ur great work.

Ateeq, thanks again for including me in your award list. JAK

Anonymous said...

rachat credit particulier Rachat De Credit

Nikith said...

@ Muhammad Usman Chaudhry Yeah right-- we all are in agreement with you regarding the ridding of corrupt tax officials and the inefficient government. But we have still a long way to go before our dream comes true--- stay tuned buddy.

Kolipano said...

Thank U Adil Shah sb for visiting.


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