Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Staying Afloat Despite 9/11 after Shocks

Of course, the harshest impact of the fatal reality was on the economy of Pakistan which began directly or indirectly during the last ten years. And, the most emotive moments of modern times occurred during the decade in question indeed - leading to changes in peoples’ attitude towards the Muslim community. 
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Historically speaking, the well organized “Islamophobia manufacturing industry” with a network of funders, activists, and bloggers is believed to be causing hate crimes against Muslims so persistently. In fact, all previous “Islamophobias” - one after the other have been there from time to time in the remote past too. Presently, the groups behind the curse, being the natural beneficiary have also been daringly utilising the golden opportunity to go for the ongoing spell of Islamophobia almost all around the globe. Certainly, the skilfully created "menace of phobia" against a particular community in question has worked really well to push Pakistan deep in to the secluded area where interaction with the outside world is bound to become naturally minimal.
Currently, out of control Islamophobic environment has provided enough of ease to the culprits to create the present state of lawlessness and terrorism in the country.
Sadly, the Religion of Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change. More worrisome is the hostility towards Muslims, which is used to justify all discriminatory practices against Muslims, exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society. Unfairly, anti-Muslim feelings are viewed as normal. It’s so pathetic!
As the hatred against the Muslim populace has been on the rise worldwide, Pakistan is suffering the most under such environment of hostility. Pakistan’s heavy sacrifices in the war against terror have hard time getting international recognition. The result: the warring guerrillas (sophisticatedly armed with state of the art weaponry) have intruded deep into the country - putting a deep dent in the security apparatus. This is one of the main reasons for Pakistan’s economic turmoil.
Lack of helping attitudes of international community towards the Muslim community is something to really worry about.
Furthermore, some presence of biased people among the print or electronic media is a great cause of concern. Of course, a criminal negligence on the part of media with “who cares attitude” regarding the hot issue of ongoing poisoning of attitudes towards the Muslim world is unnerving. As the trend is the most dangerous one, the media is not doing enough to play a pivotal role to neutralize the poison of hatred against the fellow Muslims.
At this very moment, Pakistan definitely suffers from a crippling economy, a mismatched budget and an ailment of peaceful atmosphere. Numerous precious lives have been lost in a war on terror. Collateral damage is not seen as unusual any longer because of all year round 24/7 pursuit of enemy in hiding.
On the other hand, the Tourism Industry is ruined as hotels in some cities had no choice but to shutting down due to security threats posed by the “ever-intruding warring factions” dangerously armed to the teeth. Most of the Industries are at a standstill or facing a major slow down resulting in rampant unemployment, street crimes and other corrupt ways to bring food onto the dining table.
War on terror has claimed the lives of over 35,000 civilians and thousands of security personnel in Pakistan. 

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As a front line supporter of the war on terror, Pakistan’s economy suffered a big setback in its normal trading activities. The cost of trading increased because of higher insurance cover while the growth demands slowed down which resulted in a decline of revenue from tax collection and foreign investment.

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The cost of Pakistan’s
involvement in the war on terror amounts to $67.93 billion, which has affected the education budget, the health and nutrition sector and the sanity projects that could have taken place but were postponed or discontinued due to the presence of the war against militancy in Pakistan.
After the war on terror, Pakistan’s investment to GDP ratio - hit a downfall from 22.5% to 13.5% in just a few years. Economically frustrated Pakistan hasn’t been compensated as yet for such a heavy economic loss.
Among other problems is the “over-active media” creating hype whenever possible. No doubt, media is responsible for an influx of hundreds and thousands of images of  dying people along with irrelevant details. It’s worth mentioning that the media has become a tool for intense sensationalism mainly focusing only on the juicy details of breaking news. This group of the civil society is busy with overly highlighting the exaggerated stories - misleading the audience. Obviously, there isn’t any need of such a large number of TV channels - airing nothing but demoralizing stuff.
The other cunning groups like TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan), Punjabi Taliban or Baluchistan liberation army and others are illegally engaged in war of terror; they continue to destroy the sanctity and sanity of those living within the country.
Sad reality still remains that the kidnapped/brain washed kids are being used to carry out war of terror in order to heavily damage the writ of the State of Pakistan.
Finally, Pakistanis from all walks of life including youth and the seniors are all having just one single desire  - for a permanent peace in the country.
It has been more than enough of targeting people of Pakistan, now the Pro Pakistan Global Powers must give an assisting hand to Pakistan, so that a viable strategy on perpetual basis is worked out to kill all the guerrilla cockroaches in the best interest of Pakistan - now or never.


