Monday, January 9, 2012

Poor Governance And The Mishandled Crises

President Zardari contends that the condition of state-run organizations like PIA, Railways and WAPDA have only weakened and not deteriorated. In the face of overwhelming evidence, he argues that several state-owned institutions are not just weak but collapsing under their own debt burden, shortage of fuel, power and financial resources. In reply to a question about the reopening of NRO cases, Mr Zardari said he believed it would be a “trial of the dead; it will be like trial of BB’s grave”. Indeed, this is an illogical argument just to keep him off the hook.
Surprisingly, President Zardari as head of the State continues to set an example of defying the Apex court. However, crippling of these entities clearly means-a severe blow to Pakistan’s economy to a level where dependence on foreign assistance becomes imperative.
Obviously, it’s part of a strategic plan initiated by the enemy to destabilise Pakistan. To some extent, the strategy is working as the foreign investment has already been scared away. Nevertheless, it becomes more painful, because some of the biased foreign media is always busy putting salt on the wounds to keep up the ugliness of anti-Pakistan momentum.
Usually, with the gradual erosion of manufacturing sector, the national financial health is bound to get compromised. Apparently, the presence of fiscal indiscipline invites more trouble for the “public sector enterprises” of Pakistan.
On the other hand, getting out of current sub-standard governance is surely a difficult scenario, but it’s not impossible. More worrisome is the ongoing damage to Pakistan’s image abroad; which remains one of the major challenges.
Furthermore, political insanity of the current regime including the politics of vendetta and exchange of rhetorical statements among the political parties is already going sky high and is highly thought provoking.
Diversion of Public focus and point scoring tactics: The issue of creating new provinces is being given too much unnecessary importance. The politicians have made it a habit of making issues out of non-issues in utter disregard of wishes of the late Father of Nation.
Warning about the dangers of provincialism and sectionalism, on March 21, 1948, at a public meeting, Mr. Jinnah said: “So what is the use of saying, ‘We are Bengalis, or Sindhis, or Pathans, or Punjabis.’ No, we are Muslims. Islam has taught us this, and I think you will agree with me, that whatever else you may be and whatever you are, you are a Muslim. You belong to a nation now; you have now carved out a territory, vast territory, it is all yours; it does not belong to Punjabis or a Sindhi, or a Pathan, or a Bengali; it is your….Provincialism has been one of the curses; and so is sectionalism --- Shia, Sunni, etc…Now I ask you to get rid of this provincialism, because as long as you allow this poison to remain in the body politics of Pakistan, believe me, you will never be a strong nation, and you will never be able to achieve what I wish we could achieve.”
The irony is - very recently, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani talked about creating a new baby “Seraiki province” out of Punjab, while MQM is way ahead in point scoring by suggesting new provinces including Saraiki, Hazaravi, Qabailistan, while PML N has no objection if the provinces are made on administrative basis instead of language or ethnic card.
However, PML N wants province of Bahawalpur - claiming more viable units for better administration.
Although, the idea of carving a couple of small provinces out of the large Punjab is not new, yet at this hour when the whole country is crying for resolution of other more pressing issues, the call for a Seraiki province appears to be only ‘politically motivated nonsense.’
Dreamers of new provinces must realise that the additional cost of new provinces will not be affordable. The overburdened masses are unable to fund the new provincial cabinets, chief ministers and Governors, more Secretariats, the expensive protocols, and the list is endless.
Currently, the country is facing far more serious problems of widespread hunger and shelter. The authorities fail to focus their attention on the welfare of the people. The regime is not interested in improving the condition of state-owned institutions.
Due to the mis-management, the country is already drowned in debt which is a bad news for many generations to come. It’s much economical to re-empower the Divisional Commissioners to look after the administrative matters with the help of District management under the re-delegated Deputy Commissioners.
Shamelessly, the ruling elite is busy enjoying sound sleep over the issues of the deteriorating Railways, PIA, the energy sector, the increasing unemployment and rising inflation. Addressing the issues regarding the vested interests is among the most favourites of the regime, as they can easily camouflage their failures and blunders.
After four years, what else are they waiting for to make a delivery to the satisfaction of the entire nation? It’s highly unimaginable.
Hyper-inflation, unprecedented price hike, deteriorating law and order, load shedding of electricity and natural gas, rampant corruption; increasing spread and intensity of mass poverty, joblessness; lawlessness; bad governance; sectarian violence, ethnic violence, bankrupt state enterprises; mounting debt; tense civil and military relations; defiance of the judiciary by the Executive are more than enough reasons to isolate the country from the international community.
Who to blame: A vast majority of voters becomes criminally silly when they cast their ballot without caring for merit. Resultantly, selfish and worthless candidates become parliamentarians and become part of so called democracy. How can one expect capable persons coming into parliament in this political environment of defective electoral system?
Present electoral system is not fit for the country under the circumstances where the negative influence and pressure from the capitalists and the strong feudal class pollute the independent opinion of the rural poor class - kept-uneducated for illegitimate purposes.
Though time consuming, yet motivating the electorate to be politically aware of its responsibility through education is right thing to do. Certainly, once the people begin to understand the need of capable people to run the government, things are bound to improve.
The people of Pakistan (rural or urban) deserve to be properly educated to elect a sincere and competent parliament and government. A road map prepared by the genuine representatives will bring peace and prosperity back to the nation.


Windsmoke. said...

Its going to be a gloomy out look for years to come unless all political parties start working together for the common good of all the people of Pakistan :-).

