Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Safe Exit Not A Bad Option

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Issuance of detailed verdict on the (national reconciliation ordinance) NRO review petition and the re-emerging issue of Zardari’s money laundering cases pending in the Swiss courts have been troubling Mr. zardari.
Nevertheless, he remains an accused of money laundering, yet that has lately been identified as an international offence. It is not considered serious enough of an offence to prosecute a head of state in a foreign court, especially while the president is still in power. Thus, he continues to enjoy protection from criminal prosecution in customary international law under the principle of "Head of State Immunity abroad " during his tenure as President of Pakistan.
But his troubles don’t stop here, as May 2nd incidence, strong wave of public anger directed at him - chanting “Go Zardari Go, and other political rhetorics” have put really deep dents in his strength despite his being a man of strong nerves.

The bundle of serious legal issues including the rejected NRO review petition, issuance of subpoena in memogate scandal to the top military brass to appear/file evidence before the apex court on Dec 16, have given a lot of stress to Pres Zardari lately.
And, the embattled president decided to address the joint session of Parliament to clear the air and prove his innocence.
Yet, all of a sudden, the President, under severe mental pressure, suffered a mild heart attack/stroke and an anxiety attack. So instead of stepping down and instantly losing legal immunity as head of state - becoming more vulnerable to face the long-standing corruption charges against him in Pakistan, it was his wise decision at the right time to seek further medical treatment and be safer abroad at the same time for the time being till the dust settles down in his favour.

While the general perception about the vanishing boss still remains that he has been facilitated with the safe exit. Whether he is returning shortly or never is too early to figure out. According to his party he hasn’t left to avoid possible impeachment or any other legal cases against him.
It’s understandable, article 6 of the constitution has never been invoked in Pakistan against coup makers/ usurpers, yet a criminal trial against civil leadership under article 6 is scary one indeed. Legal proceedings on December 16 or afterwards would actually bring to light all evidence regarding the ignited memo scandal. Of course, the accused is innocent till proven guilty. Till then the boss is immune too.

Since 2009, the SC has tried everything very patiently to get the federal government to implement the NRO judgement by writing to the Swiss government and asking them to restart the cases against the president. However, in view of the ongoing defiance of apex court verdicts by the federal executive for so long, the chief justice of Pakistan under article 190 is authorised to order the armed forces to execute the enforcement of all judicial verdicts so far defied/neglected by the government.

Constitutionally, the president is supposed to be non partisan, but Zardari has been ridiculously promoting his own political party (PPP) and keeping a dual office in clear violation of the rules.

Also, President has to be medically fit including mental fitness. In fact, Zardari absented himself from appearing in Swiss court by producing a medical certificate showing his condition of depression and dementia at the time.
As such, he has been elected as president in violation of the constitution which renders his immunity void ab initio. The incompetent Zardari regime delivered nothing but nonsense of instability and insecurity to the people and the institutions and tarnished the image of Pakistan.

Look who is talking?
A sudden emergence of his son in the political arena is quite thought provoking. Twenty three year old kid - fresh from school has started presiding over the Meeting of senior party leaders. Vow!
It appears Bilawal has finally entered practical politics to pick up from where his dad left off.
The dynastic babe is now presiding over a major political force when he is as much a travesty of democracy as any draconian dictatorship. Amazingly, the members of parliament and other senior party members behave like courtiers in front of him (a product of the unverified will).
Isn’t it a clear cut mockery of democracy? Even if the WILL was genuine one, there wouldn’t be room for dynastic politics in the modern day political environment as everybody is equal and just the merit should matter.

Moreover, eye brows were raised as Zardari wished to take Mr. Haqani along to Dubai despite his (Haqani’s) name on the exit control list.

Sadly, the general public have been deceived by their leaders time and again during the last sixty four years. Many people continue  looking for the children of the ruling elite as potential leaders of the future.
This mindset simply defies all logic.
Dynastic politics has to end now. Cashing in on dead ones is cheating the naive public in search of a soft corner. A political hypocrisy through Bilawal Zardari is aimed at maintaining the status quo.

Only a competent leadership from amongst the ordinary people would be in the best interest of Pakistan.
Dec 16, 2011
Getting ugly:
Zardari hasn't yet filed his reply in the apex court as required.
In view of President's personal condition, Constitutionally, the Supreme court of Pakistan can order a formation of Medical Board to assess the mental and medical fitness of  Zardari sahib and confirm if the president as the supreme commander is healthy and alert enough to look after 180 million Pakistanis and protect the interests of the country.
"If article 47(1) of the constitution is invoked, I won't accept it because I am  healthy," says Zardari.

