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Malik’s Attempt to Scandalise the Judiciary

Despite the restraining order of the Supreme Court bench barring any interaction with media, Malik Riaz of Bahria town still went ahead with the press briefing last Tuesday. He was furiously attacking Arslan Iftikhar and revealed he (Malik) was blackmailed to keep bribing Arsalan to get favour in his Baharia cases pending before his dad, the CJP. He called Arsalan “the don” who controls the judiciary.
He asked the iconic Chief Justice to reveal details of the alleged meetings and also how long he had known about his son Arsalan’s alleged business dealings.
The Supreme Court had taken suo motto notice of the contemptuous press briefing the very next day and issued a “show cause notice” to the real estate tycoon, ordering him to appear before the court on Thursday.
Indeed, the press conference was nothing but contempt of court and an attempt to undermine the authority of the Supreme Court. Malik ridiculed and attempted to promote hatred against the Supreme Court.
It appears now that the press conference was probably just a tiny part of the dirty plan targeting the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Choudhry.

Surprisingly, Malik Ali son of Malik Riaz has confirmed that his father has nothing to do with Baharia any more.

On the other hand, the motive for the alleged entrapment of Arsalan Iftikhar could be the intended maligning of his iconic father - CJ Pakistan.
Apparently, Malik Riaz’s credibility is shaky as he says something in the court but when he comes out he says something entirely the opposite. For example: at one point, he lashes out blaming Arslan but maintains Arslan’s father is innocent. But then on the contrary, he does some irrelevant questioning to the CJP during the press conference.
The fact is such questions were not asked in his sworn affidavit submitted in the apex court earlier in the day.
With a pocket size copy of the Quran in his hand, he related a “cooked up story,” yet he flatly refused to give answers to the attending journalists; the tycoon disappeared from the scene saying he would reveal more information later meaning there is some more garbage to dispose off before the dirty game is over.

As there is a potential danger of clash between institutions, Malik Riaz has a lot of explaining to do in the coming days specifically with regard to the alleged “trap-gate” and who is remote controlling it.

It’s an open secret that Zardari ragime was reluctant but was compelled to re-instate all of the deposed superior judiciary three years ago, yet, the rulers always defied judicial verdicts in order to maintain loyalty to Zardari while ignoring the larger interest of the drowning nation.

The recent pre-emptive strike against the supreme judiciary is well calculated, and the rulers love to stop the CJP from ridding the country of unfairness and rampant corruption following their re-calibrated strategy.
Now, a large majority of Pakistanis are aware why CJP Justice Iftikhar Choudhry (winner of International Jurists Award 2012) is always the target.

Coming back to Malik Riaz, this guy is commonly blamed for having built his empire by grabbing the land at very nominal price upsetting the owners; and is known for bribing the government officials to gain undue favours. According to the ex-director DHA Urban Planning Col (retired) Tariq Kamal, 110,000 civilians, 41,000 serving and retired military officers, jawans and families of martyrs were defrauded in the Valley Scheme announced in 2009.

Maybe, Arsalan Iftikhar is guilty of misappropriation intentionally or out of his poor judgement; a full probe is needed to find the truth.
In the light of the top judge’s track record, his simple life, his character and judicial career, a large majority of the nation is more than satisfied with Justice Iftikhar Choudhry.

Judicial probe of the following is a must to get to the bottom of the whole mess: Why the investment file of Arslan was maintained right from day one and then shown to select media anchors? Why investing on Arsalan’s Europe visits since 2009 at Baharia’s expense?
Why was Arsalan being videotaped from the very first day of his interaction with the front men of the other party and what was the purpose of video-taping every incident?

The majority of Pakistanis is pretty sure that all allegations are going to be shattered during the course of judicial proceedings.

Hopefully, the apex court would soon get to the crux of the matter and reach a logical conclusion. Consequently, Malik Riaz is likely to go behind bars for bribing the officials, politician, Journalists, army men and influential civilians during times of different regimes for getting undue favours for unlawful gains. Jail is also waiting for the abettor of crime against the current judiciary under the leadership of the unapproachable Chief Justice.

There is no doubt in my mind that maligning of the top judiciary has been well designed. It seems as if the resignation of the “Hero Judge” is intended by the hidden hand, as only the “Dogger style puppet judiciary” fits the agenda of the ruling crooks.
Nevertheless, the judges under the leadership of CJ Choudhry are doing their work strictly on merit with complete independence. It’s of extreme importance to save the Supreme Court under the current leadership.


Anonymous said...

Nice informative article. CJ is innocent. His son should be penalized if these allegations are proven. Malik openly admits to bribing and says its how it works in country. He needs to be brought to justice fairly quickly.

tariqMian said...

@ Anonymous
Malik's guilt is established, so jail door is open for him.
Thanks for your comment.

talal said...
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talal said...

Read whole article.
Very informative.

Pari said...

people like malik are disgusting.

tariqMian said...

@talal, thank you for your lengthy comment. At least you deserve a thank you note buddy.

Malik is no good. I appreciate your remark.

Crystal said...

A lot of shady business dealings all around... seems like everyone is guilty. Their hands are all dirty.. May justice prevail!

