Friday, October 28, 2011

Rhetoric Politicking Heats Up

Having mishandled its obligation to deliver, the NRO infected government has pushed Pakistan very close to the verge of complete disaster. As such the embattled rulers have no right to claiming unearned pride. A fake delivery is a disservice and the substandard governance is based on dishonesty and incapacitation. The 2008 elections were neither fair nor were they impartial, because a number of irregularities in voters’ list did occur. Such constitutional violation is severe enough to invalidate the results. Ironically, the regime’s addiction to power is meaningless, hence irritating.
Furthermore, the tailored democracy has damaged the system beyond repair. So far the notion “democracy is the best revenge,” has proved to be nothing other than a political ploy.

Quite expectedly, the political temperature is rising up, and the mudslinging has already gotten ugly. The present government has to rely on the politics of reconciliation to continue misleading the nation for the entire tenure despite its negative contribution. However, the government remains “the principal accused” of the contagious corruption & the related governance retardation.
The troubled Railway & PIA and the electricity suppliers including WAPDA and PEPCO are among some of the examples of its failure.

In addition to the current rulers (power addicted vampires), other ‘political eagles’ are already muscling up to hunt for the vulnerable public and national resources. Indeed, that’s a source of further frustration to the general public living below poverty line. The poor people are left helpless suffering from extended hours of electricity deprivation; and are even devoid of basic necessities of life on account of the incompetent government.

Despite PM Gilani’s constitutional empowerment, Zardari is still in the driving seat - busy manuvering/begging for more and more partners. His “unnatural love affair” with the coalition partners means no more agendas based on party’s ideology. Now the commercialists, the feudal lords, the capitalists, the right wingers or the left wingers all are more than welcome on board indiscriminately - enabling the regime to battle the official opposition in the parliament. GREAT!

Oops! Wait a minute – don’t forget the favourite ministries were distributed among the joining partners as bait, of course. Though, the love affair is well insulated for the time being, it remains fragile as Altaf bhai knows exactly well how and when to screw up the rulers.

Politics of reconciliation usually ruins nation’s economy, as the constitutional requirement of check and balance is greatly compromised. In other words, a strong opposition is a guarantee that the political party in power is accountable to the parliament in session.

Unsurprisingly, the ground reality still remains that Pakistan consists of a corrupt society, where people have no choice other than living in an obsolete system. The people, at all levels, are only familiar with a corrupt environment around them. Naturally, they look for the short cuts to get things done and they know for sure about the easy way out to stay off the hook.

Furthermore, the breaking news every few hours on Pak channels is now a norm; thus the audience remain un-responsive. Certainly, the public prefers to ignore the boring stories probably because of their depressing factor.

And now, with the political activity gearing up, the mudslinging is already gone ugly. Moreover, the fresh round of debates among the politicians is already under way. Interestingly enough, political rhetoric by each party is bound to get nastier. With some exception, almost all political parties are trying to impress the public with their misleading Resume/CVs – along with false claims. Thank God, the naive general public is somewhat politically aware now, so the political wrangling definitely remains a tough sell for the political leadership with questionable past record – of no integrity.

The status quo of red tape is the product of poor governance. Even for the genuine matters of daily routine, unlawful gratification is the key for faster facilitation (jumping the queue).

Although, the magic of capitalism has forced the whole world to bend over backward intensifying the financial strain, yet with some appropriate corrective measures quite a few nations have been able to withstand the global crisis.

Most probably, no prosperous progress can be expected from a chaotic Pakistan, where anarchy or rhetoric politicking is on the rise. An ongoing prolonged hours load shedding has crushed the national industries leading to unemployment, lower exports, lower foreign exchange, expensive items of basic necessities of life and less tax collection. Poor governance prepares a breeding ground - ripe for corruption-- from top to bottom. Pathetic!
The uncontrolled power theft is also adding to the misery. Shortage of natural gas, CNG and petrol all are negatively contributing factors. Sadly, the defiant rulers and the incompetent functionaries are unable to appreciate and follow the Law and Constitution as required.

In this tug o war, main players are already on the front line in anticipation of the upcoming general elections in 2013.
As Pakistan has been facing serious challenges for quite a while, there is no time left for political intrigues. In fact, there is an urgent need for a massive common action in search of a positive change to find a flawless political system via re-structuring to defuse the messy condition.

Message is clear: Just be Pakistani! Language and ethnicity card is too dangerous and embarrassing if used for political gains.

A quicker reversal of the ongoing “negative momentum” is absolutely necessary so that a capable political leadership is in place before it’s too late. Historically, such situation gets worse before it gets better to settle the dust for a positive change. Certainly, Pakistan’s woes are far from over unless and until the whole society comes on a single page with heart and soul.


sunny said...

