Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Calamity Strike a Nature’s Vengeance?

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Dengue fever is curable but is fatal if left untreated. Symptoms include high fever, severe aches, and in the worst cases, a severe drop in platelet counts. The aedes aegypti mosquito - carrier of dengue has been hitting Lahore and the vicinity where more than 6000 dengue cases have already been reported so far.
The chaos in hospitals is overwhelming. Severely sick patients are being placed on mats in corridors and medical staff is having hard time coping with the scenario.

Ironically, media has turned its binoculars away from terrorist and drone attacks and are now focussed on dengue attacks instead. The ongoing upsurge of dengue related illness is the most widespread “vector borne virus.” As commonly seen, a combination of higher temperatures and greater humidity invites a breeding environment for the dengue mosquito to grow its population. 
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 What goes around comes around:
Most obviously, a prolonged abuse of “Nature’s original set up” is only coming back to us in the form of abnormal weathers, rains and overflowing rivers. Resultantly, there is a breeding ground for “guerrilla type mosquitoes;” they are addicted to attack the humans at will.

Miserably enough, we failed to plan ahead of time to deal with the aftermath of abnormal weather conditions. Admittedly, a screwed up weather system is the fault of our selfish progression ignoring the demands of Nature. Constantly ignoring the related damage to the normal climate-as designed by the Nature for the benefit of humankind has further contributed to the problem.

No doubt, the “Industrial Revolution” had provided a good lifestyle to the whole world but at extremely high cost. Now we are to live with the messed up atmospheric adjustments. It is still believed, the resulted climatic change is responsible for the overall loss of environmental balance. Yet, many people intentionally ignore the fact that the “Godly System” has been falling apart for quite a while due to repetitive misuse of it by all involved. Pollution including Industrial gases, smoke, other gases from air conditioners, fridges and smoke from vehicles has been slowly rupturing the ozone layer (a protective layer against the poisonous heat from the Sun and other gases).

Currently, the weather system is going through malfunctioning phase, and it is too confused to regulate rains and melting glaciers. Floods and other diseases such as dengue virus and many other diseases are just natural result of unnatural human behaviour. However, more research is needed to establish a link between climate change, abnormal rains, flooding and dengue or other viral diseases. Nevertheless, any abuse of the “natural set up” is always followed by surprises such as the ones we are presently faced with. No matter what! We always tend to shift blame of these natural repercussions onto “misfortune” or “Divine’s vengeance.”

Too late too little: A global consensus is building up to agree that climate change is humankind’s greatest threat in modern times and is likely to have profound consequences for socio-economic sectors such as health, food production, energy consumption and security and natural resource management.

Sadly but surely, despite Pakistan’s very little contribution to the overall greenhouse gas emissions, it remains severely impacted by the negative effects of climate change by the following factors: Glacier melting in the Himalayas is likely to increase flood activity affecting water resources within the next two to three decades. Followed by decreased river flows over time as glaciers recede, freshwater will decrease leading to biodiversity loss. Coastal areas bordering the Arabian Sea in the southern Pakistan will be at the greatest risk due to increased flooding from the sea and rivers. A drastic decrease in crop yields in Pakistan is already showing up.

Recent flooding is so catastrophic that it has displaced approx ten million people in Sindh, while dengue epidemic in Lahore alone has reportedly affected local residents in very large number- forcing educational institutions to remain closed for ten days. Angry people are voicing their opinion claiming that the floods in Sindh and dengue outbreak in Punjab are both man-made disasters due to a lack of appropriate planning ahead of time. Naturally, the blame game goes against the incompetent governance, ailing administration on account of their selfish intentions and general laziness. It seems clear; we will be living with dengue for some time to come. According to the visiting Sri Lankan experts it could take up to a decade to strategically eliminate the virus. 

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Currently, Sindh is undergoing a catastrophic situation, as six million acres of land including two million acres of cultivable land is under water. Out of desperation, the stranded people are in need of emergency rescue. Although, assistance is coming in, but external donors are hesitant to directly fund the government or its agencies because of our bad image.
On the other hand, a bitter reality is that our leaders remain addicted to carrying beggar’s bowl as usual to raise funds to deal with the current dengue and flood crises. Islamabad and the UN have jointly launched an appeal for raising $357million for flood relief in foreign donations to urgently help seven million victims of catastrophic floods and dengue virus.

