Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Political Opportunism and Karachi Massacre

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Recent target assassinations in Karachi coupled with indiscriminate killing spree have victimised some political workers along with street public in general for no fault of theirs except they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just in one week, loss of more than 100 precious lives in the city is highly thought provoking.
Seemingly, the local political craziness of such a magnitude has pushed Karachi into an economic turmoil causing an irreparable loss to the whole nation.
Unfortunately, the ongoing “tug o war” in Karachi is for the sake of dominance – which presents a scene even worse than that of a jungle where the ferocious animals target other ferocious ones or go on a killing spree for spreading a scare in order to establish their own authoritarian rule throughout the domain in question.
Nevertheless, every step of dishonest leadership is based on the political opportunism which has created a great deal of messy scenario in the entire country and particularly in Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan.
Most obviously, the aim of the political gangsters is to establish their very own areas of influence.
It’s not hard to smell the immoral and unlawful motives of the stakeholders who are desperate for the control of this mega city. Yet sadly, the impotent authorities are severely disabled and are suffering from administrative paralysis.
The current spell of unrest is blamed on gangs with links to three rival political parties looking for influence namely the ruling PPP, the MQM, and the Awami National Party.
The struggle for power has activated the “dangerous underworld” to carry out their killing missions in the streets of Karachi openly with complete confidence and brazenness. It’s believed that street thugs and ethnic gangs have been used by political parties as foot soldiers in a turf war in the city. However, the political parties in question deny any involvement.
Furthermore, any conciliation followed by reconciliatory politics is aimed at power sharing. It is generally inferred that the politics of reconciliation is a tricky game full of blatant lies, double-dealing, using party members to issue rhetorical statements, backstabbing coalition partners and ignoring commitments and the solemn statements.
Quite apparently, the Sindh government headed by an aging chief minister either lacks integrity or competence in matters of handling any situation – despite the criminal gangs armed to the teeth with modern weaponry are roaming around killing for showing off basically.
However, greed, treachery and double standards have been overriding the agreements of conciliations and reconciliations. Shamefully, such is the attitude chiefly responsible for the current fatal scenario on the streets. On top of that, land mafia, bhatta mafia and other criminals are busy extorting money, taking over properties, kidnapping for ransom, doing drugs in a fearless manner as if no law applies to them.
Despite the federal interior minister’s assurance to arrest the killers, none is produced before the courts so far. The reason is simple: these criminals enjoy the patronage of Karachi’s power players. The real issue under discussion is the share of bounty from Karachi. (Pathetic)
The PM obviously has a very loose handle on the situation. A day before the meeting he headed in Karachi, he had resisted all the calls coming in from more and more groups that the army be deployed in the city. Yet, the senior ulema, at a press conference last Sunday, joined the MQM, the ANP and the business community in demanding army action.
Under such a grave situation, a stronger line of action from the federal government is urgently needed, yet a viable strategy at the highest levels to deal with the critical situation is not coming fast enough as only 14 accused including 10 target killers and four extortionists have been apprehended so far from different parts of Karachi. However, federal interior minister Rehman Malik has promised an indiscriminate action against the miscreants and terrorists across the board in light of the directives of Prime Minister, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani.
More worrisome is the leaked information suggesting that the gangs shall be informed prior to the crackdown against the criminals/killers so that they may hide/move the arms/guns/hand grenades/rockets to the safer places.
Horrendously, the inhuman activity has been affecting the innocent Karachites of course. Main victims of this bloodbath are no other than people who come from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds e.g. Urdu speaking community of migrants, Sindhis, Baloch and Pakhtoon or Pathans or Punjabis. But the security forces other than the army currently operating in Karachi have miserably failed to bring the situation under control. Even the police are admitting that they have no alternate choice but to follow orders asking them not to intervene to stop the violence.
The civil society has also been too naive so far to mobilize to insist to correct the power struggle.
Ballot not bullet is the only answer: But his Excellency Mr President is busy point scoring to strengthen his presidency through coalition politics in Pakistan.
On the other hand, Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry took a suo motu notice of Karachi’s deteriorating security situation last Monday ordering the government to submit a record regarding the ongoing unrest in the metropolis.
As Pakistan armed forces do not have the power to correct the ailing atmosphere in Karachi, Gen Kayani expressed “grave concern” over the security situation in Pakistan’s biggest city and said the army was “ready, if the government called on it, to control the situation in Karachi.”
Guess what? Pir sahib Pagara has also indicated that the time of martial law has arrived and warned that September will be a bad month for the government. Oh, there you go!
Since, Karachi is the jugular vein of country’s economy and it will be great injustice if the deteriorating law and order situation is further allowed to continue for a longer period.
It’s about time for the Pakistani nation to wake up and realize - the precious time is fast running out. Therefore, collectively, we all have to work hard to do political cleansing and get back to the road of economic recovery to attain self-sufficiency before it’s too late.
With Karachi burning, the whole country feels the pain as almost all institutions have been so damaged beyond easy repair while corruption and nepotism are rampant.
Since the present government has totally failed to correct any of the political and economic woes, a fresh electoral process based on merit is the only way to go forward in the best interests of Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, only army can do a successful operation.

