Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Media Blackout Amid Slow Burning Genocide

Ethnic cleansing isn’t new for Burma (Myanmar), where the long-standing tensions have been happening between the Buddhist majority (Rakhine people) and the Muslim minority including Rohingya Muslims of Bangladeshi decent, Chinese and Arab origin. After a prolonged military rule, the country with Buddhist majority (89%) is on its way to democratization; nevertheless, ethnic cleansing of the 4% minority (Muslims) seems to be the real focus of the Buddhism-extremists.
Sinfully, the Western mainstream media is silent about the ongoing massacre, which shows their strong anti-Muslim bias.
Historically speaking, March 28, 1942 was the day when 5,000 Muslims were massacred in Minbya and Mrohaung Townships by the Rakhine nationalists. Rohingyas, the most persecuted minorities of the world are a Muslim community living in the Arakan region.
The persecution of the Rohingya Muslims dates back to the early World War II when the Japanese forces invaded Burma which was then under the British colonial rule.
According to Amnesty International, the Rohingya Muslims have long suffered from human rights violations and as a result, scores of them left for the neighbouring Bangladesh for better life.

Currently 300,000 Rohingya Muslims live in Bangladesh and 24,000 in Malaysia. Around 111,000 of them live in the Thai-Myanmar border.
Since the Muslims are being massacred by the Buddhist terrorists, the Burmese President Thein Sein wants them to stay in refugee camps or simply leave the country.
Amnesty organisation reports: Muslims in Burma have been victims of ethnic cleansing since 1978.

It’s disappointing as there isn’t any international reaction so far. Because of the State sponsored terrorism, it's the ongoing phenomenon - as more than 20,000 Muslims in Myanmar were killed in less than a month time by the police, army and Buddhist extremists.
Ironically, dismantling the Buddhism statutes in Afghanistan received more media attention, and hype was created to generate public rage against the Afghans for destroying non-human things, but the ongoing massive killing of Burmese Muslims couldn’t persuade the main stream media to open its mouth - meaning no value of human life.

Over loaded with refugee influx, Bangla Desh asks the Myanmar government to adopt measures to take back some 500,000 Rohingya Muslims presently taking refuge in Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh’s request comes at the wrong time - amid the ongoing state-sponsored ethnic cleansing against the minority Muslim group in Myanmar.
It’s disheartening to know that the so-called Myanmar’s democracy icon/peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is not bothered by the atrocities committed against the Rohingya Muslims. Moreover, she told reporters she didn’t know if Rohingyas were Burmese Muslims.

The UN says decades of discrimination have left the Rohingyas stateless, with Myanmar implementing restrictions on their movement and withholding land rights, education and public services.

Unfortunately, the international community is doing nothing for the Muslims in Burma. Apparently the United Nations and the other international organisations wouldn’t act unless countries with both money and power do so first. However, Canada maintains its claim to continue to work with allies in the international community, and will continue to support those Burmese working inside and outside Burma, to promote human rights, fundamental freedoms and a transition to genuine democracy.

Recently, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has launched a major international campaign to put an end to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim minority in the Arakan state of Myanmar to protect their legitimate rights and is making intense efforts to foster international intervention on the issue. The OIC is in touch with the United Nations, UN Human Rights Council, European Union and other international organizations to defuse the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar; and has strongly condemned the renewed repression of Rohingyas since June 2012, which has resulted in deaths of innocent Muslims, burning of their homes and mosques, and forcing them to leave their homeland. Historical facts show that Rohingyas have been present in the land of Myanmar for centuries before the arrival of the British and before the formation of Burma.
But the government of Myanmar continues to persecute the Rohingyas depriving them of citizenship rights.

The OIC sent a letter to Myanmar’s pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi urging her to help end the violence against the Rohingya community.

The authorities describe the community as “illegal immigrants from Bangladesh” due to their ethnicity and religion.
Arbitrary killings, rapes, torture, land confiscation, forced labor, forced relocation, theft, extortion perpetrated by the authorities in cohort with local miscreants and xenophobes, are widespread against the Muslim community.
The late dictator Ne Win enacted a bad citizenship law violating several fundamental principles of international charters and rendered the Rohingyas stateless. Basic rights including freedom of movement, marriage, education, and economic activities are severely restricted. No more construction of new mosques or religious institutes are allowed and even the Muslim relics, monuments and place names have been erased.

Furthermore, a planned increase in Buddhist settler villages has caused serious demographic changes in Rohingya homeland. Their lands have been confiscated, forcing them to become increasingly landless, internally displaced, all aimed at starving them out of the country.

Solution: First of all, an early and effective intervention by the world community can save the Rohingya from further blood bath.
Secondly, the Buddhist leader and Nobel Peace prize winner Dalai Lama who always cry over the atrocities on Tibetan people by China - should raise his voice against the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Buddhist Myanmar.
Thirdly, the international community has to address the root cause of the Rohingya problem for a viable result.
Hopefully, Myanmar government would respond to the concerns of the international community in a positive and constructive manner, so that all its Rohingya Muslims are able to return to their homeland honourably with safety and dignity.

As the great Persian poet Sa'di says, “Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you've no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain!”
Since we are One Human Family, let’s bridge the gaps.


Pari said...

media bias is painful and silence is sinful and criminal.