Mr Tariq your post is really fasinating and contains lots of info.well done

Daniyal Arain said...

I don't know why I've started hating each and every Political leader after the recent Riots in which the rioters burnt a few WAPDA's offices. I mean - the Political leaders like Shehbaz Shareef and Nawaz Shareef weer using it for their good. Supporting the rioters?

Instead of doing anything better they are just concerned of their own seats - None of them cares for us - Everyone cares for their Power - Money and sadly that delusional Respect.

And Zardari is like the Bull Dog - That has the Upper Hand from all the other Dogs.

That's how it is going as I'm seeing and like you said "Power addicted Vampires".

And while we're not even over with out ow problems - America Comes in.
I don't know if it true or lie but Today I saw a news that an American Drone Attack killed more than 10 people. They Come in Our Land Kill Our People and Our Government is like "Everything Went As Expected".

Well at least now People of Pakistan know that getting out on the roads can get their demands accepted. May be burn a few things.


well...while reading all this here i was feeling like its all about India....more or less its same condition as far as governance is concerned, perhaps the bread of these politicians is same both side....

Pari said...

My personal experience:
A pious looking bearded mature employee asked for a huge amount of cash just to complete my genuine land transfer deed and I made the payment.
Corruption eradication must start from the top brass coming to the grass root.
Will it ever happen? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

very true analysis.

TheBluntBlogger said...

Irfan ji summarised it well! This is exactly how sad the state of India is...

Bharatiraja(another blogger) had written a poem on minority and majority and your statement "democracy is the best revenge" aligns with it..Politicians play mind games with innocent people, they show the colorful picture but in the end, it all about their power games!!

Your research on the subject is remarkable Tariq ji...

alam K said...

I agree with the posted article on political trust deficit as well as comments on it.


What's wrong with that part of the world?

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tariq Mian said...

Thank you for coming over ahead of other friends. Your feedback is appreciated.

Tariq Mian said...

@Daniyal Arain
You have a good heart for Pakistan.
I do understand your pain.
A peaceful rallying around may convince the ruling elite to surrender and let the country progress on its natural flow.

STRANGER said...

Dear Tariq Sahib,

While reading this post, I thought you are talking about India. Frankly speaking, the condition of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Afganistan are same. I wonder why none of us blame increasing population for all this ?

Imagine a Dinner is hosted for 100 people and suddenly 300 flock in. This is the situation with our Government; they can neither tell us the truth (fearing losing popularity) nor take stern action to control population. Government is unable to meet the daily need of growing population.

Under the circumstance, they are left with only one option; FOOL THE PEOPLE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.







Nasnin Nasser said...

To a limit it reflects the state of India too...what a brilliant way of putting together your views...the analysis has a clarity that can hold tight one who's less interested in these so impressed! Keep going! I am finding a treasure of information here:-)

Tariq Mian said...

@ Irfanuddin sahib:------
India is an established democracy and corruption is an added negative feature.
At least, there is no political terrorism of political mafia or a qabza group.

tariqmian said...

Thanks PARI for your comment.

Tariq Mian said...

@STRNGER:-----------To some extent, overpopulation is the factor. And, population control (family planning) is the remedy.
Let's not forget, our Creator is “God Almighty” who puts soul in the human body in mother’s womb, thus enabling the newly born to breath and live a life.
Making babies is a natural phenomenon.
Abortion amounts to Killing, while wasting your healthy sperm is sinful, because it's God gifted—not meant for wasting.
If there is a method of population control within morality parameters – certainly, go ahead to implement "stop population” campaign.
Tough Remedy: The men (as consumers) should sacrifice by resisting their lust for cohabitation in order to stop populating for some years.
All women can't be blamed, because most of them are used as commodity.
Note: There is no bar on such control in my religion, as long as, God gifted power of resisting such urge is exercised without harming any living being including a withdrawal method. Nevertheless, think twice before wasting the gifted liquid.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@ NASNIN NASSER:-------I am grateful for your feedback.
You are more than welcome to contribute to my blog through healthy criticism.
See U around!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

Thank you for your visits to my Blogs and for following them.
I apologise for my lack of visits to your Blog page, due to a severe lack of personal time, after a computer mishap. I prefer to give quality time, to read Blog contents and then comment.
Your articles are hugely interesting and provide a good up to date, starting point for someone like myself, who is not in daily touch with the political and economic positions of Pakistan.
I will endeavour to return frequently, as time allows.


Ashraf Multani said...

Shareef brothers did their rally on 28th Oct. 2011 attracting a huge crowd.
Now, let see how much crowd would PTI attract on Sunday. PPP and MQM are already struggling alongwith QATIL LEAGUE to repulse the situation created by the nawaz rally.

Tariq Mian said...