It’s a painful truth that the rulers are not serious or sincere enough to build more reservoirs or dams probably because of their political interests, affiliations or other reservations.


Daniyal Arain said...

Dengue Virus has no vaccine and that is the why it is so dangerous. It can only be prevented or cured.
Unfortunately, we don't have the proper water draining system in Pakistan and because of that water from Rain/Sewerage starts accumulating on surface, roads, and roadsides in which the mosquitoes breed mostly.
And that can't be denied even outside my house there is a big pond like scenery. If only our government leave that "Begging for Help to fill their own pockets" and give a little attention to the various little problems in the structure of this country, only then we can prevent from the natural disasters.

Is this just a lack of planning or lack of concern from our Government?

Quite Ironic that our Former President(Pervez Musharraf) did the same "Lack of Planning" and we are still suffering from "Load-Shedding" daily.

Also about the Ozone Layer - Compared to other Larger countries Pakistan is contributing nothing to damaging the Ozone layer. I think the best way to save our Earth is to first save our Nature.

Shouldn't we be spending money in planting of more trees rather than spending millions on researching for some other way to clean the environment.

Well that is only my opinion.

Tariq Mian said...

@Daniyal Arain:
Very brilliant comment. Very informative and to the point indeed.
Thanks for your valuable input.

Muhammad Israr said...

very thought provking and timely post... yes dengue is taking its toll in lahore...and some other parts of the country... i think its our collective responsibility... as experts say that we should not leave water stagnant...but there are many people who would just wash their cars in the middle of the street...the other day i was walking along a road and there was water standing on the whole area like upto 0.5km.... unless we change our hazardous and i-damn-care attitudes, we may never get of this dengue thing :(

Chintan said...

Tariq ji, in this part of the world, the mosquito hardly exist. I think hygiene has a role to play and everything then drills down to usual conversation of how system is not right.

Governments have money, nations have money but its not spent on the right places. There are not even public toilets, so if not water, mosquitoes prosper in urine!

MAHNOOR said...

thought provoking. dengue is a witch. so many lifes are at stake cause of it :(

and our government sure i sleeping, just like AWLAYYYS :(

STRANGER said...

The answer to above question is YES and NO.

YES : Because we are human-being, we are helpless before Nature.

NO : Because we are human-being, we have brain, brain can think best but it did not.

Our Civil Engineers did not construct Dams, Ponds and other water-reservoirs keeping in view the natural calamities. Western Countries and China have built under-water tunnels and are still proving their engineering excellence every day but our engineers make construction which is of inferior quality. If our dams don’t break down within two months of its construction, believe me, it is God who is holding it.

The drains which we see these days are 3 to 4 feet in depth and about 1½ feet or more in width. During childhood, I lived in a residential colony with my parents which was built by British Civil Engineers. I still remember that the raw drains had the depth of only 4 to 5 inches and believe me this was sufficient to carry water discharged by more than 5000 quarters and there was no water logging at all even during rainy season. This drain was built using carved bricks. These bricks were laid in such a way that there was a gap of about one inch between two bricks. Water flowed through these drains and spilled on both sides of the drain making grass to grow and charging the earth. Cows and goats used to come and eat grass and thus there was also enough for these animals. Cleaning was also not problem.
Things changed. Greed took over. Our Engineer found the way. They provided us with deep drains built of cement. Problem started from here. The water which is stagnated in deep drains don’t get absorbed and go into earth and give breeding ground to mosquitoes and the result is before us.

The solution and problem is with our Civil Engineers.

Let us chase these bloody greedy civil engineers who suck more blood than mosquitoes.

Daniyal Arain said...

@Stranger -
It may be your opinion and you may be right.
but blaming the Civil Engineers?
I don't think there is any need to blame the Civil Engineers -

The Engineers of Pakistan are so Talented - but the fact is "If you are not corrupted, you're not gonna earn Da Money"

Those who don't want to be controlled by our government leave Pakistan and go to other countries and do some marvellous work there.

The whole System is corrupt - and it all starts from the leader.

The dams weren't built because of the various problems that came in between.

I still remember that one day I read in Newspaper that the people of Sindh don't want "Kala Baag Dam" to be built, the reason was, they said "Agar sari taqat Punjab walay nikal lein gay to hamaray liye kya bache ga"
funny ain't it?

I don't see that there was any problem with an Engineer building that.

tariq said...