ashraf ali (Vancouver) said...

People are getting punished for electing the dangerous cartoons.

asif lahori said...

Good post; reveals almost all just in a couple of pages.
Why does Pir Pagara always appear when it comes to handing over to military?

hussain said...

Karachi belongs to all Pakistanis equally. Why just three types of people are fighting for taking over?

tariq mian said...

@ Anonymous,
In my opinion, only army can do a well let's try all the civil remedies first.

@ ashraf ali (Vancouver)
I think people can't be blamed because of their illiteracy and lack of info.

@ asif lahori
Why does Pir Pagara always appear when it comes to handing over to military?
I don't know about that .What do know is that You can figure out yourself too.

@ hussain
Karachi belongs to all Pakistanis equally. Why just three types of people are fighting for taking over?

Sir, I have no clue - if you have one let me know.

Kiran Ashraf said...

ppp.mqm n anp are never going to confess about their militant wings. u are absolutly right that al this is actually a turf war to c that who owns khi.

Tariq Mian said...

@ Kiran Ashraf
Thanks for your valuable opinion.
[aik chori ooper sey seena zoori]
They wouldn't admit as it undermines their war for dominance and control of the commercial hub.

Anonymous said...

(103:1) وَالعَصرِِ

Abdul Majid Daryabadi :By the time

Muhammad Muhsin Khan :By Al-'Asr (the time).

Marmaduke Pickthall :By the declining day,

Abdullah Yusuf Ali :By (the Token of) time (through the Ages),

(103:2) إِنَّ الإِنسٰنَ لَفى خُسرٍ

Abdul Majid Daryabadi : Verily man is in loss.

Dr. Mohsin : Verily, man is in loss,

Marmaduke Pickthall : Lo! man is a state of loss,

Abdullah Yusuf Ali : Verily Man is in loss,

(103:3) إِلَّا الَّذينَ ءامَنوا وَعَمِلُوا الصّٰلِحٰتِ وَتَواصَوا بِالحَقِّ وَتَواصَوا بِالصَّبرِ ِ

Pakistani leadership and the whole nation must be familiar be aware of this surah

Tariq Mian said...

@ Anonymous
You are very right----the Sura tul Asre is eye opener.

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

Power makes a human hungry, as per saying, with greater power comes greater responsibility. But as our leaders aren't responsible and precisely they're corrupt so they don't care whatever happens. All they want is to somehow divide the people on races and rule them.

They're not thinking about collective interest of Pakistan eventually hurting the economy badly and hitting things hard. Plus not to mention destroying 100s of families.

They made it Muhajir, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto, and many other nations but there is rarely any Pakistani.

May Allah show right path to our nation and yes election is the best way to go if not revolution, we cannot wait anymore with this corruption. We have to step up.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Those who ignored the sacred month of Ramadan and went on killing spree or other target killing to satisfy their lust for power or loot - are not likely to take notice of Sura Al- Asre.

ateeq mughal said...