Thank you EILEEN T O'Neill for visitation. I feel honoured to have you here.
Will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Prettylicious said...

I loved the way you so conveniently wove your thoughts,transforming them into such a beautiful,and thought-provoking,post. Please keep posting,we desperately need citizens like you (=

P.S:I`m so sorry about my blog!:$ I hope you visit again. I had a power failure and so they didn`t change my text to white from black :$

Anonymous said...

sorry for being late due to work load im,not active even on my blog :) read your whole post although its very wide post but base on bitter realities
by keeping in view current situation of Pakistan, it looks like there is a war being fought in Pakistan. Everyone talks about expensive electricity, food & living style, but there are only a few people who raise voice, and extremists poison their mind and affecting the base of the country. As a result, there is only loss. No matter who is our political leader no one talks about the welfare of country, but they just wave their party flag and raise slogans and criticize on others. This thing will continue.

Mishi said...

huq ha! tariq sab ap nay tou dil he dhukha dia! these are the things that we face or read about on daily basis..specially the Railways and PIA..hud he ho gaie ub tou! sometimes I really wonder wot is it thats making this country survive! I mean it dznt make sense na..every single department and govt institute is corrupt and with hollow roots...The establishment , Politicians, govt.opposition , army and now media! its all messed up/...and then this crazy race of becoming THE ONLY PURE ONE in the crowd of most corrupt ones..people are fed up now..if i tell you..enough is enough..we dont see any hope...the only hope is Imran khan for some people..
but then he is not a mature politician will take him some time and a lot of energy to find the right people to team up..;until now..tehrek e insaf is nothing but a ONE MAN SHOW! I like some of his points and I have plans to vote him then where is his team!!? khair things are getting really messy here..all we do is wish and work both to turn it into our favor..GOD bless AND SAVE PAKISTAN..ameen

tariq said...

@Ashraf Multani ----------
people are fed up with the current federal regime and specially SHIP CAPTAIN ZARDARI who is hell bent to send the country and its citizens to the sea bed for perpetual sleep.

People are fed up with all provincial govrnments too.

A fresh breed of good politicians is the last hope.

tariq said...

@Prettylicious ***************
I loved the way you commented on the ongoing problem.
Thanks very much for the feedback.

tariq said...

Ayesha bilal ___________

thanx for going through the whole post despite its length and width.
Your valuable comments are on record.
See you aroud.

Tariq Mian said...

Hello Eileen T O'Neill ********** I really appreciate your remarks. Sorry about the computer mishap.

I do honour your preference to give quality time, to read my Blog contents and then comment.

Please stay around to encourage me; it helps improve quailty indeed.

Ihanks again Eileen!

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tariq Mian said...

Diagnose kertay kertay dil tou dhukhana hee perta hai. Accept my apology.
I agree with your choice of an inexperienced “one man show” thing, but you don’t any better choice, do you?
Mishi thank you for stopping by and commenting consciously.

STRANGER said...

Dear Tariq Sahib,

You write in a very convincing manner, I am extremely impressed. These few lines touched me:-

"Tough Remedy: The men (as consumers) should sacrifice by resisting their lust for cohabitation in order to stop populating for some years."

I never favour abortion, something which is natural, is natural. I diverted subject to a different route. This post of yours is eye-opener, surely something concrete action is required. I wish all Pakistanis and Indians read this blog regularly.

Best wishes, getting ready for "Bakrid" ?

Tariq said...

TO MISHI:---------------------Diagnose kertay kertay dil tou dhukhana hee perta hai. Accept my apology.
I agree with your choice of an inexperienced “one man show” thing, but you don’t any better choice, do you?
Mishi thank you for stopping by and commenting consciously.

tariq mian said...

TO STRANGER DEAR:------------Thanks for your best wishes about "Bakrid."

I loved the way you encouraged me.
Nevertheless, healthy criticism is always welcome here.

See you around my dear friend.

Thinking said...

hmmm....Tariq Mian said all...and said well too....

I liked rather really fascinated by the this: Just be Pakistani!

Do we really want to be just PAKISTANI....? I don't those are captured who does not get the chance to run away....and those who have the chance...does not reconsider... in Pakistan is getting tougher the end....I am hopeful that it will work out for the best...somehow...if that;s what Allah wants...

Ofcourse...we need to work together...but again the question lingers...Do we really want to be JUST Pakistani?

hmmm....a very

TARIQ MIAN said...

Mohterma THINKING sahiba:
You sensed it all.

In fact, Pakistan is fortunate to have people like you.

Let's hope, the dream comes true at the earliest.
And, everyone comes out to elect the most deserving "candidates with integrity" without any fear of reprisal from the pressure groups of the corrupt elite.

According to my favourite Mr. Justice Ramdey, all people must help the justice to prevail.