In Canada or America the mosquito is free to spread west nile virus which is deadly too.
It's the humidity and warm temprature along with any amount of still water around-- clean or stale - doesn't matter.
Origin is the faulty weather system due to climate change caused by industrial revolution followed by a ruptured ozone layer.

tariq said...


Being human-beings, we messed up with Nature through our fast paced mechanical life in the hot pursuit of enhancing our standard of life, yet completely ignoring what we are doing to the Nature's Set up of weather system.
“To err is human; to forgive is Divine” but a murder of the natural system is not forgivable; hence we have to live with malfunctioning ecology.
However, we can put a stop to further deterioration of the severe and chronic ecological imbalance.

Tariq Mian said...

@ Muhammad Israr:

Thanks for truely figuring out the issue.

Tariq Mian said...

I appreciate your time.

U R correct--
Dangue is worst than a "WITCH" but we have to HUNT the menace as Hunters do-- before the "WITCH" starts HAUNTING us in which case the WITCH-- haunting us will be never ending story.
we should collectively do the "WITCH HUNTING"


i think the concluding para sums up all and unfortunately situation is almost same both side of the boarder...The politicians and the authorities some how just lack the will power to make the things better for the general public and conditions are getting worse day by day.....:(

Usama Rehman said...

u know what..... things could have been different, had the govt ever tried to come out of its slumber!!
procastination is the trade of the day in our country!!
and corruption.....i dont need to mention! Even in Karachi some gang looted the materials that were supposed to be delivered to the sindh affected areas!!

we can pray, but most importantly we have to raise our voices on every forum, like you hav done!!!

P.S. you dont worry, i am now the life-time member of ur blog :)

Pari said...

Land mafia, bhata mafia. Aslah mafia, drug mafia, human smugglers, war lords, fuedals, dakoos. tax chores, Terrorists,earthquakes,floods, Drones and Dengues are all focussed on Pakistan. It's kind of scary.
moron public is getting ready for permanent nap.

Pari said...
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Pari said...

I do agree with the writer that the industrial revolution is behind the present ssrewed up weather mentality.
But, the Government is obligated to take quick and tough action to kill the virus and provide flood relief to the victims at all cost sooner the better.

About foreign funds, local rich elite must take the responsibility.
Pakistan must forget about generosity from foreign lands for sake of self respect.

Better is: 180 million Pakistanis should self collect by donating 100rupees or so --each.
There are so many better ways too to tackle the situation.

Tariq Mian said...


Pakistani political system is immature because of repeated coups and usurpation of the constituition and the law.
Our last military dictator messed up with the civil service.
Result is: there is administrative paralysis. People are the ultimate sufferers. ___________________________________

@Usama Rehman:

Multiple gangs roaming around looting, target killing and the bad governance coupled with incompetent administration couldn’t have planned ahead of time to think about public relief against the expected flood disaster affecting 10 million people and 7 million acres of land already under water.
Street power is needed to empower some sincere politicians to turn the things around for the betterment of Pakistanis in trouble.


Yes public has been taking a long nap previously. Actually some ground work is missing to tackle the issue of funds,floods, dengue etc. Yes funds should be collected from Pakistanis locally.
If only 50% Pakistanis offer some financial help, there could be billions of rupees in no time.
I can’t figure out what’s stopping us?

STRANGER said...

@ Daniyal Arain

Thanks for your comments. I request you to kindly read my comments once again; I did not blame the engineering skills of our Civil Engineers. Civil Engineering is core engineering and there is nothing adverse about it. The problem is that that our civil engineers possess everything PROBLEM & SOLUTION……unfortunately one problem is so intelligently created to generated multiple problems out of it so that there is always room to derive benefit by unfair means and further scope of work……..I hope you understand what I mean.

The problem is not with the subject “engineering” but with greedy people, politicians, contractors.

When I say OUR, it means both India and Pakistan. Our Engineers have been and are doing finest job around the world but within the country their skills fades-out and we get their inferior services.

I am very much particular about giving best performance to the country where we live in because the facilities is used by our own people and if we don’t provide them the best, we are cheating them. Civil Engineers are lacking this spirit, I repeat there is no doubt about their engineering skills, that’s all. I hope your objections are clear now.