To e neither army nor any political party could do good to us,
u know what's our greatest flaw, we expect too much from every one.
The main thing about Pakistan is,
u can get away with almost everything here,
u can't find this much freedom any where in the world..
and as per Quranic teachings, every nation or tribe gets a leader according to the attitude of the people.
so, firstly we need to change our selves.
i always love how u manage to write so comprehending posts
Hats off, sir, awesomely written

Tariq Mian said...

@ Muhammad Usman Chaudhry,

They are desperately playing race card to divide and rule without realising the "mega damage" they are inflicting to our beloved homeland.
We need a revolution to rid the society of the lizards, vampires and vultures.
Alternatively, a new fairly and impatially elected government through an independent Election commission would be the best remedy.

Thanks for visiting the page and leaving your intelligent comment.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ ateeq mughal
I agree one hundred percent with your opinion here and thanks a lot for analysing the posted article so diligently.
Please keep visiting in future.

Sh. Saleem- Lahore said...

No solid action is likely--just tiny operations are going on and low level criminals are being apprehended for investigation.
No High value target is being followed yet.
Apparently, operation is just a show business.
There is a need of genuine action in the best interest of Pakistan.

Tariq Mian said...

@ Sh Saleem -Lahore
Thanks for visiting. I admire you for your timely remark.
Sir, we are going through situation of uncertainty-yet it's better for all of us to stay focussed on protecting the best interest of Pakistan.
Optimism followed by genuine effort in the right diection is an absolute key for a SURE light of hope.

kiranshah said...

U p absolutely right... Political parties are themselves performin this drama in karachi.... Rehman mlik is jut acting upon this Urdu mohawra
chor b kahe chor chor..... They all are bz to prolong their loot programe and having no pain for common citizens who r being killed brutely.... We must have to do some for the survivel of our homeland.@Tariq.....
U p absolutely right... Political parties are themselves performin this drama in karachi.... Rehman mlik is jut acting upon this Urdu mohawra
chor b kahe chor chor..... They all are bz to prolong their loot programe and having no pain for common citizens who r being killed brutely.... We must have to do some for the survivel of our homeland.

kiranshah said...

Sorry comment dbl post hva actualy men cell se post kr rhi thi or cell se mostly ye prblm ho jata he....p

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tariq Mian said...

@KIRAN SHAH******************By now even the naive public in general is aware about who exactly is behind the Karachi drama and what is the actual purpose for the killig spree.....
(Urdu mohawra)
chor b kahe chor chor.....
EXACTLY--our maasoom rulers are "con artists"---in actuality.
Divide and rule is their policy under the guise of Mofahmat policy.
Real Opposition is non existet from day one.
But first of all,
the present set- up is the outcome of unfair election "ab initio" and a jaali(fake) WILL of course is another laughing matter.
It's hartening:The masses are not so tight lipped any longer----well-- enough is enough.
Revolution or a positive change is definitely on its way to filter out all the junk of rusted leadership invovled in dirty politics and impotent institutions suffering from administrative paralysis.

Muhammad Israr said...

karachi has become a chessboard for the political forces who tries to settle their scores by killing innocent people and showing their might... sad...

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tariq Mian said...

@Muhammad Israr
Your very first visit to my blog is appreciated.
Yes, a chess game is being played by the stakeholders-- and self interest over national interest has prevailed so far.
But--"Khuda ki lathi 'bay awaaz' hai."
So these con-artists must remain ready for their own ill fate.
InshAllah, Pakistan will LONG LIVE.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

First of all, I am so sorry about been too late to drop by your wonderfully amazing blog. I have been extremely busy and unable to check upon any of my many favorite blogs=D

This post is wonderful summary of the situation of Karachi. We are suffering from 'Administrative Paralysis'.

But I have totally different opinion on the solution you suggested. A fresh electoral process based on merit?
I don't think so.

I have this paradigm that we Pakistanis are such a diverse nation. We can't run this diverse nation through democracy. I would go on to say that Pakistan has made it this far just because of Martial laws. We need a dictator.

In the current situation we need a clean up. the army should take over, arrest ALL politicians. And then lay down foundations of a clean and clear political system.