Yusra said...

Excellent article :)

Chintan said...

I don't think I can understand how you may feel as a muslim, but it must be hurtful to be part of conversations where people blame your religion....

Daniyal Arain said...

I don't know about Pakistan but I can say one or two things about People blaming Islam.

I once wrote an Article "Osama Bin-Ladin is Dead = Peace?"

That article was a total fail (I for some how assumed that America killed millions in war but the people said that America didn't"

So someone commented and told me that people of other countries don't blame Islam anymore and they don't think that Islam is a violent religion.

Once of them even said that America is doing right that it is sending Drone attacks to Pakistan.

It just made me think that how much people get unaware of other peoples situations.

We are Muslims and we know what is going on and what other think about us.

I've talked with many people of different religions who have read out of context verses of The Holy Quran and they call Islam a violent Religion on the Basis of that.

And also some people judge Islam on the basis of you know "The so called Muslims involved in Hijacking and Terrorists and 9/11"

But Can someone really judge half of the world on the basis of one thing?

I don't think so - Judging someone like that is pretty absurd.

Well Great Article :).

Muhammad Israr said...

excellent... the problem is that our own media protrays the situation very badly... and all the opposition parties...every day of the year they keep talking of the 10billion dollars that we got since 2001...and i have read some analysis which showed that the actuall money we got is somwhere near 50million..the rest are debt servicing, ngo and all the stuff... but even if we got 10billion it is just peanuts compared to the losses to our economy and the human losses due to this war...

STRANGER said...
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Daniyal Arain said...

@Stranger -

And Why are you making up a false story? and for what?

STRANGER said...

Nice post.

TARIQ MIAN said...
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UmmMaryam said...

Sadly, these days the "norm" has become the "extreme" and the "extreme" has become the "norm"

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Chintan:
I appreciate your understanding.
People shouldn't hate others' religions. It is said, "apna muzhab choro naheen aur doosray ka mazhahab chairoh naheen."

Thank U for reading the post.

@ Stranger:
Very kind feed back--thank you.

ateeq mughal said...

u know what i love talibans, and specially osama bin laden and mulla umer
they r like so awesome guys...
, they are no more than 10000 but they have raped U.S army :D
and this 9/11 was ORGANISED by U.S government cos world trade center's insurance was like something in biollions, and they wanted that.
Do tell me if i am right or wrong, cos that's what i believe and my researches told me
and about that islam part, its kinda too long conversation so soon i am gona post it up in my next post.
and it really hurts when people call muslim a terrorrist.
it really hurts, :(

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Muhammad Israr:

Yes, media protrays the situation very unprofessionally... after debt servicing, ngo expenses and all the stuff - a minor amount is left.
It's better if Zardari, Nawaz Sharif and Vedaras become a "united financial backbone" of the country during this time of economic mess-I know this dream will never come true though.
Additionally, People should start paying taxes seriously without employing tax-evasion tactics.
Pakistan wouldn't need foreign money help---trust me---And when we start aiding the international community financially, we certainly shall win the hearts of our non-Muslims fellows.

***Sorry-we can't rid the world of people with mental sickness of hatred and prejudice towards Muslims. May Allah help the mentally retards recover from the disease of hating others. Amen!

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ UmmMaryam:
New definition of "norm" and "extreme" is pretty interesting.
U R absolutely right: these days the "norm" has become the "extreme" and the "extreme" has become the "norm"

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Danial Arian:

We are Muslims and we know what is going on and what others think about us.

Truth: Islam means "peace" --so the name itself is the living proof that whoever practices Islam in the true sense according to the practices of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallaho alaihey wasallam)and his companions (sahaaba-e-karaam)--is a true Muslim who surrenders to the 'WILL' of the Almighty Allah Subhanahu wa taalaa.
A true Muslim would never be extremist as Islam teaches nothing other than tolerance and moderation in our daily routines.
Yes, the "manufactured extremists" are for the service of vested interests of other than practising Muslims. So Islamophobia is just an escapegoating tactics.
Therefore, Islamophobia should be repalced by "extremist-o-phobia" instead, which has absolutely nothing to do with Islam-- Criminals disguised as Muslims are paid proxy professionals.
My friend! thanks for your valuable opinion.