Noblesse Key said...

Hi, I'm returning the favor by following you as well...

The CJ of the philippines was just recently impeached...I'm really glad that justice was served!!!

tariqMian said...

A short order by the two member bench in the Arsalan Iftikhar suo moto case has been issued on the basis of statements recorded by parties in the case along with those of Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan and Shaheen Sehbai. Attorney General has been directed to take strict action against Malik Raiz, Salman Ahmed (Riaz’s son-in-law) and Arsalan Iftikhar according to the law.
The court ruled that Malik Riaz tried to buy justice; adding those giving bribes and those taking it were both sinners.
Shaheen Sehbai admitted that the son of the CJ was targeted to hatch a conspiracy against the judiciary.
The order further said that Malik Riaz had accepted that despite spending more than Rs340 million he could not get relief. The documents submitted by Riaz show details of Arsalan’s visits and not of monetary transfers.
The short order further said, “the media should not be used by such persons who do not respect the law and constitution.”
A transparent trial is right of all three.

tariqMian said...

Thank U Crystal!

tariqMian said...

Thank you Noblesse Key!!!!!

tjm said...

First time in the history of Pakistan, a competent chief justice equipped with moral values and integrity is born. He is dedicated, devoted and motivated indeed to cleanse the country of corruption.
Taking suo moto notice of his own son is the best example.
He is brave and honest and practices what he judicially thinks is right, yet, to err is human-----------
The conspiracy has been hatched to remove him but he would survive the aggression launched against him.
Obviously, Malik Riaz is being used as condom for the dirty act through REMOTE CONTROL.
But he is a fit case for prolonged imprisonment.
The ruling crooks must leave now in the best interest of Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Pak khichri ka kia banay ga?

leo said...

People like Malik Riaz Should be snubbed strongly, take out the truth and take action against him, and save the independence of judiciary.

leo said...

People like Malik Riaz Should be snubbed strongly, take out the truth and take action against him, and save the independence of judiciary.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I am some how following this case but its a true picture of pak , isn't ?
God knows the best.

K. Jamal (Canada) said...

The supreme judiciary is famous for its honesty under the current CJ meaning corruption would eventually be rooted out.

tariqMian said...


tariqMian said...

♥●• İzdihër •●♥,

tariqMian said...

leo you are right, Malik has to suffer for his sins through judicial grilling.

avecwings said...

true...numerous question still remain to be answered. Seems lyk the play co-authored by the establishment and the govt with the intention of flinging muck over the supreme pillar of our state has turned out into failure. The truth cannot remain concealed for long, and the CJ will come of clean...which is what is required for the well-being of our judiciary at present.
all that we can hope for is that this matter like many others b4 it, is not pushed under the carpet and the real perpetrators of this heinous controversy are not exonerated.

TARIQ MIAN said...
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TARIQ MIAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TARIQ MIAN said...

Hello ---avecwings,
Pak judiciary is the best in the history but what can you do when ali baba and forty thieves are bent upon looting?
These vampires would stay to suck the last drop of blood of the poor nation.
Oh my God--now another chor as PM Pakistan.

Muhammad Israr said...

but you see how many politicians have spoken against malik riaz? and then compare it with how many so-called champions of human rights are talking about the judiciary and of course the policitians as usual are talking against the cj who is the only thing that is stopping them from looting the country wholesale... it shows money can buy anything here... :(

TARIQ MIAN said...

money is everything for dunyaavi minded and dunia is full of dunyavi minded people.
There is IMAAN DEFICIT, which we need to fix--that comes with fear of Allah swt.
hank you for your remarks.

R. Ramesh said...

bhaiyaajiii...sorry yar long time..dint write to u...and thanks for staying connected..heree half the staff in my office are fm pakistan aand i keep remembering u to themm all the time haha..cheers n wishes

R. Ramesh said...

bhaiyaajiii...sorry yar long time..dint write to u...and thanks for staying connected..heree half the staff in my office are fm pakistan aand i keep remembering u to themm all the time haha..cheers n wishes

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Popularity of CJ Pakistan among masses is skyrocketing.
Because CJP has been hearing cases including NICL Scam, Hajj Scam, RPP case Bank of Punjab, Karachi violence, missing persons’ mystery , Steel Mills scandal.

Revival of corruption cases stalled because of NRO and other cases regarding written off loans. Since 2009 the SC has taken up cases involving over "Rs400 billion" and has recovered billions of rupees, which had almost gone to the pockets of the mighty. This figure is apart from NRO cases that involve another Rs175 billion of looted money.

The apex court saved around Rs455 billion through its judgment in the Rental Power Plants (RPPs) case alone. During the hearing of the RPPs case, in pursuance of the orders passed by the apex court from time to time, a sum of Rs8,689,224,000 (rupees 8 billion 689 million 224 thousand) was recovered from the RPPs on account of advance payments and interest. CJP’s services for rule of law in the country let him win two international awards.

Crystal said...

@talal, thank you for your lengthy comment. At least you deserve a thank you note buddy. @_______________________________ @Pari Malik is no good. I appreciate your remark. _________________________


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