Coming back to main subject :-

Proper town planning include housing (keeping in view the size of the family), efficient drainage system, provision of utilities (like water, power, gas-pipelines, telephone lines), parks, play-grounds for children, community hall, wide roads, schools etc. etc and hundreds of other such things which are to be kept in mind. Simply authorizing slums by Government before elections for political gains will always result in problems and of course, MOSQUITOES about which the main topic is !

Thank you Tariq Ji for raising a topic which is connected with our day to day life. I always love to discuss such subjects. I always welcome sharper comments on my comment as blending always brings cream up. Thank you Daniyal Ji.

avecwings said...

Hey u got a great blog... i thoroughly enjoyed the journey..

Ryt, given the present circumstances it seems we wud have to bear wid this for a while.. but vengeance or not..the responsibility cannot be shrugged off….

Tariq Mian said...


Your are most welcome dear stranger jee for appreciating the topics and the way I raise the issue.
I love discussion over issues that are otherwise are hauting us.
Sharper comments over comments is another beauty because blending always brings cream up. You are absolutely right.

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tariq Mian said...


I am glad you thoroughly enjoyed the journey of my posted article.
Dear! we have to live with reality like it or not.

An across the board accountability is desperately needed regardless of vengeance.

Mishi said...

well written Tariq sab..what to say..em late already..came in after so many days and I have written a post on Dengue too;p

Yusra said...

Well written!

Saleem (LHR) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Some are of sarcastic opinion:--

Dengue is licensed to kill indiscriminately.

Maybe the mosquito has been conditioned to fight a proxy battle in the area attempting to help guerrilla militants(TTP/BLA/other armed militants) to destabilize the country.

Tariq Mian said...

Not funny--
people are dying. the matter is of life and death.
Better be prepared to come out helping the severe scenario.PLEASE!

tariq said...

Thank you for comment, however it would be better if you give some of your valuable suggestion to deal with the extremely negative situation.

Tariq Mian said...


Thanks a lot --
-better late than never-
I appreciate you came by however briefly.
BTW: I have already responded to your post on Dengue.

Anonymous said...

The visiting Sri Lankans are good for nothing as they couldn't control their own dengue problem.

Bhatti said...

Lahore Dengue Epidemic is spreading as far as Karachi where one fatality this morning ia reported.
It's the duty of each and every citizen to take precautionary measures and keep spraying to kill the muderers.

Hassan said...

@Tariq Mian,
dere is no doubt that these all problems are cuz of our selfish governmnt n we, the innocent, r suffering.
But we can solve these problems if we get united. Dealing wid dengue fever n floods is not a big issue if the government is a gud one n if we are patriotic to our country.....


a thought provoking post !
the srilankan team dont knows that dengue virus will not b going to remove from here even after a hundred year coz the situation here always goes worst day by day. last year it was predicted by the scientists that this year the same area will b affected again by floods so where are the river banks??? and i m sure these banks will never b constructed... n we will b in 2012 dont know discussing which new catastrophy...
i want to conclude ur topic by IQBAL's verse
May ALLAH bless with health to those who are suffering from this dangerous virus.

Daanish said...

very informative post.

"cleanliness is half faith" lets apply teachings in our lives.

Our people are as corrupt as our leaders.It is a matter of opportunity whoever gets.

So simple,so sad.

AbdulKarim said...

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever are creating global worry.
There are up to 100 million cases occurring annually, yet no vaccines or specific preventative medicines are currently available.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito transmits dengue virus.
There is hope to eliminate the deadly dengue fever eventually by infecting mosquitoes with a bacterium called “Wolbachia” as it prevents the mosquitoes from transmitting the dengue virus to humans.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Lovely blog
i saw your comment on Noors blog asking about Saudi National Day, shes not Saudi/khaleeji but visit my blog and u can see /find out more about life in Khaleej (UAE/KSA) mostly.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I'm glad I came across this blog. Thanks for reminding me that the victim's of 9/11 number far higher than just the people who died that day. I hope a solution to this Dengue Virus situation is reached.

tariq said...

@ Bhatti:
We are all equally nervous about the tense situation; have to work really hard on self help basis to rid the menace.
Thanks for visiting sir!


Like I said, we need no help from others, if we collectively keep the sorrounding areas in neat and clean condition --pumping out the standing rain water to discourage the dengue mosquito from laying eggs.

Tariq Mian said...

Welcome to my blog!