TARIQ MIAN said...

@ ateeq mughal:

"Islam is Universal so is Peace"
Islam does not accept terrorism.
nevertheless, a lot of theories relating to sad event of 9/11 have been going around - Indeed that was such a horrible tragedy followed by million more deaths and property damage.
Unfairly, whole of Muslim Ummah has been targetted through Islamophobic opinions. It's the same skin and the same red blood flowing through all living humans.
Most importantly, pl remember all human beings have same father and mother --Prophet Adam and Eve (May peace be upon both of them Amen).
It doesn't make sense to allow fight (nasty and furious) among the children of Adam alaihislaam.
I repeat: Islam is universal so is peace.

Ateeq-your feedback is lovely as usual.

Kiran Ashraf said...

being a media student, i agree that the role of foreign media is totally biased against us. i havent seen a news about an event( a good one) being reported in the foreign media bout Pakistan.
I myself when communicate with ppl especially europeans they always ask ques like: do you guys have like shopping malls,places to hang-out, are girls allowed to study etc WTH!!! they make us feel like we are living in a cage...no happiness surrounds us.

Iqra Azhar said...

More people need to be speaking out against Islamophobia. It has reached the point when its sneaking into the minds of intellectual Americans - these days states and their official statesmen are passing their time trying to pass laws against Sharia, even though they do not know what it is. If "modern" first world countries cannot appreciate or respect the Muslims who look and act very much like them, it is not surprising that they cannot understand Pakistani people and how they function as Muslims in such a land.

As an ex-journalist, I have witnessed first hand the "who cares" attitude, especially during last year's Floods - the newspaper I worked for refused to put the news story on the front page and relegated the space, instead, to a trivial parking matter at a university. I was beyond shocked - in fact, I quit. Unless the people at the top of the food chain are open-minded and multicultural, the truth will continue to be lost.

In my personal efforts, I have decided to influence public opinion, especially in the case of Muslims and Pakistanis, via popular culture such as novels and entertaining programs on tv. People watch and read and soak everything up and are free to think for themselves instead of merely listening to what a newscaster is telling them to believe.

Good work!

Mishi said...

oh this is very well written Tariq sahib! there aint much left for me to comment on honestly..but yes Islamo phobia is one o the most solid facts of the modern world for us..we have to fight it back..and for this we just need one thing..and that is purity of character! thats it..islam is the best religion and muslims are the worst followers ...this is the time to prove this wrong...time to be honest with our-selves..with our religion and with this world that we all live in,,,

TARIQ MIAN said...

As an ex-journalist, you have witnessed first hand the "who cares" attitude, especially during mega Floods in Pakistan - when your newspaper boss didn't let you put news on the front page simply and relegated the space, instead, to a "trivial parking matter" at a university. See! there is a bias in the media against the Muslims.

IQRA! Thanks for going through my lengthy post sincerely--
I am grateful for your valuable input. I am also impressed due to your your great passion for creative writing; and assessing the political issues simultaneously.----Well done.

Anonymous said...

Janab e Tariq

`Staying afloat' is very thoughtful article.


TARIQ MIAN said...

@ MISHI the great: Welcome back--we all missed you but it's good to know you enjoyed Eid holidays with your cousins.
Thanks a lot for your golden opinion regarding our own character-----------
You rightly opined:
"Purity of character" has to be part of our agenda in order to have our own house in order--
***Simply speaking, we need to re-adjust/correct our Qibla's direction first and formost-- of course, dear.
Take care Mishi and have a wonderful day in Lahore inshaAllah.

TARIQ MIAN said...


I appreciate your visit to my blog.
I hope you agreed with my analysis.
Please feel free to opine openly --negative or positive-- as all is most welcome.
Thank you sir once again, and stay blessed.

STRANGER said...

What is Islamophobia, I've read thousands of books in my life but never found this word, anywhere !

Every religion is good, we the one who interpret it, are good or bad.