Muhammad Israr said...

after remaining in powers for 4 years... the govt suddenly realises the demand of seraiki province... they know it cannot be done...its all politics... see MQM does not have a single seat in punjab or KPK but they are talking about dividing these... but they are not ready even to divide karachi into districts! and PPP is not ready to divide Sindh into smaller provinces..all politics...had there been any sincere effort, we would not have been in this state of affairs...

*************************Tariq Mian said...

Yes Israr, there is something fishy.

*************************Tariq Mian said...

There should be some kind of moral cleansing to get only people of integrity as members of the political party. And people can't do that unless there is an aggressive paradigm shift for producing honest membership which would eventually reflect through the future parliaments and regimes.

Pari said...

people of Pakistan should go for change, sooner the better.

tariq mian said...

thank U, the people need direction from the sincere leaders.

Crystal said...

I just don't think that leaders today, really care about the people...It's very sad what is going on but it seems to be happening everywhere. Maybe not as much as it is in Pakistan but I understand your frustration. Twenty years ago, you never heard of murder or suicides or crime where I live but now it's over run by gangs, drugs, crime. There's been a string of burglaries and murders. Even a young man that I once baby sat grew up to be a murderer and is now serving life. Here in the US, the economy is getting worse, gas prices are steadily increasing and everything is getting too expensive. Makes me wonder who is to blame. Someone needs to take responsibility for these things and make it right.

tariq mian said...

Greed runs in our blood, but we are supposed to control it with our will power.
We owe towards others too. If everybody learns this, it would be wonderful for the whole society. Through proper education of morality from the grass root level we can produce a society made of excellent fabric. No crimes and no crooks.
Basically, it’s our defective schooling where set of moral values is completely ignored. Violating the Divinely values and commandments brings us closer to lawlessness or jungle law.
Economic system is flawed because of indebtedness.
Better not to borrow is the best option to stay out of trouble.
In order to achieve our goal, we have to come out and vote for the honest people who are sincere towards their constituents.

Dave King said...

Seems it's all the usual problems of the West and its capitalistic blinkers rolled up into one!

Anonymous said...

zardari is a terrible reality

R. Ramesh said...

hi buddy..dropped in to say hiii

tariq mian said...

@Dave King: Current system breeds unfair exploitation through drowning of borrowers in debt.
@Anonymous: Not new
@R. Ramesh : Thanx yaara

Anonymous said...

Article 189 and Article 190 scared the government.

Tough conditions from the supreme court:

01: To initiate the contempt of court proceedings against the Chief Executive and the Secretary Law for not implementing the NRO verdict.
02: To declare the chief executive ineligible from the membership of the Parliament.
03: The court may form a commission to get the verdict implemented.
04: The people themselves decide on the issue and the court exhibit patience.
05: Contempt proceedings against Chairman Nab may be initiated.
06: The action may be taken against President for violating the Constitution.
Looks like the judiciary is determined.

tariq mian said...


Irfanuddin said...

Tariq Bhai....

As far as attitude of foriegn media is concerned they are not going to stop sprinkling salt unless people like Zardari, Gilani and over ambitious Army Chief stop giving them fair chances to do that.....

and i wish you people find that "Genuine breed of representatives" sooner than later and start a fresh march towards peace n prosperity....AMEEN ......but again unfortunately finding that genuine lot is not that easy in our part of land.....

Faraz Ezazi said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog

Do follow it if you want
Definitely following you too...

Faraz Ezazi said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog

Do follow it if you want
Definitely following you too...

tariq mian said...

Political elite of the country is neither sincere nor competent.
CJ Iftikhar CH is some hope while Imran Khan is a newer breed so let's try Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf this time to revolutionize/evolutionize the system. He claims his tsunami would illiminate all corruption mafia at any level.
Let's hope so.
BTW: thanks a lot for showing up here after a long time.

tariq mian said...

thanks a million for stopping by.

Irfanuddin said...

My sincere apologies for the absence Tariq Bhai.....but actually i was away from blogging those days....So.....:))

tariq mian said...

IRFAN BHAI,BTW R U familiar with Urdu?

oops!have to leave--

I'll get back after a few hours.

Irfanuddin said...


Anonymous said...

No provincialism as it is very costly.
Economical: Smaller administrative units already exist in the form of divisions and districts, these units should be given more authority.

Anonymous said...

Out of the comments, I love this one
"notice milya,kuj na hilya,he (Barbar Parwan) should have next poetry like this,zardari milya,naseeb khelya,main keyoun na bismilah karan,jadon notan wich taran.

[originally commented by sajjad khan

crayzys said...

Your post shows how much you care. There is anguish in your writing but you end on a note of hope.

It is by honest dialogue such as yours that the voters may hear the pure tone of hard work that produces results to benefit the people.

May blessings be upon work that is done honestly and with heart. Tremendous is the task to rule such a diverse country.

Yet not is the burden of just one family also tremendous but undertaken with care,wisdom with guidance on justice principles that through all the family be it large or small can grow and move forward.

Best to you.

Anonymous said...

aitzaz ahsan ney kia gand ghola hai--It's ver disappoiting for the legal fraternity and the civil society.

Anonymous said...



Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am surprised at the reaction of politicians of the PPP, the MQM and the Sindhi nationalists to the possibility of division of Sindh into more manageable smaller provinces, purely on administrative basis, to improve governance and deliver better services to the people in an efficient manner. While the same politicians passionately advocate further division of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on linguistic basis, they vehemently oppose any division of Sindh on administrative basis. This is highly hypocritical on their part. Why can’t Sindh be divided into smaller units for bringing governance structures closer to the people?

I request everyone, and particularly the political leadership of Sindh, to either institute an effective representative local government system at the district level or agree to the creation of smaller provinces.

Hafeez Ullah Awan



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