Selfish rulers are always born out of selfish public.
[jaisee rooh wasay farishtay]

Because, we have been ignoring golden rules, gradually, we ended up in such a mess where system is about to collapse--God forbid--

Good to see you among the intelligent members here.

Our government is good for nothing;always is found in the bed room in deep sleep whenever a clamity stikes.


We, the public is equally reponsible for the terrible incompetence.

Tariq Mian said...

@ Elliot MacLeod-Michael:

Thank you very much for realising the actual number of victims of 9/11.
And thanks for your sympathies for victims of dengue.
Your humanitarian approach is really praiseworthy ELLIOT--I mean it.

Meera Sundararajan said...

Hi,, the issues that you raise are so similar to ours in India. Dengue is a killer disease. I lost one of my friends to this disease a couple of years ago. Come September and we are all worried about when this virus may hit us! A poor drainage system coupled with lousy town planning increases mosquito breeding. I wish our government would spend less on its defence budget and start addressing these serious issues ( BTW I am sure that the government does not publish the dengue death statistics ).

Hassan said...

@Tariq Mian u r ryt dat the people are also equally responisible for all these situations
My block is also related to this point.

baili said...

great post really nice,

its been more then 60 years that we got this piece of land to establish the strong clean Islamic community,but head of the family are so fear less i am very much sure that all of them are just so called Muslim,they dont care about their people as they will always be the same way and no judgement day exist and no Allah will question them about the rights of their people,which they have not get even now in 21 century,

every year they get billions but dont dare to spend even less then half of it for the betterment of their people,
hunger can be fulfilled with little food but we know that greed has no end and their greed is swallowing their but they are busy still in their games,

we live in small city but luckily it is the city of chief minister and local government is slightly careful about it,but when it rains even for short while water covers everything and daily life get disturbed badly,recent whether increased flies and mosquitoes,people are quite scared here too.

Imad Khalid said...

Absolute fantastic post..

Let me tell you itni knowledge honi hi nia ha :/ they are dumb asses just living for their own pockets ...

Rehan Rashid said...

Dengue is not new to Pakistan,last year Mian brothers were supposed to take some precautionary measures to prevent further germination of dengue but unfortunately, they have been flopped in controlling this fatal epidemic and even Karachi is being surrounded by it.Sprays are of poor quality and solution is not to force the laboratories to do investigative and diagnostic tests for dengue at low cost but actual considerations should be given to minimize the risk of dengue's penetration in country.People are getting not only physically but also mentally sick that they might be the carrier or next victim.Nation should also take some measures to protect themselves rather than 100% depending on government.
yeah,it may be an alarm for us from ALLAH that pakistan is facing natural catastrophes like flood in Sindh.Every year efforts are made in providing relief camps and food for needy people rather than this goverment should rely on long term policies like making dams to prevent such conditions.All we need is sincerity and good policies of our leaders for our country's sake.They should use their efforts in preventing than curing such undesirable conditions.

aaleen shafaat said...

it is like an 'azab' which is sent upon people who disobey. nice effort

Tariq Mian said...

@ MEERA Sundararajan: Thanks for your comment.

In fact, there are so many factors responsible for the spread of Dengue virus:
Faulty drainage system, standing rainy water clean or stale, lack of fumigation over the plants, grass, trees and every corner of the infected area.
The needed pre-emptive strike against the virus ahead of time has been shamefully ignored/mishandled by the authorities.
Non standard spray didn't work.

tariqmian said...


Thanks for your first comment.

Tariq Mian said...


Mismanagement, misappropriation of funds, administrative paralysis, selfishness, greed

May Allah protect you from diseases from stale/contaminated water as well as from the dengue virus. Amen!

tariq said...

@Imad : Thanks

Tariq Mian said...

Thank you Rehan for your true research of the epidemic and reasons behind the mess.
Please keep sharing your valuable thoughts with us.

Tariq Mian said...

aaleen shafaat:

THe 'azaab' is the natural result of our shortcomings and ignoring the rules of Nature.

There is still time to turn the things around to the right direction in order to please Allah Subhanahu wa taalaa.
We must hate cheating, corruption, greed and tax evasion.
We shouldn't ignore haqooq Allah and Haqooq ul abaad.
We need TAQWA and be practical under the light of the glorious Qur'an and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet sallalaaho elaihay wassallam

Rob Forget said...

Informative post! +followed, come check my blog out when you get the chance!

