Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Take Lesson From The Past

Perusing history is one of the best ways to greatly improve the society, yet many people happen to be too inconsiderate to take critical look at the historical facts. Sadly, the tendency of not learning from the past usually leads to believing false or biased information; thus the misinformation continues to mislead the world at large.
Following is the brief history of two struggles – one political with some degree of civility, while the other one was bloody mutiny illegally supported by the neighbour’s military aggression.
Indeed, the comparison between “the advantages of Peaceful Struggle” for separation of Quebec from the federation of Canada and “the drawbacks of Armed Struggle” to chop off the eastern wing of Pakistan would make some sense in terms of crucial lessons for the generations to come:

The Bloc Québécois (BQ) a federal political party and Parti Québécois (provincial) are together for provincial sovereignty. They frequently share political candidates and support each other during election campaigns sharing the same voter base.
Racism and the language card is used along with many other issues just for attaining sovereignty of Quebec. But the federation and the rest of Canada keep on trying to make Quebecers feel comfortable. Encouragingly, most of the younger Anglophones are bilingual and they love Quebec as much as any other Francophone does.
A few years back, former Prime Minister Mr. Jean Chretien convinced Mr. Jean Charest of Progressive Conservative party to switch his loyalty from the weaker party to stronger provincial liberals as leader - in the best interest of Canadian unity against the looming break up. This worked miraculously well enough to get referendum results in favour of united Canada.
Moreover, during the last federal elections, the late NDP leader Jack Layton made the youth realise that the “separation stance,” the “political dinosaurs” kept on preaching - was nothing but a recipe for disaster. Here Jack Layton’s main message was positive and geared at the middle class, workers and women, to encourage reconciliation with Quebec within Canada, 43 % NDP support sends another message to the PQ. Around 71% of Quebecers don’t want another referendum now.
Hopefully, Premier Jean Charest (lib) will tour the province as promised in the coming days to explain to Quebecers that the province’s future lies with the minerals and natural resources of its vast northern reaches – and China’s apparently insatiable need for them.
All of this proves that a right communication and friendly atmosphere defeated the separatists from getting independence despite the powerful push from the external forces to seperate Quebec from Canada.

Language card, racism and some other issues were the motivating factors for east-west tensions which could have been resolved on the table. The Bengali Muslims felt left out, because Urdu had been declared as national official language.
In fact, loss of East Pakistan was the result of central government’s mishandling of the fragile situation in the eastern province and the external forces were fanning the dispute.
Furthermore, wrong timing for the national elections and military action were all non sense. Clearly, it was a golden opportunity for the prejudiced Hindu mind to aggravate the situation and disintegrate Pakistan.

General Mankeshaw claimed in his book that he had recruited 80,000 Hindus to create the Mukti Bahni. These terrorists were dressed up in Pakistan Army uniform and raped and pillage Pakistani Bengalis. They also were dressed up as civilians carrying out acts of sabotage against the Pak military and the government.

Moreover, Sheikh Hasina Mujib’s confession as below sheds new light on the events of March 23, 1971, because it proves that the Agartala Conspiracy was a real one sponsored by India against Pakistan and that the then President of Pakistan Ayub Khan had rightly described Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman as a traitor.
Hasina's Confession: “After breaking up Pakistan and declaring independence thanks to direct Indian military intervention, the Indian-backed “Mujib regime” killed more than 30 thousand Pakistani Bengali patriots who opposed Indian takeover.  Mr. Mujib’s first actions were to surrender the natural resources of Bangladesh to India. This includes water. These actions by the pro-Indian regime caused the man-made famine of 1974, in which three to five hundred thousand people perished, according to reports.”
Here Mujeeb’s daughter clearly admits her father was a traitor. She says Indians helped him raise an Indian-backed terror militia that raped and plundered in order to malign Pakistan Army.
As per Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report, the incompetence, moral degeneration and political conspiracies were the major factors for the 1971 fiasco. It was maintained in the report that the humiliating defeat suffered was not a result of military factors alone, but had been brought about as the cumulative consequence of immature political handling since 1947.

Too late, a majority of Muslim Bangladeshis woke up and came to senses when the discrimination of Muslims in West-Bengal and the imposing attitude of New Delhi were heartbreaking; they are still repenting why they took part in the partition of the largest Islamic country in the world. Now they have to either accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
Currently, both the BLA (Baluchistan liberation army) and the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) are believed to have been externally created to carry out sabotage activities internally within Pakistan and Baluchistan; is a repetition of the same unholy practice to completely wipe out Pakistan from the map.
Ironically, Baluchistan has been supplying natural gas to the rest of Pakistan, but its own people remained deprived of this facility due to faulty policies of successive regimes. Targeted killings, sectarian violence and abductions have become common, yet the rulers are busy cashing in on the dead ones, merry making & partying; but are getting ready to pack up and disappear with the loot.