Dec 19, 2011
Back to Square one 

 Billionaire Zardari is a dual beneficiary of his immunity from (a) having bi-polar disorder and cardio-vascular disorder (b) being as head of the State. 
The frustrated Pakistanis feel Zardari's holding on to the position of co-chairmanship and the Presidency at the same time in violation of the constitution makes him a national headache of the century who has wasted precious four years without delivering. His democracy is really taking revenge through bringing the country almost towards total collapse.


R. Ramesh said...

tariq bhaiya...Only a competent leadership from amongst the ordinary people would be in the best interest of Pakistan.i agree with u dear..in fact the world needs a statesman now..leaders r getting greedy and a problem to society

tariq mian said...

We have to generate greedless breed of leadership all around the globe. Justice and fairness is the key for global prosperity.

Anonymous said...

maryam nawaz or bilawal bhutto- does it make sense? no way sir!
people are waking up now.

Pari said...

dynastic politics is thing of the past. now is time for equal opportunity.
but the main problem is elimination of middle class due to capitalistic economy.
true leadership must emerge from amonst the ordinary class of people to deal with economic hardships of the poor/middle class.

Windsmoke. said...

It seems Mr. Zardari needs to be brought to justice as it is obvious to me he is hiding something and frightened he will be found guilty. I reckon a new election should be held so the people of Pakistan can elect a new leader and move away from this appalling situation :-).

tariq mian said...

Oh yeah you are right.

tariq said...

Yes PARI you have strong argument.

tariq mian said...

Thanks for your logical comments.

Anonymous said...

well written article. the change will only come if the people unit agaqinst the "status quo"

Anonymous said...

well written article. the change will only come if the people unite agaqinst the "status quo"

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Dear Tariq Mian,

It has been my long-standing contention that the political leadership in Pakistan cannot improve until the intelligentsia changes its attitude first.

This change has to begin by the intellectual community first realizing that Pakistan is different from all other countries of the world, and then become willing to achieve an "intellectual unity".

Dave King said...

I am not au fait with all of this, but so far as I understand it, it's an impressive post. (I'm impressed, anyway!)

Nasnin Nasser said...

"status quo" is the worst tardiness by which people are tainting the society and prosperity consciously or unconsciously! Very impressive and the crisis well analysed article!

tariq said...

Yes! of course "UNITY IS STRENGTH"

tariq said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tariqmian said...

Dear Khurram Ali Shafique sb,
A renovation of the tarnished country is desperately needed indeed.
Intellectuals who follow the philosophy of Hakeem ul ummat Sir Iqbal can certainly change the attitude of the youth to bring back the individuality of Pakistan-the very basis of its birth-the IDEALOGY.

tariq mian said...

@Dave King:
thanks for your comment.

tariqmian said...

@Nasnin Nasser:
"status quo" is not sustainable.
Thanks for your time spent in going through the post.

Daanish said...

I agree,there is no room for sons and daughters of career politicians in our country.

Political parties must follow democratic rules.

News is that Bilawal is going to run from Lyari,a height of hypocrisy:

what Lyari got by supporting PPP.
always poor,always neglected,always sacrificing.

People have to wake up,let defeat these political dynasties.They are draining best of us.

God save us.

Anonymous said...

excellent, that's what we need from any good writer.
M Azrab Khan

tariq said...

Thank you Dr. Daanish for your true opinion.

Thank you Dr. Azrab for your encouraging feedback

Prime Aque said...

I am here to say that you have a very interesting blog my friend! You have the unique interest for choosing niche like this. For my first time here I feel welcomed! More power to you :)

tariq mian said...

Dec 16, 2011 update:
Getting ugly: Zardari hasn't yet filed his reply in the apex court as required.
In view of President's personal condition, Constitutionally, the Supreme court of Pakistan can order a formation of Medical Board to assess the mental and medical fitness of Zardari sahib and confirm if the president as the supreme commander is healthy and alert enough to look after 180 million Pakistanis and protect the interests of the country.

tariq said...

@Prime Aque
Thank you sir for reading the post and leaving encouraging feedback.

Anonymous said...

hi just registered ,, tina

Alka Gurha said...

Good to read such an informative post...We have similar issues...you have Bilawal and we have Rahul...The Crown Prince.
Both nations need able and visionary leadership...

Irfanuddin said...

Tariq Bhai...

After all this recent happenings i have feeling that once again there is a threat to the democratic process in Pakistan and now it is the responsibility of the civilian political leadership to deal with those threats effectively....but after three years in office plagued by misrule and allegations of corruption i don't see any reason at the moment that President Zardari or his government going to complete its full term.

Jean said...

thank you for sharing about the strength of ordinary citizens!

tariq mian said...

@Alka Gurha:
Than you for visiting.Yes! you are right: Visionary Leadership is the only way to go.

tariq mian said...