I know this is impossible so is elections on merit in the current situations.

BTW, nicely written post!

PS:= Thank-you so much for your lovely comments at my blog =D

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Hamza Bin Laden
Phir tou Imran bhai sab sey ziada best hain--wo dictator be hain our imaandaar bee.

***I think rangers are ok for now as they have been facilitated with free hand for the duration of the current operation.

Actually, Pakistan suffers from "cancerous democracy" which was left untreated when military medicine made the cancer worse because of usurption of the constitution.

So there is only one solution to the problem: Revolution to put right people for the right job.

1. Indepedent judiciary to look after the constitution and rule of law with blind eye.
2. Independent Election Commission so that a fair electoral process goes through.

3. Once the honest parliament is born-- amendments to do fair distribution of land in Pakistan--meaning end of feudalism which is the root cause of problems.

This is the type of Revolution desperatel being awaited.

In fact, I'll have to another post in future regarding this one.
Thanks for your time - Hamza!


these incidents are really very unfortunate and i feel sorry for the victims n their faimily....
But i don't understand why people are looking here for that the only solution???
though i don't have much feed back about the country but in my view there is nothing better than a democratic government...though there may be some problem and that should be looked into by electing some better people out of those available....
BTW as usual you are here with a great post Tariq bhai, i really wonder how every time you come with such a nice and meaningful write up....

PS: sorry for being late here, in fact at times dashboard just misses some posts, moreover i too need little time to reflect on your topics because they are so good and subjective....anyways my sincere apologies Sir ji.....:D

Daniyal Arain said...

Something that made me really sad recently was "I got up in the morning, after breakfast I just came online to check some mails. And what I read "21 Killed in Karachi - It was the first day of Ramadan. After a few days someone did a bombblast in a Mosque." :|

This is a great and greatly detailed. :/

Lets' get out of this misery.

Mishi said...

lolz at your comment at my page..well my dashboard is working just fine..I did read your read this afternoon but as it was a serious issue and demanded for a serious thought so I decided to comment later( had to go to kitchen,,Iftar preparation) so here I am now!!!

well Karachi is like this for the last few years have gripped the topic very well Tariq sab..but the thing is the way, the stake holders are acting in karachi..this is plain disgusting ! the tiff between Federal and Provincial Government is so visible that it gives you bad vibes as to the consquences thereof..I mean just look at them! dont they know whats going on in karachi? dont they know who these killers are? see em not from karachi but i have been there like 3/4 times and ask me and I will tell you who is controlling karachi! its MQM...yes there I said it! not even a leaf in Karachi moves without their permission...yet the govt. is ignoring it...all they are afraid of is that MQM will back off from the alliance and Zardari and Co. will be in they take us for fools? dont we know why the rangers and police is a constant failure in karachi? its simple..they fear if they will start taking some action.killers from MQM will be caught and then MQM will blackmail them ..em not saying its MQM alone ..its ANP too and PPP perhaps..but is it fair? is it fair involving all those innocent pple in their dirty politics? I feel like Shooting Altaf Hussain right in the head when he does that Muhajir Politics..we are muhajirs Father's family came from India..leaving all behind...and I have never heard anyone saying in my family that we are muhajirs here..we are pakistani now..are we fools to feel this way? or this is because we are PUNJABI MUHABJIRS!!! duh! that just doesnt make sense.all that crap he speaks...khair I really wish everything goes back to normal in really hurts to see pple suffering for something they dint do..its such a tragedy that pple who are killed dont know why are they being killed and those who are killing them dont know it either..

Tariq Mian said...

I think we have to invent something better than dictatorship because the fashion of autocracy or dictatorship is fast eroding away.
Mid-East is the example.

No more military dictator (usurper of the constitution) is tolerable any longer as per the verdict of December 16 2009 - full bench comprising of 17 judges of the apex court.
Yes, we need democracy based on Islamic teachings.
But first we need to re-draft the constitution according to the Qur’an and sunnah.
I appreciate your sympathetic consideration for the people of Pakistan.
Irfan bhai, please keep visiting my page.

