Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adulterating Democracy Via Manipulative Reconciliation

Indeed, politics is the art, and the Pakistani rulers’ survival shows that they’re well-versed in this art by hooks or by crooks. Now they control the Senate as well. During his fifth address to the joint session of the parliament, President Zardari said, “Prime Minister Gilani deserves our unqualified appreciation for his political wisdom in handling various challenges with courage and perseverance.” The President also recognised the support of the coalition partners to the PPP government during the last four years.
Certainly, this is a great achievement on the part the PPP, yet that means nothing for the majority of 180 million people living far below the poverty line.
Having taken full advantage of the vulnerable Opposition, the president always played smartly to keep enforcing his type of reconciliation - tactfully involving “the Opposition turned Coalition Partners” to overcome the possible woes pushing for the PPP’s derailment before the tenure actually ends in 2013.

After enjoying the ‘friendly opposition’ – offered previously by the N league, the PPP despite its sub-standard governance has been able to continue in power with the help of the ANP and (Qatil) Q league.

Most disturbing is “off & on” attitude of the MQM – which means nothing but always staying with ruling party just to continue milking some benefits through sharing the governance & stuff – that surely contradicts Altaf’s stand on rooting out feudalism from the country.
According to the Chairman Senate Mr. Nayyer Bukhari, the government has successfully met enormous challenges, established rule of law and assured supremacy of the Parliament. However, he made no mention of contempt of court committed repeatedly by the chief executive on several occasions openly.
Defiance of the unanimous verdict given by the bench of 17 judges of the apex court regarding the annulled NRO is mockery of the apex judiciary. Has this defiance been establishing rule of law as chairman senate claims?
There is no doubt about the ulterior motives of the defiant rulers who ridicule the orders of the apex court to actually run a campaign to cover up their corruption.

It’s important for the honourable supreme court to re-adust its position of lenient attitude towards those who have been ridiculing the judiciary; the defiant group would never learn without getting convicted and disqualified.
The disappointing attitude of Mr. Zardari during his interview by GEO Hamid Mir was a painful one when he specifically stated that no letter would be written by his government to Swiss courts, as it would be tantamount to putting the grave of Benazir Bhutto on trial; again this is legally flawed argument.

Whether the current president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is permitted to enjoy constitutional immunity from criminal cases, is far from being established until there is a legal case in the real sense before the relevant court to decide the issue of presidential immunity. But, the PPP regime never went to claim the said immunity in a court of law, and instead interpreted the immunity clause of the constitution claiming that it contained no ambiguity requiring any interpretation from the Supreme Court.
On the contrary, the Supreme Court’s sole contention has always been that since the NRO has already been declared null and void, therefore, the letter written by the ex-Attorney General to the Swiss courts, requesting closure of all pending cases on the basis of NRO, should be withdrawn as being unlawful document.
As withdrawal of the earlier letter would automatically result in the reopening of the corruption cases against Zardari. So the loyal regime has been stubborn enough to be defying the court orders to save the widowed spouse of the slain leader Benazir Bhutto under all circumstances.
The way, the government is using delaying tactics, corruption cases against Zardari may become time-barred in Swiss courts, and the matter would be shelved away forever.

Sadly, Prime Minister Gilani’s loyalty is with his president, not with the unfortunate people of Pakistan.
What about the immeasurable intensity in frustration of the general public over the inflated prices and low supply of gas and electricity? The legislators and senators are bent upon ignoring the public will.
Furthermore, the life of common man is difficult and a tension-free atmosphere to people at large is missing altogether.
Crystal clear is the message to the voiceless people—“accept the status quo or go to Hell –sort of thing.”
Horribly, the national debt is mounting on the weak shoulders of the future kids of Pakistan.
Of course, it’s gradually suffocating the people to death. And, tension in the shape of traffic jams and poor law and order situation is extremely painful as well.

Under the nasty scenario, policy of reconciliation has been successful to keep the ANP, MQM and Q league onboard to provide life support to the inefficient rulers.

In fact, mufahmat is nothing but hypocrisy.
Also, Muk muka (agreed adjustments) between the PPP and PML-N before elections is aimed at defeating the rising genuine voice of people.
Making rhetorical statements against PTI, some political parties have joined hands to put deep dents in the fast growing true voice of the nation. But the fact is “dirty politics cannot provide a level playing field.”

Way out: Unless PTI wins a landslide victory in the next election, the crooks in political mafia will sell the country through a liquidation sale. Developing newer breed of highly educated leaders with integrity and conscience is needed the most. The PTI’s “anti corruption tsunami” is the biggest challenge for the supporters of status quo and the momentum is in the making. The people have to stand up with courage for their constitutional duty to oust the crooks from the system permanently.
The honest media must play a positive role aggressively to bring about a positive change to steer the country out of the troubled waters, sooner the better.


sunny said...

you wrote very well,like your post.

sunny said...

you wrote very well,like your post.

