Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Protecting Canada's Diversity"

Since the ‘pandemic of Islamophobia’ still haunts the naive world populace, it seems as if the menace is far from over. And, the selfish propagandists hardly miss out a chance whenever they can conveniently utilize the evil against those who practice Islam. Anyone having soft corner for the emotionally embattled community is not spared either.
Annually, a three day RIS convention (Reviving the Islamic Spirit) is arranged to facilitate dialogue within the community.
The moment Justin Trudeau announced his decision for addressing as a keynote speaker at the RIS convention in Toronto last Saturday, there came a shameful anti-Muslim uproar from some politically motivated quarters. The scare tactics to deter away the young politician actually backfired, as the young man became reinforced with more determination on his part.

The narrow minded rivals began denouncing him ahead of his planned speech to the young Muslims. Originally, the website Point de Bascule started sub standard reporting about “Justin & the conference organisers.” The website Riposte Laique aided in building up the negative momentum.
Usually, the miscreants resort to insults, name calling and employing all fear mongering techniques when confronted with the bitter reality.

Instead of resolving the issues amicably, such goofs end up mudslinging. Unfortunately, the right wing biased media continuously targeted the young MP. Maybe, genetically Trudeau junior is a “charismatic leader still in the making.” Certainly, he always displays an above average intelligence to inspire his audience with logic.
On the contrary, his political rivals/fear mongers tend to be resorting to “negative criticism” at will; hence remain too retarded to perceive others’ opinions correctly.

At the RIS conference, Trudeau told a crowd of almost 20,000 participants that his critics attempted to tap into "fears and prejudices" that sap the acceptance of others." It is short-sighted to pit groups of Canadians against one another. It may make some feel good for a little while, or even work politically in the short term, but it is no way to build a country," Trudeau said in a keynote address. "It is not who we are." “They tried to appeal to people’s fears and prejudices, the very things that this gathering was founded to overcome.”
While making his speech at the conference, Justin claimed that the groups who did attack his decision to attend the gathering - only worked to divide Canadians.

At the 11th annual conference, he tried to persuade the Muslim youths that a dialogue with the mainstream was the best way for making changes in a community and a nation.
Noteworthy: the previous keynote speakers at the annual event included late Jack Layton (NDP) and former police Chief Julian Fantino. And, last year Prime Minister Mr. Harper sent a congratulatory note and also issued certificates to each of the event’s speakers.

The problem is the presence of some malicious elements out there, who love to spread fear, hatred, and discontent. Such rascals will never accept a leader like Justin, because he went forward with a noble task of reaching out to strengthen diversity.

Justin Trudeau seems convinced that some conservatives were behind stirring up a controversy about his appearance there. However, he was courageous enough to have fired back at his critics. This shows he is concerned and is interested in the diverse population of Canada's youth.
Most certainly, his speech was for just strengthening the national unity and not for creating a divide among the Canadians through promoting hatred or intolerance.

Also, his fans are aware of his eloquence, articulation and wisdom, which are rarely noticed in many others. Thus, he is admirable for he seeks to bridge gaps among all Canadians to keep the country together.
During his speech, he also went deep into Canadian history, which centred on tolerance of diversity. He made a specific reference to the former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier as he had struggled as a young man to bridge the fierce divide between English and French-Canadians. He mentioned about the constitutional protections such as guaranteed freedom for every group. “This broad, diverse middle class is Canada’s centre of gravity,” he said.

Generally speaking, the Canadians are at much ease with his common sense as well as his proven ability to connect with his audience. At the conference, he handled difficult questions straightforwardly with integrity and intelligence. So he deserves to be chosen as the next party leader.
Upon becoming leader of the Liberals, he would be willingly going for the needed changes to improve the Canadian politics.

(googled photo CTV News)

Obviously, he is taking an interest in the diverse population of Canada's youth. Canada needs young leadership. He has “the required will” to make Canada a better place to live.
Canada is a multi-cultural society, where various ethnic groups speaking different languages live, who should feel to practice religion of their choice.

Being a diverse country; we have to accommodate every member of the society without discrimination.
In other words, Canada will continue to remain a society consisting of people from a number of countries. Therefore, it has to be a home where everyone deserves to feel welcome.

Importantly, it’s about time for the Canadian

Like his father, he has great quality of leadership of course.

Bottom line is - for giving a good prime minister to our country, the Federal Liberals need a leader like “Justin Trudeau” to form the next government to restore Canada’s good reputation.


leo said...

It is true that anti Islamic forces are trying to elect those leader who are against Islam. It is good for Canadian Muslim to elect Justin and Justin like leader.

TariqMian said...

LEO, thanks for your comment.
Justin if elected as his party head; would be heading for 2015 elections.
If the Liberal Party wins more than half seats, the party chief would form the government.
Beauty is Justin Trudeau would be fair to all groups equally in this land of diversity.

narazia said...

Justin is a man of positive thoughts and is good for Canada.

TariqMian said...

Nazraia, thanks for your input.

Crystal said...

Sounds like Canada could use a good strong leader but all too often the ones who have the most sincerest visions for their countries are often derailed, snowed. I think it's a shame, but I hope this is one instance where good prevails! Islam is not the problem, it's ignorance and fear..

TariqMian said...

Islam is not the problem- you rightly said, yet it's the CULTIVETED fear against the great religion (Divine religion)--not the man made one.
The strategy of fear (dirty politics) is designed to turn the world citizens against the Muslims.
May God guide all to the right path--aamin!

R. Ramesh said...

tariqbhai..thanks boss..wish u and near ones too a very happy prosperous and peaceful 2013..:)

TariqMian said...

thank u Ramesh!


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