I wonder why we cannot discuss topics like; power-shortage, infrastructure, cleanliness, adequate supply of clean drinking water, education, free medical facilities, etc. etc. ?

Remember, western world will always try to distract us from real issues that affect common man of third world countries.

Best wishes Tariq Sahib and Daniyal Arain Ji.

Sultan said...

Compliments for the very commendable article. It's the time to learn the lessons and to tell others that in no way Islam is the religion of terror. Efforts to continue using power of persuation will surely bring better understanding with those having negative attitude towards Islam. Excellent approach Tariq saheb.

Aasiyah said...

That was lengthy! XD

But yes, we can write long articles and in reality end up doing absolutely nothing. How can we outsmart these terrorists? How can we strategize our moves as ordinary citizens to protect our family and our immediate locality?

Questions. Easy answers in words. Difficult answers in action.

May Allah ta'ala help us all.

TARIQ MIAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TARIQ MIAN said...


I am really stunned that 25% of world is Muslims who are worried because of the nonsense of Islamophobia, yet u can't even google it to give us some moral support.

Surely, Muslims have a right to stand up together with your positive help indeed --in order to look good as they really should be under the great religion of the world which is not man-made but a true word of God revealed through Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
BTW, the noble Qur'an is the "word of Allah--God the Almighty" which came to our planet for the benefit of the entire humankind including people of all races without any discrimination.

GORA KALA NEELA PEELA all are respectable with equality.
However, we have to get to the bottom of this Divine message and spend our rest of life according to the WILL OF ALLAH, the Almighty.
*****If you read thousands of books in your life which means you are the best reader-
-please read something about this great religion called DEEN-I-ISLAM and see around you--to assess sincerely as to why some people prefer to ignore the goodies of equality-tolerance-patience-generosity and the list goes on and on.(maybe business reasons)

Don't take me wrong! I do have due respect for all religions, yet- life is temporary and we can't fool around much through ignoring the TRUTH.

Through learning Islam in depth, we may realise-- how obligated we are towards the society when it comes to POWER POLITICS, electric power-outage, infrastructure, cleanliness, adequate supply of clean drinking water, education, free medical facilities, exploitation, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, social vices etc.
As the Qur'an gives us a complete code of life, we should practice it too instead of just kissing the book and covering it with the most expensive fabric. The holy book have set some limits which we cross but still we think we are Muslims. That's clearly a mockery; becomes an excuse for othe people and they say loudly: Look look-- what the hell this Muslim guy is doing sort of thing.(Muslim or hypocrite it's upto U to figure out)--
Moreover, the emperors, kings, Queens, and all other puppet rulers
have no room in ISLAM-- because if they are so called Muslims then they are HYPOCRITES. The Hell is for hypocrites.

My dear Stranger!
I love your remarks but I encourage you to give some thought to my brief reply above.
Take care and have a wonderful day my dear.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Aasiyah:
Toughness is life: there are challenges ahead of us, we need a "will" to find a way to remove all road blocks to move on.

True: Easier said than done. But U have to have some target to achieve.
In order to reach your goal, first step is voicing your opinion and letting all know there is a problem and we need to stand up for our lawful right of comforatble existence among the other members of the society.
***If we shy away, it would be an open message that there is no objection in giving a mental torture or whatever to humiliate. Tell me! what is better-- remaining "passively shut up" or "be at least a cry baby."

Allah help those who help themselves.

I am glad you raised good points here.
Please keep visiting in future.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Your feedback is commendable. I realise your IQ level is super and high enough to sense the danger zone.

God bless U.

Thinking said...

hmm....nice article...

I would not say that whatever happened on 9/11 was a very nice thing to give a lesson to anyone...

But I strongly believe that a MUSLIM can't be a killer...

I always meet non-muslims with the same attitude...if they think that after 9/11 something strangely have changed in me...its their own changes taken place in them....

hmmm...sure...it will take time...

But our calmness and unity will help us prevail...

Good Luck to all of US....hmm...

Nice article...Tariq Mian Sahib...

Sorry I didn't get chance to come before...Please dont feel bad about it....

Nice to read you !

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Thinking:

Thank U very much for your "to the point" comment.
In nutshell, you have told the hole story, which is an art of course.
Please keep visiting to leave your valuable comment on each future post.

Anonymous said...