Usama Rehman said...

Yes true our rulers have mastered this art of poltics quite well!!

its been a long time, people of pakistan remain alive without any signs of proper or any Roti, Kapra or Makan!!

these rulers are actually the depiction of the indifferent atitude of the general masses towards this country!!

having said that its only this "Pakistani Public" that can provide an impetus for a change in their lives as well as in our beloved country and not these selfish, shallow minded, and incorrigible politicians!!!!

Crystal said...

Politicians only protect their own. This is true no matter where you go. There's too much corruption, scandal and lies. I pray that one day, it ends. I love your post Tariq. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Daanish said...

I wonder when common people will do their part instead of looking for a change become a change like
postman start delivering mail
police man not take bribe
clerk be on time,not take bribe
people stop stealing govt property
milk man stop adulterating milk
students stop cheating
ulema become tolerant
people have expectation without taking responsibilty.

I think we should not be asking from politicians what we don't have overselves.

Sad,very sad :(

tariq mian said...

@Daanish --
thank you for finger pointing to us --the HELPLESS awaam un naas. --
If we can't change the corrupt elite, we must at least listen to our own conscience--Because this is within our reach.
Out of ignorance, we have limited thinking due to lack of education and training.

But, selfishness is part of human nature and we need to do jihaad.

Otherwise "Jaisee qaum waisay farishtay."
In fact, our rulers/politicians are from amongst us.

There is an urgent need for revolution to modify the sick national mindset.
We have to be gearing up for replacing the adulterated/polluted democracy as soon as possible.

Certainly, Pakistan does not deserve the ccurrent defacto president.
Word of caution:We should not be electing badmaash politicians as legislators. But we are left with no choice but to vote for the cruel/unethical people.
Thank you again for your good thoughtd DAANISH.

tariq mian said...

@Crystal ----...
thanks for your ideas.

tariq mian said...

thanks for reading and commenting.

tariq mian said...

@ USAMA REHMANYes---Fantastic and brilliant ideas and comments. Thanks a lot BUDDY!

We do not need stinky selfish elite as this is not in the interest of the nation.

Pari said...

democracy is the best revenge through misgovernance, loadshedding, poverty, corruption

Muhammad Israr said...

democracy is the best revenge...

ask any person living in pakistan except the ruling elite, and they will tell you that the pre-2008 period was way better than the so called democratic government...
democracy means government of the people by the people for the people, but here democracy means government of the thieves by the thieves for the thieves..shame on this governemnt.. but the situation is not going to change miraculously unless and until we know the true value of our vote and use it wisely... if the turnout is 80 percent instead of the current 40 percent, it can translate into something phenomenal... for once reject the corrupt and looters and the next government would not dare go on the path of this one...

Jean said...

How ironic that my own country across the sea has their Supreme Court debating the merits of universal healthcare.

Where I see the many benefits to the poor others see intrusion into politics that should be left for the individual to decide.

So as I read your country's difficulties with corruption I wonder who has the greatest influence within my own country's Supreme Court.

I keep returning to my premise that change occurs 'locally' with an individual's sphere of influence.

So I ask you to consider that your advocacy for justice be tempered as mine with faith in local leaders to effect change.

Maybe it won't be at the Swiss court for your country nor at my country's Supreme Court but overtime the people will prevail.

You may ask whty does this simple woman believe that her neighbors can effect change?

It is because through my influence and the influence of my neighbors upon me that change will eventually occur oiver generations.

So while the government officials think that they decide the fate of the little every day people it is not true.

The little local everyday people are innumerable, not even countable. We, as people, can influence the powers of the corrupt, if only, because there are more of us and we do have a memory. We tell our children who tell their children. Change will occur not on our timeline but on the timeline of the Greater Powers that we believe in, be it any religion. The people will prevail. They will survive to continue to resist injustice and corruption.

You do not blog for yourself, Tariq Mian. You blog for the children of the children. So readers of Tariq believe in your power to change what seems unchangeable, the government.

With numbers there is strength. We need only keep the hope for justice alive and pass this on to our children.

Change occurs in each village, in each home, in each family, and within the individual.

We choose when we buy our food, our clothes, our bread. Choose wisely. This is HOW WE VOTE EVERY DAY. WE HAVE MANY VOTES. USE THEM WISELY.

Daanish said...

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry also remarked that all provinces were violating the constitution by not holding local bodies' elections and these were essential to solve the law and order situation in Balochistan.

Zardari has really done harm to democracy by not holding local bodies election.

Why no one talks about it ?

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