Saturday, November 24, 2012

a must watch video on cancer!


Crystal said...

The facts are very alarming, I can understand why prevention is so important, as with all diseases, and yes, there are natural ways of reducing one's risks, such as diet and exercising, stress management, and avoiding certain foods and toxins, such as drugs and smoking. However, we can't also ignore the statistics of people who actually do, all these things in order to prevent certain types of cancer,who still consequently are diagnosed with cancer, thus, treatment is their only option.. which brings me to my next point, for years, scientist have been trying to get the federal government to allow funding for stem cell research and also get those stem cell treatments, approved.. but there are many out there who disagree with the harvesting of human embryonic stem cells, which would prove, to be a much safer and successful way of fighting certain types of cancer.. and less harmful than Chemo-therapy all together, so in a very big way, government is at fault here, for not approving those methods.. and making them available to the general public.. for hindering developmental research. However, my mind is a standstill, you can't have one without the other.. meaning, you can't possibly have prevention without teaching awareness, and vice versa, so I feel as if awareness is equally as important as prevention and prevention is very much the same as raising awareness. We all must educate ourselves, on these types of diseases, as far as the causes, symptoms and preventative aspects, as a means to combat these disease and ultimately find a cure.

TariqMian said...

Thank U CRYSTAL for the detailed analysis of the video.
Your knowledge and experience of Medical field is indeed a plus plus.
Hopefully, my audience would love your explanation of the medical complexities.
Oh boy, you summarised in easy to understand worlds - CRYSTAL!

Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

I hope I didn't cause too big of a scene, much respect to your audience my friend and I hope I offended no one..

TariqMian said...

no not at all CRYSTAL.
you are absolutely harmless and helpful.
you are actually an asset for the blogging community.
Please keep enlightening us.

Crystal said...

Thank you Tariq!


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