Too little too late, Pakistanis have started drawing comparison between Balochistan and the erstwhile East Pakistan. Fortunately, highly secured and safe Pakistani nukes are deterrent against any foreign aggression in future.
It seems as if desire of “Quebec Desh” remains on the back burner as long as there is no other referendum, however, “Bangla Desh” surely is a bitter reality.
Racism feeds suspicion and hatred, but communication would feed understanding and trust. Pakistan’s policymakers are right in demanding a mindset change in New Delhi for peace to prevail.

Mindset of racism and discrimination against creed, colour or language needs to be psychologically corrected.
The best forum to settle/address the national issues is through negotiation and not militancy. A competitive regime, sovereign parliament, independent election commission and an independent judiciary will help rid the country of all crises on a fast track.
“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it  rightly.” 
Understanding and respecting is a good basis for unity and strength for the country.


Usama Rehman said...

Nicely presented Facts and a good analysis.
However just to point out that at times when we analyze history in the hindsight we then come to realise that what could have happened or what could have been done. Its quite hurting but this is how the relationship of present and past exists.

You are right that Balochistan is just on the fence, but I believe and have faith that this wont happen so easily as its not 1971, its 2011 where media is free, international actors have great reconciliatory role, and awareness and understanding do exists in the presence of free and fair judicial system headed by Ch. Iftikhar...and sane politics is rising.

May Allah bless Us, Aameen.

Jameel Khan said...

Only negotiated settlement is the way forward.
Gone are days of bullying--thanks to IT advancement.

Pari said...

March 23rd is the day when the political tsunami of IK for eradicating the bad ones would hit Quetta.

Anonymous said...

misinformation is misleading, so people should go through the past for good analysis.

Thinking said...

hmm...I wish...I...as a faithful Pakistani can do something about these ongoing mishaps...

I was invited and attended one Congress in 2009 where half of the attendance was from Baluchistan and NWFP...and all the time the youth was shouting to split Pakistan because they find no hope being a Pakistani...

I had never experienced such outrage in my life and hearing all the shouting against Pakistan...hmmm...it really made me sick and I left...the Congress...

The worst part was that when I came out of the Awan-e-Iqbal(Lahore)...I found myself in Pakistan...and I thought that how come we can be so unfaithful to our country where we are living in but not loving it...

hmmm....and I think that there are no enemy against us...

Actually...we are not faithful enough...and that's why we don't care....

hmmm...Pakistan needs FAITHFUL people...

Now I would not doubt on Imran Khan's loyalty....but does anyone...anyone...has ever asked him...IS HE FAITHFUL TO PAKISTAN?

Windsmoke. said...

I reckon there's a lot of work to be done by everybody concerned. I agree we don't learn from our mistakes of past history because there's too many people with hidden agendas which get in the way, the sooner theses are sorted out the better it will be for everyone :-).

tariq mian said...

@ Usama Rehman, Yes you are right:
Due to free media, independent judicial system under the leadership of CJP Justice Iftikhar Choudhry and the nation is becoming politically aware; is a good sign for a better future.

@Jameel Khan, Thanks for your input.

@Pari, Hopefully, Quetta rally will be a success

@ Anonymous, thanks a lot for your remarks

@ Thinking, Being faithful is of primary importance because without this factor, there is a big-time deficit of the needed sincerity and passion. The youth must study Allama’s poetry to become patriot. Pakistan needs FAITHFUL people, and time will prove if IK is what he looks.

@Windsmoke, no room for hidden agenda as there is a tough environment to stop the non sense.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Surely we have to look back at our history in order to shape our decisions in the future.

Undoubtedly, the situation of the largest province (in area) of Pakistan is very frail. Due to unequal distribution of assets, royalties and funds, and Army operations on our own people over an extended period of six decades has resulted in this.

To ensure we don't face another 1971, all our political and more importantly our military leadership should go and apologize from the Baloch people and introduce some real programs for the betterment of the common people; not just the tribal lords like Murri or Bugti.

And one more thing, please stop calling IK the last hope for Pakistan, believe me the world is not ending in 2012.

I went to IK's rally in Karachi, though I 'enjoyed' it alot, but he has disappointed many.

For instance read Haris's article;-

And one more thing, please stop calling IK the last hope for Pakistan, believe me the world is not ending in 2012.

PS:- I read your blog after months and I'm sorry for my absence. I'm student and don't have much time for reading these days :/

Sonnet of a Spirit said...

Very well written, manshallah. And indeed, you're right, we should learn from the past so history doesn't repeat itself. Kinda sucks that that isn't the way the world isn't functioning.