Irfan bhai --welcome back!
I am of the view that civilian government does not represent true democracy as most of the elected parliamentarians are either dakoos or fuedals who can easily manipulate the scared/uneducated rural population.

Real threat is from corruption of the hypocratic elite and the sick mindset of the electoral college (constituents.
Let's spread the word for political awakening.

tariq said...


yhanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tariq mian said...

Mr Zardari is back; but faces a lot of legal challenges.

Anonymous said...

What about his safe entry?
Safe exit was better or safe return?- time only will tell.

Muhammad Israr said...

well... its sub topi drama...otherwise the man himself had claimed in a UK court that he is mentally not stable...so how can he be a president? i mean constitutionally? but then what to expect from the army of babar awans and rehman maliks led by zardari...and the funniest thing of the century..the empire of paksitan will be ruled by the 23 year old prince bilawal!!! and all the shameless senior workers of ppp campaigning for him...pathetic...

tariq said...

Let's see--------now.

tarqimian said...

@Muhammad Israr:
You said it all just in one paragraph.
Thank you so much for your conclusion.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


I find myself returning to your Blog with a keen interest. You have a very timely insight into the latest happenings and all presented in a no-nonsense way...
It is interesting indeed that there is a growing tendancy, 'To start them young,' in order to continue with the 'attachment' of a member of a dynasty, to the role of power, no matter how young and inexperienced, just for the sake of it!


Feel Islam said...

Assalamualykkum Bro,

Well written article! It is so pathetic that our leaders are running behind money and spoiling the so called people who elected them. People are growing greedy everyday, dragging poor even poorer and rich even richer.

How sad is that when it happens in so called islamic countries. By doing such dirty politics these dirty politicians are spoiling the greatest ideology of Prophet (SAW) who did not have even a mattress to sleep on, though he could have slept in a mattress made up of gold and diamond!! They are laughing at the golden ways of Umar Khatab (RA), who lived the simple life a ruler can ever do!

May Allah save us.

Jazaka Allahu Khairan,
Feel Islam
Our Facebook Page

R. Ramesh said...

hi boss:)

tariq said...

Hi Ramesh!
I appreciate your friendly visits to my blog.
See you around for healthy/constructive criticism.

tariq mian said...

@ FEEL ISLAM: Hypocrisy has actually taken over; everyone from top to bottom is greedily involved in accumulating wealth through unfair means.
Despite the light of the Quran and Sunnah, such a nonsense is a clear cut mockery of the beautiful DEEN(a complete code of life).

Jazalk Allah Khairan!

tariq mian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tariq mian said...

Eileen Dear!

Democracy is the independent will of the people.
Using force/terror/illegal influence or through buying the voters with "cash or kind" actually negates the norms of democratic order.
Pakistan is going through "fuedal lord mania" FUEDAL MAFIA-- which is mainly resposible for unfairness.

Thanks for your compimenting ideas on this web page.

Syed Ali Hamid said...

Yes, a leadership that emerges from the grassroots is best for any nation, as such persons understand the pulse of the people; but such leaders should also have vision.

Palomasea said...

Hello Tariq,

I agree with your sentiment of justice and fairness...may there be peace in our world.
I appreciate your visit and your very kind comments...thank you.
Wishing you a very nice weekend.
- Irina

Mishi said...

hello Tariq sab,,,
I know em very late here..But I will still quote my valuable opinion here:p
well now that the president is back again..the flood of conspiracies has slowed down tho there are still people that are of the view that the presidnt will leave shortly after 27th decmber..you have anylzed it so well that I dont hve much to say except that NO , THIS IS THE TIME WHEN THIS khandani Politics has to stop..May be my father voted for N leauge in the past but I am in no way going to vote Merrium Nawaz..same goes with the people who have supported PPP in the past..enough is enough..this is the time when we realize that this has to stop..as I wrote on your page earlier someday.that we lose our right to criticize the govt if we have voted them..what irritates em the most is the way the things are going on these days..I respect the Army for many reasons..but then dont you think this is the high time for them to maintain a safe distance from The other pillers of the state..let the Bloody civilians handle it on their own..their interfrnce should only be to certain extent..anyways Lets hope it goes well..em really eager to see what happens the day ,zardari loses his Presidntial protection against NRO judgment:p

Anonymous said...

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Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Great post as usual. Merry Christmas my man.

Qamar Zaman Bhatti said...

Mr. president is a real bad protagonist for people of Pakistan.I pray to Allah Almighty to release Pakistan form the clutches of lies that our politicians make be-fooling public of Pakistan...........

Qamar Zaman Bhatti said...

Mr. president is a real bad protagonist for people of Pakistan.I pray to Allah Almighty to release Pakistan form the clutches of lies that our politicians make be-fooling public of Pakistan...........


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