International community must put some pressure on Afghan government to return the 30 Pakistani babies. It is most likely the kids will be brain washed to carry out suicide mission inside Pakistan.
In last few years some NGO used to adopt kids in Pakistan through proper court procedure. Total number of kids was around 3000; were transported out of Pakistan with no trace left which makes it suspicious as to what they did with the kids and whether the kids are still alive or have alrady been re-transported to heaven as told by the ngo/or their trainer or whatever.

Anonymous said...

‘Islamicism’ is Canada’s biggest threat according to PM Harper of Canada. But, the opposition claims that Harper is using the Sept. 11 for his own political gain.

To the NDP, the Prime Minister is sowing division on the eve of the 10th anniversary. And to the Liberals, Mr. Harper is trying to look tough by musing about changing the anti-terrorism laws.

“The 10th anniversary of 9/11 should be a time for reflection on how we can build a more inclusive society to end extremism,” NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar told The Globe Wednesday morning. “Let’s all guard against knee-jerk demonizing and overheated rhetoric.”
source: globe and mail

TARIQ MIAN said...

The Muslims are sincerely in love with Canada:
*******Terrorism must not be linked with Islam, because there is a difference between the Muslims and the hypocrites who have Islamic names. People in the West fail to distinguish between the two.
It is important for the government of Canada to educate the public about the difference instead of creating further confusion.

Terrorism is a major crime, so
"criminal is a criminal" no matter he/she belongs to what religion or no religion--doesn't really matter.
This nonsense is irrelevant.

In fact, Islam does not permit private armies of militants, or killing civillians, kids , women or any innocent person---It's a great sin to kill any human being.
In other words , no Muslim is ever allowed to take law into own hands.
Therefore, "Islamophobia" and now the cry about "Islamicism" can not be jusitified for any political gain as per the NDP.
Let's leave the peaceful Canadian Muslims alone and let them live with due respect and security. Because the Muslims are also proud Canadians and love Canada and Canadians without racism or discrimination.

Pari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pari said...

Muslims are part of the society as equally good guys.
Bad guys are every where---so why "Islamicism" or "Islamophobia"--This is the best example where justice is being denied.
General public deserves to be educated appropriately for looking at the Muslims with positive attitude and good feelingsThis is fair and justified.

STRANGER said...

Dear Tariq Ji,

My Dear loved ones are Muslims; my friends, their parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives all are Muslims. My family is maintaining very good relationship with them. We are not only united when there are festivals around but also during adverse situations. With pride, I can say that they always extended their helping and caring hands whenever my family needed it. I love them, respect them very much. For me, they are everything A2Z.

I would like to make it clear here that I am not a Muslim. Since my above relatives are very good people, their religion must also be very very very good, that teaches them to be good towards others, that’s all. For me, they are essence of every holy book.

Coming back to main topic, “Islamophobia”. As far as I know phobia means fear. Why should anyone fear of any religion. Every religion has certain limits which it expects nobody to cross. No individual has right to alter or modify it.

I’d like to ask the learned IDIOTS of this world as to why are they connecting religion with fear and trying to give dictionary a new word. While drafting my message on a word-file, I can still see red line below the word “Islamophobia” which means that even my PC is also not ready to accept this useless word.

Well, our (India and Pakistan’s) problem is different from rest of the world. Our leaders have NEVER been faithful towards our country and worked for betterment of the society and country at large. When half or our people are starving, they talk of weapons. I have observed since long that western leaders are better than our leaders as they always bargain to tilt the advantage in their favour whereas our leaders keep fooling whole country on useless issues.

I am in hurry and wanna finish it in short :-


I hope you understood my spirit. Since you have large number of followers and get superb comments, I request you kindly not to popularize word which have nothing to do with our day to day life.

Best wishes.

STRANGER said...

You have not mentioned the name of your BLOG in your profile. Only the list of blogs which you follow is visible. Please edit your profile accordingly.

Aasiyah said...

The danger of always speaking up is a noisy room. I've seen everyone complaining but only a few who actually goes to the field and risk their lives.

