Monday, November 12, 2012

Would Pakistan Benefit From Obama's Win?

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CNN on election night was confident enough to project Republican presidential candidate Romney as winning, yet Obama’s popularity didn’t let that happen.
Last Sunday, I was astounded with the following pessimistic email message:
Dear Money Morning Reader, if you were a President Obama supporter, you're probably celebrating his victory today. If you were in the Romney Camp, chances are your reaction is one of disappointment. But alarming new research has just recently come to light suggesting that regardless of whom you voted for - neither will be able to stop an unimaginable threat that may lead to the fall of the great American Empire. This unavoidable crisis goes beyond our debt epidemic. Our energy uncertainty is just a drop in the bucket. Tensions with any individual country pale in comparison to what is about to erupt. And President Obama seems to have ignored the warnings of the Army, Navy, and Germany Military into this looming catastrophe.
On the contrary, there are relevant arguments in favour of President Obama: That the president can’t be blamed for all financial and economic crises. Apparently, he inherited all this mess in his first term in office.
Historically speaking, blame goes to the two third majority of the 435 members of congress –responsible for out-sourcing the manufacturing off shore through voting for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade).  Moreover, the same members also repealed the Glass-Steagal Act that deregulated the banks.
Obama, regardless of the ‘Money Morning Phobia,’ remains a clear winner who scored 332 delegates to the Electoral College - comfortably exceeding the 270 delegates required to get elected for second term.
Confronted with a large number of crises at home and abroad, next four years should be more than enough for the President to complete his unfinished jobs on many fronts including his pro peace speech in Cairo and his renewed approach towards the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, of course.
On Afghan issue Obama might have to re-shape the US policies acceptable to Pakistan.
Now with fresh presidential mandate, it’s more convenient for Obama to make the most needed adjustments in the withdrawal strategy.
But on the other hand, the upcoming Pakistan general elections would most likely provide a new mandate on the critical question of effectively dealing with militancy as well.
In case of victory of the right wing parties, including the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf), there would be a certain degree of re-adjustment of the tactics in the fight against militancy. Yet, this would necessitate the need of putting in place a few viable alternatives in order to amicably deal with the Pakistan-US sensitive relationship.
Currently, Pakistan is stepping forward to improve ties with India and Russia while maintaining its friendship with China.
Nevertheless, it’s in Pakistan’s best interest to improve ties with the United States and the European Union, because Pakistan enjoys a significant export market and receive foreign remittances from these countries as well.
Although more than 20 Muslim countries favoured Obama during the presidential election, yet Pakistan wasn’t very happy, as many innocent Pakistanis including children and women lost their lives because of collateral damage from drone attacks.
The US would halt or alter the drone program - we don’t know as yet. But, President of Pakistan has warmly congratulated President Obama on his re-election as the US President.
Pak Foreign Ministry issued a following statement:
President Zardari expressed the hope that relationship between Pakistan and the US would continue to prosper during President Obama’s next term in office.”
Unfortunately, an atmosphere of trust deficit has been developing between the two countries due to the following reasons: the unlawful activities of Raymond Davis in Lahore, Osama and Abbottabad raid by the Navy Seal, and US air strikes killing 24 Pakistani border guards at a check post at Shalala.
After a long pause, Islamabad and Washington are coming closer again after some sort of negotiated arrangement.
When the news of President Obama’s victory reached Pakistan, many said, “We do not expect any substantial change in US foreign policy toward the country.”
In view of the ongoing Afghanistan-instability, there is an urgent need of some re-adjustment in Obama’s irreversible stand. Once President Karzai is gone, a new Afghan President will not be as useful during the process of NATO and the US troops thinning out. It’s only Pakistani co-operation – needed the most for ensuring stability on the ground in Afghanistan during the second term of Mr. Obama. Thus, Pakistan becomes more important than it was during his first term. He may not be able to maintain his tough stand towards Pakistan. Under the newly developed scenario, Mr Obama has no other option but to pay more attention to Pakistani sensitivities.


Crystal said...

Well, it's certainly all that anyone can ask for, for a better and improved relation towards these two countries. The way I see it, Pakistan needs alliance.. and America CAN do that, but it's up to our President to seal that deal, the next four years, are either going to make him or break him and I do not wish him to fail. If he can improve our economy and improve and establish peaceful relations between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US then I will be his biggest supporter yet! So I pray he succeeds. As far as the innocent Muslim women and children, I think an apology from the President would go a long way, but others feel like that would be a mistake, and only add more fuel to the fire. But it would say a lot about his intentions, if he was sincere.

TariqMian said...

Thank you so much Crystal for your brilliant comment.
Let's all pray for the real peace on Earth and OBAMA can do it with his neutrality of course.
All human beings of all countries deserve to live a decent life.
Malicious activity to fuel the fire of hatred and bias must stop now in all corners.
We are one human family with different creed or color or ethnicity--still we have been created by Almighty God before who we will be accountable after our demise.
May HE guide us to HIS path-- aameen!

Crystal said...

You are very welcome Tariq! I pray for world peace! We need that now more than ever! Amen Tariq and God bless you!!!!

tm said...


Pari said...

yes time will tell

Pari said...
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TariqMian said...

thanks a lot madam!

Anonymous said...

pata nahi pakistan ka kia halwa bana day ga obama choudhry.

TariqMian said...

maybe "trust re-building material" is out of stock.

iremi nisces said...

Asalamu alaikum,

We could do with USA helping investment into developing Thar coal in sindh Pakistan

Take Care.

Palomasea said...

Indeed, time will tell, dear Tariq.
I am cautiously optimistic.
I do have faith in the President...that his good concsience steers him the right way. But we shall see.
I pray for peace...
Wishing you a happy week...
- Irina

TariqMian said...

Yes Irina you are right.
Have happy days ahead!

Imad Khalid said...

Lol never lose hope woh is case mien nai ha :p
Because they would yet again exploit pakistan and Yet again our people would be trapped for money.

TariqMian said...

we don't need money we need investment, and that would be possible only if we come to senses while electing government. We better be awake this time, otherwise it would be another hopeless scenario.


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