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Ballot Ready Multicultural British Columbia

Canada is called a country of immigrants which is also famous for its unique multicultural fabric. Despite the difficulties, the migrants (economic or political) tend to evolve sooner or later to an unfamiliar environment.
During the period of their adaptation, they begin to understand very well about the ground realities (in common) and the difference between their country of origin and Canada clearly. That helps them become familiar with what is similar in other communities. After obtaining the desired comfort level, they feel ready to celebrate their diversity, pick and choose as they desire. So this enhances their unique lifestyle further, indeed.

Let’s remember, it’s the “communication” which is one of the main keys to determine whether the people can live in harmony. Surely, being able to communicate ones culture to others brings good ‘end results.’ The better standards so achieved open door for everyone to live comfortably with peace and honor.
Simply speaking, the immigrants have to go through a number of phases to become citizens of Canada with voting rights. Time comes when political arena attracts them, so they love to participate as voters or as candidates depending on their level of achievements and abilities.
But before that happens, there are some other “pre-requisites” that need to be fulfilled satisfactorily of course! For example, the element of higher tolerance level among the members of various ethnic backgrounds is immensely vital in producing “productive only” citizens.
Beyond doubt, a tolerant multicultural society is the backbone of healthy political atmosphere necessary for stronger economy.

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The real beauty is the majority of members of such multicultural society never hesitate to respect each others’ values and many of them prefer peace over trouble.
Apart from the politics, all are allowed to enjoy his/her language, dress, food, religion, and customs and there is no persecution or fear of reprisals like that of countries of origin.

Politically motivated or not, every new Canadian is expected of learning the dominant language (English or French or both) and is supposed to be living by the rule of law for the benefit of all.
The women and children love to live a life in peace with security which is better available in Canada as compared to their back home unjust culture.

When it comes to B.C. multicultural community, they are admired to have contributed greatly to the rich diversity of the province. This signifies that the substantial advantages of a multicultural society outweigh the disadvantages because of the effective communication and higher degree of tolerance level amongst the members of the multicultural population.

So peace and harmony is helped by the improved attitude of people who practised higher level of tolerance encouraging mutual respect amongst the members of multicultural society. Regardless of color, gender or ethnicity, Canada provides freedom to everyone.

On the contrary, lack of communication leads to paranoia, confusion, segregation in a multicultural society. The negative attitude generates hatred and confusion. Specifically, Islamophobia keeps upsetting the innocent Muslim population. A multicultural society is at a disadvantage if the society looses tolerance and respect at whatever stage.

Initially, the people emigrating from different cultural backgrounds do experience a certain level of discomfort while taking part in the Canadian politics. Probably, some may face hurdles in transferring their back home political skills to the mainstream Canadian political process.

 According to Elections Canada, lower voter participation among younger Canadians has been widely documented, because the average age of visible minority groups is lower than that of the white population.
The upcoming May 14 B.C. Provincial Elections has a number of political contestants who are working day and night in their pursuit to become members of Legislative Assembly.

In fact, the province enjoys its diverse cultural mosaic mainly because of its variety of languages, traditions and ethnic cultures. The mutuality of understanding, acceptance, and respect generates social, economic, and political activity. Also, the vibrancy of multiculturalism seen in B.C. is specifically impressive.

Regardless of the rules of game, the battling NDP played its own tricks by releasing the leaked memos concerning Liberal tactics in targeting ethnic voters. According to the various media reporting, the B.C. Liberal’s “ethnic vote plan” for an easy win has leaked. Apparently, the Liberals’ strategy to target ethnic voters has backfired proving to be suicidal, as it has pushed them closer to their own disaster.

Due to the current credibility gap, the B.C. Liberals face another tough challenge. How far the Liberals can go for healing the wound before the upcoming election is not predictable at this stage, yet miracles can always happen.

But on the other side, though the NDP has an upper hand, yet its reluctance to follow up such gains by presenting a detailed platform of its own is thought provoking, while the BC Conservatives are firing off “platform statements” every other day.

And, the British Columbians are fast getting fed up even to the extent of losing faith in the B.C. politicians. The NDP leaders can’t reap benefits of Liberal’s scandal, unless they step up their own efforts to win the votes.
The foreign-born Canadians are less likely to go for ballot when compared to Canadian born population. Non seriousness of the ethnic communities causes a declining voter turnout.
The Multicultural society of British Columbia has a lot of catching up to do with respect to exercising their constitutional right of vote for choosing the honest and sincere people to the parliament who can deliver.


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