Aasiyah said...

i believe nature has its own course that it follows, hence... the so-called laws of nature. these calamities we are experiencing are nature's way of balancing itself. tsunamis are a way of cleansing the land. volcano eruptions are replacing the old land that are being sucked in by trenches (in the process creating earthquakes). it's a system (remember thermodynamics?). we may not like it but we cannot go against it - hence this dengue thing is nature's way of saying 'i can only bear as much of your abuse, this is the limit.'

good article tariq bhai.

Tariq Mian said...

@ Aasiyah:
Thanks for your explaining of the Nature's own mood.

I am not a scientist, but a few theories suggest that moist air, formation of clouds, atmospheric convection, boundary layer meteorology, and vertical stabilities in the atmosphere all are governed by atmospheric thermodynamics naturally so designed as to regulate equilibrium. But “man-made” industrial revolution has abused the Nature’s inherent capacity of normal maintenance; hence there are additional natural calamities because of the artificially disturbed state of things.

The noble Qur'an explains everything exactly as God Almighty commanded us to believe. We are obligated to observe Allah's hadood.
Though Allah is indifirrent, yet He is angry with us for our abusive attitude and double standards.

Aasiyah bahen! thanks once again.

Aasiyah said...

that's exactly what i was trying to say. :)

YONKS said...

Firstly, thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours. Highly informative, well written and to the point. The wonderful thing about blogging is that, although not everyone will always agree with your point of view, you bring these issues to a wider audience, for consideration and discussion. I was unaware of this situation. Living in Britain, the conditions seem a million miles away from these kinds of problems, but as you state, we are all part of a global community.

I thank you for the education and need to take the time to read the rest of your blog which I shall do over the coming days and weeks.

Nice to meet you Tariq and I will add your blog to my inspiration list.

Speak soon.

Ahsan said...

Great work and words Tariq Mian.

Tell me if m wrong :

"Mujhay aisa kyn lag raha hay k Pakistan ab JAG raha hay"

We start talking and hopefully being nation we will start acting and one day we will be proactive to all fronts. either a disease or any other economic or political or religious issue.

Justice and Peace is my slogan to US.

tariq said...


Emotional statements by the US officials regarding alleged involvement of Pakistan’s government and its Armed Forces in the attacks on US embassy and the Nato headquarters in Kabul are surprising after so many sacrifices Pakistan made as the best ally in the war on terror.
For a viable peace, the formation of the trilateral group, comprising the United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan is of high value in order stimulate interaction and cooperation at the strategic and operational level.
The current unity seen in Pakistan at the moment is a message that the country gets united in times of difficulty to resolve issues in a responsible and positive manner.

Beyond doubt, all problems can be be addressed through dialogue, provided - there is a “motivating will” on the part of all concerned.
Justice and fairness must survive under all circumstances.
May Allah subhanahu wa taalaa bless PERPETUAL PEACE in the region-Amen.

Tariq Mian said...

Thanks a lot for reading the above post and your feed back is really encouraging.

dora said...

thanks for sharing this

Galen Pearl said...

Dengue fever was a big problem in the Ivory Coast when I lived there 20 years ago. Your article is very informative. Thanks for following my blog. I'm pleased to have followers from many countries. We are all enriched by communicating across nations, faiths, and cultures.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

First of all I'm so sorry that I have not been able to read and comment on so many of your wonderful, insightful posts. I had my exams and stuff. Hope my apology is accepted as my reason is totally valid :P

I completely agree with you that our media has displayed immaturity by hyping the Dengue issue. Dengue is not fatal, but the self-medication and fear is. The media should have shown more responsibility.

Due to their adolescence, everybody has now forgotten the serious allegations made by Zulfiqar Mirza, and the comical marathon conference from London.

DAMS. I don't know why the Army is not taking any action on this? Pakistan needs at least six big dams till 2015. Or else we'll lose all our rights to get the water from the river coming from Jammu and Kashmir.

I don't think there is any terrorism in Pakistan. We are fighting with our won tribes in the north and they are fighting back. As soon as we stop killing them and bombarding their villages, they'll stop hitting us back. All we need to do is to back off from this so called war against terror.
It is actually War for terror rather than against it.

Ps:- These are my personal opinions and you may totally disagree with them.

patel said...

power outage is the main problem responsible for the spread of untreared dengue disease

Pari said...

isolated pak is going down fast unless the international community extends its helping hand-----

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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