Imad Khalid said...

The situation in Karachi can be solved by Army.

But i again think we all need to change first :/ otherwise the destruction going on will increase and spread in all the country.

We need help from ALLAH.

tariq mian said...

@ MISHI*******Since Karachi is the commercial centre of Pakistan; Sea port making it strategically important city.
Con artists are the stake holders who are using killer gangs to help them establish authority.
Irony is that the killers don’t know why are they killing indiscriminately, nor do the victims know as to why they are being killed----
It took the government so long to authorise the rangers through renewing contract.
Now the rangers have been re-empowered with a free hand to take decisive action at whatever cost it takes.
Let’s wait and see.
Ongoing muhajir politics, ethnic pashtun inflammation are all adding up in favour of the vested interests. Politics of language including Sindh card and now a Saraikie card---makes no sense at all, as it is not in the interest of Pakistan.
Criminals engaged in “proxy killing operation” are enjoying full cover too by the stake holders.
********MISHI, thank you again for your valuable time to write your version of the story.
Your genuine concern is hereby noted for future reference.

tariq mian said...

@ Daniyal Arain,--
Pakistanis still stand a chance to get out of the misery if they get rid of dishonest politicians at the earliest.
Thanks for visiting.
Please come back again to give your valuable opinion.

yusaf said...

إِنَّ الإِنسٰنَ لَفى خُسرٍ

This ayah is a clear hadayah

Mishi said...

awww no need to say thankyou Tariq sab..your read are usually at top of my priority list:-)

TARIQ MIAN said...

MISHI****** so nice of you

jamal shah said...

True, rangers have begun catching the suspects.
Are the 'apprehended ones' are the 'real ones' or the 'innocent ones?'----Time only will tell----wait wait before jumping conclusions********

tariq mian said...

I guess you are right---------better wait.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Roedad Khan (video) claims source of the problem is not in karachi---it's in Islamabad.

Anonymous said...

Re: Karachi situation,
All fingers point towards the presidency.
So what are we waitng for then?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's not even a mystery so why wait?

aslam said...

Since General Kiyani visited Karachi to assess the situation, the rangers heve been abruptly given free hand to capture the target killers.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Please! don't involve army in the messy situation to make it worse.
Solution lies only in peaceful means through peaceful street protests, and a "united voice" aginst the evil will only provide a workable medicine for faster recovery.

MPA (Punjab Assembly) said...

I just read through your piece and totally agree with your analysis off this political opportunism. Pray for this country in these bleak times.
Wasalam and keep up the good work

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ MPA(Punjab Assembly)
Thank you for reading through the post and having agreed with the contents.
Your e-mailed message/reply is hereby aknowledged without mentioning your name.
Alhamdolillah, you are among pious and dedicated legislators who have good wishes for Pakistan. You as an energetic youth are most needed to maintain Pakistan's noble cause as envisioned by Jinnah and Iqbal.

Iqra Azhar said...

Again, I would like to start off by saying that your summarized posts are more informative and coherent than all the news reports out there. I had been hearing chaotic tidbits about Karachi in the past week or so, but with Ramadan and everything else that is going on out there in the world, I got a little distracted.

I honestly cannot believe that all this has been happening there and in this blessed month too! Aside from the shock, I simply cannot understand the reasoning, not that most corrupt actions have any logical reasons, but...why now? Am I missing something important that all of a sudden this is happening? And why in Karachi? Yes, you pointed out that it is a very important economic resource for the country and a pretty established city regardless, but how do these gangs just pick and choose cities/civilians?

As a previous American, I must say that the general public used to be quite frustrated with any delay of action from the government, even if it was just a matter of a speech condemning a certain issue, that I don't understand how people of Pakistan can just sit there and watch it go down. I don't mean to blame them, rather I am concerned about their patience with a definitely lacking government and its officials. Make some noise people! All around the Middle East, there have been riots and protests and oustings of leaders that have been tyrants for years in the country, why do not the Pakistani people organize and express themselves?