I do not say that you suppress your voice. But I would rather be someone who does than someone who speaks.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Very kind of you to point out --I have fixed my profile.
About Islamophobia, now there is another proof that PM Canada just stated that Islamicism is Canada's biggest threat (there you go).
But thank you so much for your nice and precious feelings in favour of the Muslims.
And why not----after all, Hindu, Muslim, sikh, issaee sub hain aapas main bhaee bhaee indeed.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ Aasiyah:
I respect your sentiments.
we have to protect our rights of existence through proper dialogue. That's the only way to defuse the poisoned minds of our non Muslims brothers and sisters.
We all belong to just one family of humankind which has been created specially by our Creator --Allah Subhaanahu wa taalaa.

We need media with integrity--that can surely educate what is true. This plannet can become a peaceful place with media's positive contribution.

God bless all of us with happiness and prosperity.
Once the recession worldwide is over, the excuses to blame others would fade away.

STRANGER said...

Wah !

Kindly accept my big salute to you, keep writing.

Aasiyah said...

Apparently, it's hard to create proper dialogue when everyone has a different opinion as to how things should be done. When someone says something, he is being counter-argued up until the personal level, deeming him less than qualified to be in the position to say those things. Cooperation is what we all lack.

May Allah ta'ala restore our trusts upon each other.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Shelfishly, ferocious animals go after the "kill" ahead of the less aggressive/weaker animal.

Currently, the global economic mess is because of the faulty economic system which is based on borrowed money. And, it seems to have been wasted or misapplied with no control.
Now every citizen of the world owe a lot in terms of principal and compounded interest.

Under the dire circumstances:
Escapegoating is pretty normal.
Blame shifting is part of foul game.
We only have to educate the phobia sufferers through our persuasive approach.
Let's pray for the recession to be over sooner the better.

Imad Khalid said...


But at the end of it you must provide enough remedy for it i feel that.

The whole picture of MUSLIMS infront of the world has not been made pathetic by US or anyother but its WE who did all.

When you forgot the way of OUR HOLY PROPHET S.A.W.W and follow everyothers way and their acts of living then the end would have been like what we are witnessing rite now.


TARIQ MIAN said...

@ IMAD KHALID, ---thanks for visiting.

Solution to our problems:
Failure on the part of Muslims to really understand the message of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala, has a lot to do for the state we are in at present.
We haven’t done enough to protect our own interests.
The Qur’an is revealed for the guidance of the entire Humankind, but many Muslims keep it wrapped up in expensive/good cover, kissing this book or reading it for the benefit of deceased relatives - or use it as a source of Allah’s blessing over the head of brides while they are walking to husband’s car first time after NIKKAH.
It only makes sense when we read each and every “word of Allah” seriously enough to be able to deliver accordingly.
***Truth: Islam is the cure for all diseases including social /moral vices, immorality, extremism, political misalignment, economic disparity, ethnic motivation, cultural influence and what not.
***Islam is a religion of Moderation.
The Qur’an shall remain applicable till the last day of life on earth.
***Fundamentals of Islam should not be mixed up or confused with radicalisation and extremism.
Nevertheless, in the West, there is an ongoing widespread misunderstanding about the “great religion of PEACE.”
Bottom line:
Since the word “Islam” means Peace, we should have sincerity of purpose and go forward practising our DEEN as required - and be an example to all other faiths about the true spirit of Islam.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't finish reading the article. Although it is an excellent thought provoking post. I am really impressed by the extent of effort which writer has put in it.May Allah reward him for his great work. Ameen

TARIQ MIAN said...

The writer is very grateful for your remarks, however--it's recommended to read all to know all.
Please come by again.

meeratales said...

Hi I am your neighbour from across the border and I completely empathise with you about this Islamophobia which on my side of the border is called " Pakistanophbia" While our country has also suffered a lot in terms of terror- bomb blasts etc I often wonder how the people of Pakistan must be feeling about this becuase obviously equating terror with a nationality is not right! I identify with some of the issues that you have raised too. In India, there is a right wing group that is anti Islamic persecuting Indians who are muslim.. I dont know where this will all end. BTW you may like to read this book " Brick Lane" by Bangladeshi writer Monica Ali. It talks about how youth get into terror and fundamentalism.

I try to read a lot of Pakistani authors to get an understanding about the common people's life there because as you have said we rarely get to see or hear them...!!!

TARIQ MIAN said...