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness Tariq.. if it weren't for you, I would never know about these things. If I were president or some other government official, I would put a stop to this.. but that is a dream that I'm afraid will never come true.. It breaks my heart to know that so many innocent Muslim Women and children and men are being killed this way. Shame on them.. those evil terrorists. May justice be served soon for these innocent people.. God be with them.

tariqmian said...

media should take part in the rescue effort.

tariqmian said...

@Crystal, your feelings towards the vulnerable victims of barbarism and bloodshed are praiseworthy.
Pl pray for the tortured children, women and the innocent unarmed Muslim population of Burma.
comfortable life is the basic right of every living being-- especiaaly the human beings.

Brocha said...

It is sad with what the media hides from us. I would have never known about this if it had been for you posting it.

As long as the "Big Shots" are allowed to control the media, the world will be left unaware of the situations going on. This is why I am planning on going back to college so that maybe one day I can educate people in the ways of what is really going on.

tariqmian said...

Beyond doubt, we need an independent media for true current information.
Controlled media usually is poisonous and deadly and misleading only serving the vested interests.
media has ethics to follow, but it's not easy to escape sinning.

kim said...

innocent public is kept in dark. too bad.

tariqmian said...

yes, you are right.

Brocha said...


One day, insha'allah, there will be a media that will stand up and show the truth.

tariqmian said...
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Anonymous said...

Why Myanmar’s opposition leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, recipient of Benazir Award for Democracy from President Zardari during his visit to Myanmar, not raising her voice against the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in her country?
At least, President zardari must do something to stop the killing of Muslims.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

sunny said...

very informative and thoughtful,media should have to play a role to show what is happening with our muslim brothers and sisters,instead of telling meaningless stories

tariq mian said...

Media must avoid telling meaningless stories and spread true information without bias.

Miss Dynamite said...

That's sad really... I would have never known this in such detail if I had not come across through your post.

tariq mian said...

Miss Dynamite, without media reporting nobody knows the facts.
I am glad my posted info helped you.
Please stay around for more info and don't hesitate to share any missing info of vital importance to the people of the world.
After all, we are a human family.

leo said...

Tariq sb
Your post is as good as before.
I knew this massacre from internet. Our media did not highlight this issue.
It is a planned war against Muslims where Muslims are not in power.
OIC should play its role to rescue Burmees Muslims.
May Allah Save the Muslims from this bloodshed. Ameen

leo said...

Tariq sb
Your post is as good as before.
I knew this massacre from internet. Our media did not highlight this issue.
It is a planned war against Muslims where Muslims are not in power.
OIC should play its role to rescue Burmees Muslims.
May Allah Save the Muslims from this bloodshed. Ameen

tariq mian said...

May Allah guide the Muslim ummah to the siraat e mustaqeem.
May He bless the Ummah with peace amen!

ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,

thx for sharing.

Muhammad Usman Chaudhry said...

Its not just sad, its pathetic, so many killings and media is totally silent. Initially I had an impression that it may be just a rumor that is why its not on tv media, because even after searching through news sites like google news, there had been no such reports.

But later it was revealed that these incidents are happening, and the total shocking state is they're not only killing but effectively silencing the whole media.

Shame on silent media.

Hats off to you brother for highlighting such an important issue using your blog and doing whatever you could have in your power great work. Keep writing because it matters and time is near when people will stop believing in media channels because they're only doing it for business and have no real sentiments.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tariq mian said...

I appreciate your every word you said because you had explained it really well.
Thanx again and come again.

tariq mian said...

Thanks for your remarks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a fantastic web site. On what other blog could anyone get this kind of information written in such an insightful way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such info.

Anonymous said...

Rohingya Muslims of Burma are considered non-citizens, yet that does not give the Rakhines the license to commit massacres on such a large scale.

Anonymous said...

The uprising by the Rakhines is a result of decades of hatred against the Muslims of Myanmar.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Sadly Tariq, (having just googled) I find you are correct in that ethnic cleansing in Burma is little reported in the western press and the UN are keeping silent...

The world is in a very sorry state...

Anna :o]

PS Many thanks for being number one hundred!

Zee said...

Thank you. Excellent post.

tariq mian said...


Very nice of you!!!!

- said...


tariq mian said...

Hello hyperCRYPTICAL,
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Anonymous said...

In Burma, the local 'law enforcing agencies' sided with the Arakan Buddhists.
many hundreds of "Rohingya" were arrested.
In fact, it's the usual course of events when the minority is persecuted by the majority - the law enforcing agencies take sides with the majority trouble making Bhuddist population.

Anonymous said...

In Burma, the local 'law enforcing agencies' sided with the Arakan Buddhists.
many hundreds of "Rohingya" were arrested.
In fact, it's the usual course of events when the minority is persecuted by the majority - the law enforcing agencies take sides with the majority trouble making Bhuddist population.

avecwings said...

very informative, u hv brought out all the sides to this prob, which clarifies most of the mist created by hazy and deep in controversies, news reports...
truly abominal is the world reaction to this genuine issue.

tariq mian said...

Hello avecwings!
your remarks sound fair.

Dana Muslimaah said...

Assalamu Alaykum :) Wonderful blog you have. I'm your new follower, feel free to join me too on scattered pearls:

tariq mian said...

Dana Muslimaah
wa alaikumslaam!
Thanks for following my blog.
You are an asset for this blog.
I tried to join your blog but couldn't find sign up icon on your blog.

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