Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Civil Armed Forces Rescuing Microcosmic Karachi

It has never been so difficult to figure out the significance and the negative impact of bringing public life to a standstill in the country’s commercial city. Obviously, if Karachi sinks, it would take rest of the country with it.
Most probably, that’s what serves the enemy. Amid various ongoing national crises, the enemy benefits the most by engaging criminal elements and other professionals best suited for proxy war against the country.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s problem number one is its fake democracy which is usually based on unfair means. The unfair pressure tactics which work very well in favour of the potential candidate to get elected or re-elected over and over regardless of his lacking integrity or his poor past role.

Unfortunately, the influential political mafia is habitual of always getting actively engaged for grabbing power at whatever cost. Like it or not, the vulnerable naive public goes along quietly just to avoid any probable reprisals.
Not only, the fear factor but the rigging and over stuffing the ballot boxes are causes of valid concern, hence, there are many question marks about the legality of polls.

Furthermore, from time to time, fingers are pointed and the eye browS raised about the efficacy of electoral process in Pakistan.
If electing the dishonest or incompetent electable is a democracy, then it’s highly unfair with the politically aware masses who want to exercise their right to choose brilliantly based on nothing but merit. But, the current system opens gates of national and provincial assemblies for all sorts of people including the human vultures that now are in as representatives of the voiceless majority.

As seen, the status quo of malpractice continues to grow unchecked, thus, burdens the national exchequer, and because keeping incompetent ruling elite and the sleepy opposition is way too expensive and a big financial burden on the tax payers’ pockets.
Painfully, these politicians turn out to be nothing more than worthless national asset, hence a major liability.
A fake politician only safeguards his own/personal interests, hence, is unable to go beyond a lip service leading to nothing more than a poor delivery.

With all that said above, it becomes quite clear how the situation becomes quite ripe for the anti social activity. Actually, the motivated bad groups are actively involved in doing maximum damage to commercial hub of the country.
The way Karachi presents its shameful picture, and the momentum of destruction continues to strengthen the deadly scenario, Pakistan's vulnerability becomes thought provoking.
Looking at Karachi issue for a close analysis, we need to be assured first if the targeted operation is really working favourably. And, in case the civil armed operation doesn’t backfire, of course, that really means positive news.
Nevertheless, it’s too early to expect the desired goal as targeted, because the intended correction is time consuming, of course.

No doubt, it has been a severe headache handling a number of proxy forces. And the Taliban factor, Liyari Gangs, target killers, extortionists, transport mafia, land mafia, water mafia, aliens, selfish elite of politicians have already gone out of control.
MQM’s recent request for targeted army operation is unacceptable for a number of reasons.
All we need is a de-politicised police force and the Rangers. Surely, they can deliver if properly equipped and given more powers to fight out the armed to teeth thugs and terrorists.

In fact, recently, the Rangers and the Police have been equipped with better quality of State apparatus plus communication devices and an improved investigation system. So, they should be able to get good results soon.
We are hearing that the provincial government has prepared a strategy under which Sindh Police is being strengthened by virtue of its total strength, effective training, raising their mobility, its equipments, provision of latest arms and ammunition, incentives, legal protection and creating new wings of special force to combat the criminal at any time on permanent basis. Hopefully, with this type of commitment, there will be good results.

The ongoing targeted operation against the ‘target killers,’ ‘terrorists,’ ‘extortionists and the kidnappers’ seems to be really followed by an effective strategy to ensure a viable peace and tranquility in Karachi.
Importantly, the return from his visit abroad, Sindh Governor Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad is back to his office. That is likely to help defuse the sky rocketing temperature.
However, the self exiled MQM chief Altaf Hussain, a British citizen has his own addiction at will to remote control Karachi from London. Whatever the case maybe, the MQM should show its love for Pakistan by supporting the current ‘Karachi Operation,’ because otherwise, it would be impossible for the operation in the city to continue.
Furthermore, there is high chance for the city to experience worsening circumstances without all parties on board actually.
The other important reality is Karachi is inhabited by around “twenty million” people who belong to different sects and ethnicities, so an autonomous local government is a genuine need of the hour. Otherwise, deprivation of the fundamental rights of Karachiites to govern themselves will keep causing the painful frustration and the siege mentality.
Summing up, it’s worth mentioning that only a careful “diagnosis of the real enemy” is a must to minimize the collateral damage.
I must add here that an efficient and totally fair “surgical cleansing” of Karachi will bring a viable peace.
Certainly, upon return of normalcy, the city will be back to where it was before the deterioration began originally decades ago.


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“Terrorists Have No Religion”
(By TariqMian)

The cruel terrorists have already intensified their efforts; they are killing innocent people indiscriminately on the streets. Sometimes, they do target killing. The question is who is supplying the terrorists with the state of the art weaponry or remote control deadly devices and who is paying for the cruel activity? Most probably, the same mastermind is behind the recent Peshawar church massacre. The whole nation of Pakistan including the Muslims of all sects is equally mourning and shares the grief with the Christians.
Beyond doubt, the Pakistani Christians (Catholics/Protestants), Hindus, Sikhs are all sheltered by the law and constitution of Pakistan, yet the enemy is bent upon upsetting the peaceful friendly atmosphere regardless of the cost and the consequences.
Obviously, doing terror activity against Catholics, Protestants, Ahmadis, Shias, Sunnis, is responsible for creating problems among these noble Pakistani communities. The aim is to create chaos and enmity among the Pakistanis on the basis of difference in culture or creed. God forbid, that will never happen hopefully.
Since, enemies of Pakistan want to-destabilize the country; a number of different channels and various avenues have been actively engaged to achieve the desired dirty results. Both, terrorism and the lawlessness have been costing Pakistan in terms of property and innocent lives.
The question is how would Pakistanis be protected, if WRIT of the State keeps getting compromised by the enemy of Pakistan?
We the Pakistanis and the “Muslim-world” are with Christians whole heartedly, and we strongly condemn the terrorists and their masters.
We also request the government of Pakistan to take further steps to stop the bloodshed of the innocent.


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