Do share more:D

tariq mian said...

*****Pleased to see u after so long*******
>>>>Your thoughts are praisworthy, don't worry about the biased article of Harris on thenews blog, this writer seems to be very immature one. He needs to learn and be optimistic.

TARIQ MIAN said...

@Sonnet of a Spirit: thank you very much for going through my lengthy post with patience.
You are welcome to criticise to correct me.

Jean said...

History gives us traditions..
some are holidays others are hell-days. But with knowledge that writers such as yourself who remind us of similar histories across different countries can offer perspectives that lead to deeper respect for an independent judiciary is critical for every country.

'Gratings of peace' for every season in every country for a more peaceful world.

Daanish said...

nice to read your objectivity.

I hope and pray that one day we will honour scarifices of those who made us a citizen of the most blessed country in the world.

Before that stop looking at others,this is the time to stand up for what is right.

one by one all dreams will turn into reality,ameen.

kalam said...

Bangla Desh came into being with the active assistance of Bharati mindset.

zaheer hussain said...

System always matters the most. See Canadian system saved its angry province from drifting away.
Third world must learn the benefits of the art of negotiation.

tariq mian said...

@ Jean:...
Of course, history gives us tradition and enlighten us enough to customise our future close to our dreams.
I do appreciate your remarks.
You are right: All dreams will turn into reality if we stand up for what is just.
@ kalam:
Yes Sir- of course BD was created due to the ill will of prejudiced bengali hindus with military support of India in violation of the International law.
@zaheer hussain:
good system and power of negotiation is followed by favourable result.

Palomasea said...

Thank you, Tariq..reading your posts is always so educational.
Wishing you peace and happiness in the New Year!
May there be peace on earth...
Many thanks..
- Irina

Dave King said...

It seems to me that a lot of miscalculation comes from poor analysis of the past.
The best of New Years to you.

tariq mian said...

@DAVE---thank you==you are right:
--miscalulation by the analysts is more tragic.

tariq mian said...

@Palomasea :::::
I am glad with your comment.
Please keep visiting here for your valuable input.

Anonymous said...

mischievious elements can't succeed to disintegrate Pakistan now due to nuclear deterrence and ever rising political awareness.

Zkauddin said...

Pakistan is going to emerge as an economic giant soon under the newer leadership soon.

R. Ramesh said...

baapre..serious subject..tariq bhai..wishes buddy

tariq mian said...

Ooo! you think so.
@Anonymous:Please don't under-estimate the anti Pakistan mischievious elements. I respect your views.
@Zkauddin: I admire your wish

Anonymous said...

Warning about the dangers of provincialism and sectionalism, on March 21, 1948, at a public meeting, Mr.JINNAH said: “So what is the use of saying, ‘We are Bengalis, or Sindhis, or Pathans, or Punjabis.’ No, we are Muslims. Islam has taught us this, and I think you will agree with me, that whatever else you may be and whatever you are, you are a Muslim. You belong to a nation now; you have now carved out a territory, vast territory, it is all yours; it does not belong to Punjabis or a Sindhi, or a Pathan, or a Bengali; it is your….Provincialism has been one of the curses; and so is sectionalism --- Shia, Sunni, etc…Now I ask you to get rid of this provincialism, because as long as you allow this poison to remain in the body politics of Pakistan, believe me, you will never be a strong nation, and you will never be able to achieve what I wish we could achieve.”
All the current provinces must merge into one mega province for strength.

Better governance can be done through fully empowered Divisional Commissioners.
It's even cheaper and money saving remedy.

Anonymous said...

Jinnah emphasized equal treatment and rights of minorities. On July 14, 1947, at a press conference in New Delhi, Mr. JINNAH said: “Minorities to whichever community they may belong, will be safeguarded. Their religion of faith or belief will be secure. There will be no interference of any kind with their freedom of worship. They will have their protection with regard to their religion, faith, their life, and their culture. They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste or creed.”

Anonymous said...

The Quaid always stressed the importance of unity, faith and discipline. In reply to North Western Railway Officers’ welcome address in Karachi on December 28, 1947, the Quaid said: “I have no doubt that with unity, faith and discipline we will only remain the fifth largest State in the world but will compare with any nation of the world…You must make up your mind now. We must sink individualism and petty jealousies and make up our minds to serve the people with honesty and faithfulness. We are passing through a period of fear, danger and menace. We must have faith, unity and discipline.”

Anonymous said...

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White Freedom said...

in my opinion all the bad things in this POLITICAL style has it bad effects , however we all share the same bitterness but in diffrent way .no matter how far we are , it's the same stories but in diffrent countries . it's sad they don't give a tiny look at others mistakes!


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