Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Genuine Senate Without Level Playing Field

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The Senate polls play an important role in setting the course of future politics. The Pakistan People Party (PPP) and its coalition partners have been aiming at winning majority of seats on the basis of their existing strength in the national assembly (PNA) and the four provincial assemblies. Though, many predictions were made in the past about the early departure of the government, yet all of them turned out to be misleading indeed. Scared of being ousted from the political scene ahead of the senate elections, the PPP managed to have the said-election on time as scheduled to further strengthen their superior position in the national Senate.
With victory, the crippled PPP emerged as the largest party in the senate with the help of unethical payments of very high price in terms of cash money to buy votes.
Allegedly, the money was paid for voting and as well as for not voting.
During the recent Senate polls, the Pakistan People Party (PPP) won 19 of the 54 seats, making it a total of 41 seats in the 104-member Senate. The number of seats in the Senate was increased by four under the 18th amendment, with the addition of reserved seats for minorities.
Officially, the PPP is now ahead of all other parties in the Senate. The 2nd largest party in the Senate is the PML-N with its eight new seats making a total of 14 seats.
No matter what, the culprits can’t be caught due to flaws in the laws, lack of hard evidence, and other technicalities.
Ironically, this illegal trade is very popular among the law makers. As such, merit or integrity of the candidate is immaterial, and this of course is a sad situation to the greatest disadvantage of the general public.
Shamelessly, it’s quite common for the dishonest legislators to manage sitting in the parliaments by exploiting legal loopholes. Similarly, senators known to have purchased their seats in the Senate were never made accountable at all.
Nevertheless, if the unethical manuvering has paved the way for the coalition regime of the PPP to capture a major share of the Senate, it’s still meaningless unless there is substantial action by the ruling coalition in the best interest of the suppressed nation through backing up their tall claims and promises.
Beyond doubt, the governing alliance has now got two-thirds majority in the Senate and would be in a much stronger position to ward off any challenge to its smooth governance, which includes installing a care taker government and holding the general election this year to their best advantage.
In the pursuit of lust for power, they employ pressure tactics, including stinky mentality of rigging, using baits, dealing via stock exchange of votes. These are damaging enough to jeopardise the economic well being of 180 million people of the 65 year old so-called Islamic Republic.
Consequently, the unethically generated Senate with some dishonest members can’t do much for the betterment of its people except serving as a tool to give tough time to the lower house where the majority might be belonging to other political party.
Most of all, the diminishing comfort level of Mr. Head of State (Zardari) has returned suddenly. Now he is optimistic to be benefitting heavily from the Senate for the next three years as well as his party is in a position to enjoy a considerable influence over all others within the political system for a few more years to come. As above mentioned, the PPP can use its new strength in the Senate to frustrate law-making agenda of any other winning political party until the next Senate election in 2015.
Surprisingly, after the annulment of National reconciliation Ordinance, President Zardari is merely a de-facto Head of State. However, he insists on enjoying immunity from criminal prosecution during his tenure in office. New Senate is now the best cushion to protect immunity of Mr President with another tenure.
As Islamic law and jurisprudence does not show any immunity to anybody including the head of state. Question arises, whether 1973 constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is Islamic-- in the true sense – as per letter and spirit of the noble Qur’an and Sunnah; needs to be debated upon by the Muslim scholars.
Secondly, the president has been clinging to the dual office unconstitutionally, whereas, a president is required by the constitution to be non partisan.
According to media, elections on 12 Senate seats were marred by charges of horse-trading and vote-buying. It was a scene of open vote buying and selling by the PPP. To win votes through bidding as high as Rs 650 million per bid is cruelty with the poor nation.
After all, there was “no pain at the end of senate-game for gain,” as Pakistan People's Party is expected to be laughing comfortably for next three to six years - depending upon the environment of general public mood in a few days down the road. Much comfort will now be available to the PPP in the lower house upon re-election with no problem getting a 2nd passing grade at the upper house level.
Negative scenario: As there are no PTI senators in the upper house of parliament, the lower house with PTI members would face tough time with their bill-passing process in the upper house.
Under the current system, the competition among the honest people is impossible, as only the dishonest rich people stand chances in the absence of “anti corruption tsunami.”
There is trouble ahead, as many leaders are coming forward urging the Supreme Court and the Election Commission to take notice of the situation of the horse trading and vote buying spree.
But, there is the urgent need of Senate Reforms disallowing “vote stock exchange” and all unfair practices to save the country from greedy vultures.