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Islamophobia or Pakistanophobia—the phobia is phobia; a virus—a psychological one. Therefore, we must protect other vulnerable members of the rest of the world community and help our brothers and sisters recover from the DISORDER if they already suffer from this mental warfare.
Radicalisation or extremism must be rooted out from all religions as Islam completely disapproves of it.
Islam teaches moderation at every step---
--what can you do with the stubborn ignorant or the professionals who for CASH engage in proxy activity just to defame Islam (PEACE)?
Thanks for pointing out the book “Brick Lane" by Bangladeshi writer Monica Ali. I would try to read it.

Daanish said...


Pakistan had first offered this ad to The New York Times but they refused to publish it, forcing Pakistani officials to go to a business newspaper with a specialised but influential readership.

The ad informs the American public that since Sept 11, 2001, 21,672 Pakistani civilians have lost their lives or have been seriously injured in an ongoing fight against terror.

The Pakistani Army also has lost 2,795 soldiers while 8,671 soldiers have been wounded. There have been 3,486 bomb blasts and 283 major suicide attacks.

More than 3.5 million have been displaced while the country has lost $68 billion due to terrorism.

The Pakistani nation is “making sacrifices that statistics cannot reflect”, says a caption above a picture of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who was also killed by the terrorists. “The promise of our martyrs lives on,” it adds.

Despite these sacrifices, the ad notes, the Pakistan stays engaged in “the war for world peace”, with 200,000 troops deployed at the frontline and 90,000 soldiers fighting on the Afghan border.

“Can any other country do so? Only Pakistan,” says the advertisement published as an official notice from the government of Pakistan.

Rehan Rashid said...

Pakistan was supposed to be a peaceful country,famous in hospitality before 9/11.Unfortunately,after that , Muslim country became quiet while saying that Pakistan is a terrorrist country.But the truth is, Pakistan itself is a major victim of terrorrism and people of Pakistan are being demoralized throughout the world metally and religiously.Pakistan has given thousands of lives in this war which is dragging our people towards poverty and further limitations of resources.Tell me can someone break his own home?I have no doubt that most of the terrorrists are foreigners in Pakistan and painfully the country badly suffering from terrorrism is itself considered responsible for it.So we have to strengthen our country socially,economically , politically and morally to face the global challenges.

TARIQ MIAN said...


This is another example of discrimination or hate mongering.
In fact, Pakistan's sacrifice as top ally for fighting against terrorism to help America is not fully recognised as yet.
A trust deficit, most propably still exists between both the countries.
Under the circumstances, pakistan government moved in the right direction towards the business newspaper with influential readership.
As Pakistan suffered more than any other country of the world due to the attacks, there should be recognition too.

Who knows?--This might soften/correct the Americans' attitude in favour of Pakistan.

Daanish, I am so glad you shared with us --such an expensive fact-sheet.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Yes! peaceful Pakistan has been branded as a terrorist country due to a wide communication gap.
An unending drag is responsible for the loss of morale of Pakistanis.
We are suffering for having chosen a wrong leadership which believes in a compromised governance of low or no quality at all.
Allah subhanahu wa taalaa seems angry with us because we are having hard time take a sigh of relief or enough food on the table.

Asma Khan said...

An excellent work, many points are need to be clear in our mind... :)
P.S Sir was and is busy these days sorry for late and short comment... :)
Visit blog--> Stay Blessed!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Terrific post on a very grave issue.
I have very vague opinion on the topic which I would hare with you some other day!

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

That is a shocking truth, and now we've no worries because being a Muslim I've firm belief that in hereafter every single person involved in this conspiracy will rot in hellfire forever. They may seem successful in destroying Islam or ruining image of Muslims but the pain they've given us will not go to waste inshALLAH and they'll pay the price in hereafter.

R.I.P. 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan, 60,000 Pakistani and 1,690,903 Iraqi people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit.

Anonymous said...

Dear America, Your 9/11 is our 24/7. Regards Pakistan.

tariq mian said...


Yes of course! After 9/11 Pakistan's 24/7 started.