How else will the world put pressure and focus towards change in that country? If the world does not see Pakistanis themselves making efforts, I do not think much will ever change because all we really can do over here is discuss and feel frustrated and write a few posts or complain to certain individuals in our networks. We need some strong, pure hearted individuals to really stand up and lead the fight - who they are, I have no idea.

Yet, throughout everything, I still remain optimistic and hopeful. I don't have many expectations, detailed or otherwise, but I believe in the idea that goodness will prevail and that its only a matter of time before there will be major renovations in our beloved country. God bless.

May we all make lots of prayers for everyone around the world and especially people of Pakistan who are now being put in same bucket as people of Palestine (forever doomed and not worth caring about).

TARIQ MIAN said...

I am really touched by your detailed comment.
Yes, pakistani public must stand up for their rights against the aggressors within. Other than that there isn't much hope left.
But, the problem mainly is the lack of political awareness. Naive massess are poor in judging.
We must encourage massive education program for the economic and political betterment of the whole nation at this critical hour.
God helps those who help themselves.

Thank you IQRA once again for your input of extremely high value.
It will be an honour for me to have you join my site of intellectuals.


TARIQ MIAN said...

Special Note:********
Thank u for putting your valuable input in the latest post Regarding Karachi situation---------the names of intellectuals actively participating in the comment section of the latest.
****Mishi ,
****MPA Punjab Assembly
****Iqra Azhar
****Kiran Shah,
****ateeq mughal
Muhammad usman chaudhry
Hamza Bin Laden
****Daniyal Arain
****Imad Khalid
****Mr. MA
****Sh. Saleem
****Rehan Rashid
****umm Maryam
Many Anonymous names (not regular yet)
Many other names not yet members ( potential members)
The list for the present post remains open for more names till my next post

Daanish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daanish said...
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Daanish said...

reat post.

I will not favour army intervention.Lets politicians feel fear of being elected on merit.We need a website like fact check about our politicians.

We need leadership,which will come inshallah wuth time,lets the democratic process keep going.

I will not favour fresh election before its time,as nothing will change.

The writing of letters to foreign mission by MQM and PPP is a serious
concern for our national pride,it must be discussed in parliment and punished.It also shows immaturity and lack of nationalism of political parties who have no democracy in their own backyards.

Mississauga resident said...

We have heard Rehman Malik claiming that with the latest technology the target killers/suspects can be traced within 15 minutes and apprehended within 24 hours.
we need to conform his claim first before givingany conclusion.

Wah Bai Wah said...

Who to believe?
According to Rehan Malik 300 suspects including 12 target killers have been arrested already.
The arrested also include car lifters and people who kidnap for ransom. Shukran--

Another one*******Look who is talking! Zulfiqar Mirza now claims that he can restore peace in the city in one month with the help of the Sindh police is interesting.
Does he deserve a chance too? well, I don't know Sir. SORRY

tariq mian said...

Yes of course, we need a political maturity to have a mature democracy because in the past democracy always used to get prematurely born or in some cases it was just a still birth---Constitutional usurption is to be blamed and the naive public who backed such nonsense followed by forced judicial validation.
I hope this blunder does not stand a chance to be repeated as our beloved supreme court has shut all the door at front and back and side doors too. SHUKER HAI.
All we need now is to plant a fair and competent leadership.
***I think even one minute given to the incompetent government is a burden on the national exchequer.
Yes-- sending letters to foreign mission by MQM and PPP is thought provoking and amounts to cheating the proud nation of Pakistan.
I don't trust the present parliament-- not because of their bogus degrees but also because they don't enjoy integrity.
So how can they give honest and independent opinion in the parliament?
Fire them all before they fully drown the country under the deep water.
Hurry up please.

Rehan Rashid said...

Most obviously,the aim of the political gangsters is to establish their very own areas of influence.I totally agree with this satatement but it doesn't exclude Imran khan as he is also a part of pakistan's politics.Why he is not taking practical aspects by walking in the streets of Karachi for the sake of innocent people?According to me the only reason could be everyone's personal interests in the blood of poor people.
I think we should have more interest in individual duties and responsibilities which includes our all leaders,politicians and even nation for the sake and survival of our beloved country Pakistan.

tariq said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tariq said...