Let's go for an environment of justice.

kimberly said...

The post was interesting, and thanks for the follow

Tariq Mian said...

Thanks for abrupt response.

maqbool said...

imran sab ney tay kamal ker dittee aiy. dil bagh bagh ho gia
lakh sey ziadah log rally pey aey

Daanish said...

nice post Tariq.

most people in our part of world think positive and want a change.

Sadly people in power don't read our blogs.They have different priorities,they groom their children to rule.They live,study,get treatment,bank accounts in foreign countries.

Shame on us selecting those to rule,sometimes I belive that we deserve them.

Lets start one person at a time,starting with yourself and myself.Follow traffic rules and focus to improve our traffic,I belive doing this will create discipline in whole nation.Then we will see miracle of prosperity,

dora said...


Tariq Mian said...

Yes Daanish! miracle of prosperity will come when the whole nation becomes self desciplined first in order to be on a single page in the best interest of the country.

Tariq Mian said...

Thank you DORA

aaleen shafaat said...

have you noticed lately that most of the pakistanis home and abroad have changed their display pictures to a picture of imran khan:)

tariqmian said...

@Aaleen Shafaat:
You are right.
Especially the youth are his supporters home or abroad; and see him as an Ideal.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks wishes 2 u 2 and yr near ones..cheeers

Anonymous said...

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azam said...

time for change is now

Pari said...

There is always light at the end of tunnel. Pakistan will prevail.

Anonymous said...

alintzaar o ashaddo minalmaut


all depends upon the fair and impartial general election----------------------the difficulty is the vedaras and influential crooks---------GOD BE WITH AWAAM UN NAAS

Tariq Mian said...

@ all for recent comments:
Thank u for reading/not reading the post and leaving a word, a sentence or a paragraph to put some extra light over the issue.
Thanks again for your suggestion and patience.

ireminisces said...

I have a message over at ireminisces for you all, my latest bloglet "Sunnats Of Eid Ul Adha" feel free to comment and follow

Sultan Saeed said...

Wow, honestly speaking the contents are very true and really it's the reflection of our own face in the mirror. Your efforts to highlight the current affairs is praise worthy. Your articles are a solid source of first hand information of Pak affairs sitting on the other end of the world. Keep it up Tariq saheb

Eid greetings to you and your loved ones.

Sincerely and best regards
Sultan Saeed

Tariq Mian said...

Thank you for your encouraging remarks.

avecwings said...

Wonderful analysis...true..! ys we need to b on the same page to think clear n straight to go thro this mess n cum out successful...

etnicity n all kinds of dividing tools have to b brushed aside..!!!

enjoyed it...!!!

Usman (LHR) said...

avecwings's opinion about this post is very accurate.
Analysis is giving the true picture of the ongoing reality. Only the unanimous national approach can reverse the negative state the country is in.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I don't know if you know about the Occupy Wall Street thing happening here in the States right now, but sounds like you all have a lot to complain about. Our government is crooked and in collusion with big business to prevent fair competition, there is not doubt in my mind, but yours really sounds like it necessitates a revolt.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Great Analysis.
I totally agree with Daniyal Arain.

Anonymous said...

have you noticed lately that most of the pakistanis home and abroad have changed their display pictures to a picture of imran khan:)

tariq mian said...

@ Anonymous
@ aaleen shafaat
You guys have raised very good point here.
Yes, it's love for change.
Changing display pictures indicates an extreme love for a positive change in the stinking system of governance.
People want food on their table.
People can't take it anymore, as the gap between rich and the poor is widening. So a brand new blood in the politics can come up with some good recipe of anti disaster.

tariq said...

thanx for your awaited tour of my page. I feel honoured.

Tariq Mian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tariq Mian said...

@ Elliot MacLeod-Michael:
Wall Street scenario is really bad.
It's our own fault, as we don't go to elction booth; rather prefer to exercise silence. The result the wrong representatives holding positions of authority to decide about our fate regardless of Pakistan or US or any other country.
General public almost all over the world is in the same boat of suffering at the hands of mismanagers/the ruling elite.

Economic turmoil or political mishap, are all interlinked.

Thanks a lot for ELLIOT for your visit.

Dave King said...

You come across as tough and resilient. A convincing write.

Windsmoke. said...

Very well written with a vast amount of detail and facts :-).

Tariq Mian said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Tariq Mian said...


Thanks for the encouragement.

Windsmoke. said...

Wandered over to say thank you for your comment and i've signed up to follow your blog :-).

Shreya said...

Nice write up :)


realy superb analysis. Agreed with ur each word. Ur post is realy a great source of curent afairs.

tariq mian said...

Maria Almas,

I am grateful for your remarks.


Thanks a lot for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Negative news - Syria's 'mutilation mystery' increases...


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