@ Muhammad Usman Chaudhry:
It's about time to realise the importance of unity - which we are lagging behind.
we lack knowledge of the Qur'an; hence, it's practised half heartedly which is hypocrisy of course.
we have to come out of the crazy cycle of dependence on Aid from abroad and learn to live with pride.
It's better to get rid of negative elements from the society on a faster pace.
Botton line: SINCERITY of purpose is of great value. Having refined our society, we will be able to have a competent and legitimate leadership full of integrity followed by respect from international community.


@ Hamza Bin Ladin--- I know you are also very busy in your studies.
I am very grateful for your kind visit--

@ Asma Khan:
Thanks for commenting despite your extremely busy schedule.

Anonymous said...

The 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has denounced a recent statement made by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a high-profile non-Jewish supporter of Israel, that he considered “Islamic terrorism” as the biggest threat to world peace.
“Harper’s statement will only exacerbate the misunderstanding and suspicion between the West and the Islamic world and obstruct global efforts to confront bigotry and hatred between religions and cultures,” said OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.
According to columnist Dr. Debra Chin, Harper is apparently using Canadian governmental authority to advance ultra right-wing ideological goals.
“Such irresponsible remarks should not have come from a prime minister. It will give fuel to extremists to carry out terrorist attacks and deepen the division between Islamic and Western cultures. It will also encourage Islamophobes to carry out more attacks against Muslim minorities.”
Al-Ahdal hoped that the Western thinkers would condemn Harper’s remarks in order to strengthen good relations between Muslims and the West.
He said Harper’s remarks would encourage Muslim countries and parents not to send their students to Canada, fearing they would face bad treatment.
“It is quite unfortunate to see that Islamophobia is spreading in the West. Earlier, we have seen such attitudes from the right-wing extremists. Now it has been taken over by leaders like Harper, Sarkozy and Merkel,” he said.
Al-Ahdal urged Muslim countries to take a firm stand against such Islamophobic remarks.
“I hope all Muslim countries will call their Canadian ambassadors to express their strong protest against Harper’s remarks and inform them such incidents would affect Canada’s relationship with Muslims,” he said.
Al-Ahdal underscored the interfaith dialogue initiative launched by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to promote world peace and stability by enhancing cooperation and understanding between the followers of different faiths.
“The initiative will help bridge the gap between the East and West,” he said and called for strengthening the initiative by holding more meetings between leaders of various faiths.

Published: Sep 13, 2011 23:3JEDDAH:

Ahsan said...

Pakistan remained always on this state now or never:
Even at the time of birth of Pakistan.

Being Muslim and Pakistani nation we need to improve our culture, social life and the way we live this life and prepare for the eternal one:

What all we do as individual or national it reflects on all horizons.

We need to be patient and learner from our mistakes and things going around us by knowledge of religion we are blessed with. We need to keep link our all aspect/walks of life with religion as we can never isolate anything from the creator on our own like and dislike .

Things going on around are clearly mentioned as given below:
"Volume 9, Book 88, Number 183 : Narrated by Abu Huraira The Prophet said, "Time will pass rapidly, good deeds will decrease, miserliness will be thrown (in the hearts of the people) afflictions will appear and there will be much 'Al-Harj." They said, "O Allah's Apostle! What is "Al-Harj?" He said, "Killing! Killing!" (See Hadith No. 63, Vol. 8)"

This is need of hour to play role on all forms and embrace everyone with open arms and open mind above colors for knowledge and start building relationship on basis of values.

You are doing a great job as enlightening things going on and everything you put on this place and share to us :)


wow...how do you manage to write such meaningful and thought provoking posts every time Tariq bhai....

so much have been said here all ready in the comments...and yes the hostility against muslim community is something that hurts, every second moment a muslim has to face those discriminatory acts and indeed its pathetic, i don't know how long it will continue....

Tariq Mian said...

@ Ahsan:
Yes you are right!
we need to improve our culture, social life and the way we live this life. We need to stay connected to our Creator exactly the same way as our prophet sallalaho alaihey wasalam practised.
Thanks for your well researched thoughts.

Tariq Mian said...

I am learning from you and all my intelligent followers of this blog.
I can write with confidence if you guys support me--there is no doubt about that.
Replying to the comments is another way which has been helping me think positively.
We as a community have to help all global community to look for truth and avoid the manufactured/custom made reporting.
Media has to represent all without bias---and in good faith.

Anonymous said...




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Anonymous said...





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Anonymous said...

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