Mishi said...

what to speak of it Tariq Sab..iss senate elections ny tou humhara dil he tor dia hai..the same silly poker mean faces again! Crap!!:-(

Pari said...

Unless there comes a positive CHANGE through evolution or revolution, the politics is a dirty game.

Muhammad Israr said...

plz dont be disappointed... once a real public government is elected, this senate will be disqualified automatically as one way or the other, they are all thieves and inelegibl for the senate... hope must prevail and the youth must motivate others to vote ... if the turn out reaches like 75 percent without bogus votes, i am sure it will be the beginning of a new era...

tariq bhai, you are right about the senate election...and today i opened the newspaper and was really sad by the news that our senate passed a resolution condemning the desecration of the Holy Quran... i was saddened because with this election and the moral standard of our senate, the international community will think our seriousness that for the condemnation of such an incident, the most corrupt and thieves were chosen, ... :(

Humaira Anwar said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Phạm Minh Tâm said...

@ Vatinam+
Wish you a good day and full of joy...

Indian well wisher said...

leader of the PPP is the smartest man.
I think there is democracy in your country after six decades.

Anonymous said...

your's is failed state anyway

Crystal said...

Sometimes at first the greatest intentions can turn out to be the most devastating ones. No doubt that when the Taliban were over thrown, it was supposed to have helped the people of Afghanistan to establish a government, one that was fair and one that would protect the the people but no one is safe. Not even the people in America. Dear friend, there is greed and violence and shady politicians everywhere. Even our own president is to blame. We just can't trust anyone these days to make the right decisions for us. The people. Every day, they are making new laws which go against our original constitution, the basic fundamental laws of our country founded by our four fathers. I'm not surprised by the corruption you speak of in the Senate. These days, corruption is everywhere. But I too have to wonder, where is this all heading. What does this mean for the good people, the honest people who just want reform, peace and integrity. To be protected. To feel safe and secure. What does it mean for America? America used to be a fairly wonderful place to live and yet, our government is failing us. A little more each day. There's so much hatred in the world. So much Violence. So much injustice. It's sickening to even think about it. One day I pray that you and me, and everyone will know true peace, security and that one day we can put our faith and trust in these crooked politicians who claim they want what's best for us so that one day, it wont all be in vain. It's really terrifying to think about this corruption and these lies and how it will effect our children someday. Will they even be free? Or will they have to suffer at the mercy of our different governments. Something must change. Someone somewhere has to hear us. I just pray that that person steps up to the plate. I pray.

dora said...

insightful post

Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

avecwings said...

great writing..as alwaz..
with PPP still the hegemon in the senate..changing the status quo may take a long time.

tariq mian said...

Allah ney uss qaum ki haalat kabhi nahi bedlee jo apni haalat badalna hee nahi chahti. _______________________________

EXACTLY: Unless there comes a positive CHANGE through evolution or revolution, the politics is a dirty game.

@Muhammad Israr
let's wait for the new era then.

@Phạm Minh Tâm

@Indian well wisher you are dead wrong on this.


Greed is the main problem everywhere because that drives us nuts to remain selfish Crystal.
There is element of greed in making new laws and constitution to design the basic fundamental laws.
Corruption and cruelty among us have rootes back to the days when prophet Adam (PBUH) was put on Earth despite the challenges posed by the Satan.
Protection for the honest people who just want reform, peace and integrity is merely a nice dream.
Hatred, violence and injustice can be combatted if we follow the true guidance as per the Holy Qur^aan and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad of course.
InshaAllah, one day you and me, and everyone will know that true peace, security can come if the politicians are elected on the basis of their integrity and honesty and their past background.

@dora ---thanx for the compli

@Come At Me Bro thank u --________________________________

@avecwings let's be optimistic always.

Anonymous said...

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♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I ain't much taken in senate election .Well it is indeed well written post.


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