@ REHAN RASHID,**********
How can you target Imran khan?
He never looted any national money, and he is not even an heir to a feudal lord ( who had been awarded big big chunks of land in return for helping the GORAS during the ghadar). Land owners with big chunk of land -(numerous acres of land) had served the vested interests of GORAS.

About the ongoing scenario of karachi, during a tence bullet fight how can you expect someone to do a walkathon by the unarmed countrymen?

Bottom line: National interest should be preferred over vested interests.

tej said...

Pres zardar of Pakistan is very shrewd person.
despite his low level of schooling-he is still controlling a few pol parties.
but pakistan jai bhar main who cares?

TARIQ MIAN said...

@tej:*********************but Pakistan needs an honest President without any percentage point.**************

Anonymous said...

There is a big puzzel as to why Zardari's own man Mr Mirza is gone so furious against Zardari's appointee Malik.

It seems as if another political stunt/turnaround is used as a strategy to manipulate MQM---just gussing!

saleem said...

There are a lot of theories but it's too early to solve the puzzele

tariq said...

Law and order situation in Karachi has started to improve-- thank God

Anonymous said...

Hypocricy is the mother of all moral wrongs.

Anonymous said...

First of all cancer of feudality in Pakistan should be chopped off--faster the better.

TARIQ MIAN said...

All the present politicians - in the government or opposition must be fired and replaced by the younger breed of politicians based on strict merit. This includes their educational background, moral history,IQ level and competence.
They must be chosen by the free will of the people of Pakistan through impartial and fair elections.

ABCD said...

Aoa Tariq Sb
Hope you had a wonderful Eid with your family.
I do follow the links of your work you send me. I find your analysis very accurate, profound and unbiased which is rare in the media people today. Keep up the good work.
A friend of mine wanted to repost your write up you did on me (thank you for that wonderful piece, its more than i deserve). I wanted to seek your permission for that, and pls let me know if their are other credits we need to mention other than your name.
Thanks once again
Best Regards

TARIQ MIAN said...

Very kind of you for having such a wonderful opinion about my articles.
For detailed reply, please check your inbox, as I already have replied you through email.

Asma Khan said...

Mian Tariq: Sir my blog missing it's regular reader & commentator and specially missing your precious words... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

Alright some positive aspect is that Rangers and Police commandos are regularly conducting operations and the situation in Karachi has improved a lot for last few days, they've cleaned a lot of areas and now we're out of trauma a bit, I really wish this operation to continue till they clean up every single criminal responsible.

ashraf said...

OIC raps Canadian premier's anti-Islam tirade

Ahsan said...

Great work Tariq Mian:

Pakistan remained always on this state now or never:
Even at the time of birth of Pakistan.

Being Muslim and Pakistani nation we need to improve our culture, social life and the way we live this life and prepare for the eternal one:

What all we do as individual or national it reflects on all horizons.

We need to be patient and learner from our mistakes and things going around us by knowledge of religion we are blessed with. We need to keep link our all aspect/walks of life with religion as we can never isolate anything from the creator on our own like and dislike .

Things going on around are clearly mentioned as given below:
"Volume 9, Book 88, Number 183 : Narrated by Abu Huraira The Prophet said, "Time will pass rapidly, good deeds will decrease, miserliness will be thrown (in the hearts of the people) afflictions will appear and there will be much 'Al-Harj." They said, "O Allah's Apostle! What is "Al-Harj?" He said, "Killing! Killing!" (See Hadith No. 63, Vol. 8)"

This is need of hour to play role on all forms and embrace everyone with open arms and open mind above colors for knowledge and start building relationship on basis of values.

You are doing a great job as enlightening things going on and everything you put on this place and share to us :)

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Tariq Mian said...

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There was a judgement by the apex court but not enough action taken to send the culprits behind bars.

azmat said...

Karachi being the back bone of Pak economy is still far away from economic recovery.

Anonymous said...

Sou motto notice by the Apex court has done a little to provide relief--a lot still needs be done.

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