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Plight of the Islamic World During 2013

Another year has almost ended, yet the ‘unfriendly status quo’ continues to irritate the Muslim world, whereas, the Islamic countries are perceived as the worst nations on the planet. Serious crises, worst form of terrorism, and the general unrest is the ongoing fate of these States. Nevertheless, the foreign meddling by the vested interests is usually blamed for all ills.

The problem adds further as the mutilated history of the Islamic World is allowed to spread maliciously based on the ulterior motives.

The fact is the Islamic world has been continuously experiencing loss of life of innocents including children and the elderly. An irreparable damage done to the movable and immovable property runs into billions of dollars because of the ongoing terrorism.
Terrorism: As the word terrorism is not properly defined, we need to be clear about the concept of terrorism in order to fully understand the menace: This barbaric attitude is applied through a ‘systematic use of violence,’ intimidation and threats aimed at coercing to achieve some goal, especially the political ones. In other words, it’s a state of fear and submission.

All terroristic methods of governing or of resisting a government fall under this category. True, some are freedom fighters, but they have been re-categorized as terrorists. This is also a fact that some terrorist groups are proxy warriors employed only to weaken the writ of the targeted country. The rebels are freedom fighters and are terrorists too depending on which side they are on. So it’s a complicated phenomenon, and unfortunately, the so called Muslims (fake ones) are hired to do the dirty job in the Muslim lands through insurgency, militancy and terrorism. But the media is bound to speak for the benefit of its pay master; that paves the way for the stakeholders. In nutshell, terrorism is said to be in existence when National or International laws are disrespected. Some examples of the unpleasant scenarios are as follows:

Sadly, a Bangladeshi citizen ( an Islamic scholar of prestige possessing high caliber) has been put to sleep in a rush; the victim had been booked for his pro-Pakistan role dating back to the 1971 Indian sponsored insurgency aimed at clipping the eastern wing of the country.
After 42 years, the government suddenly wakes up to eliminate the opposition leader on the basis of fabricated charges through Kangaroo court. Indeed, this is unlawful judicial terrorism which is nothing but a politically motivated judicial murder just ahead of controversial Jan 5, 2014 general elections. Now, the Bangladeshi officials are busy arresting the protesters/activists from the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its key ally Jamat-e-Islami in five districts, where police had been clashing with protesters. The BNP keeps refusing to field candidates for the January election, fearing the poll under Hasina will be rigged. Jamat-e-islami, the country’s largest party is barred from contesting the polls. Thus, the opposition is muscling up to topple Hasina.

Egypt: After a prolonged endeavor, Egypt embraced a legitimate democracy briefly and the democratically elected President Morsi was replaced by the illegitimate government with illegitimate constitution. More than 6800 innocents have been mercilessly killed in the last 5 months alone.

Afghanistan: After more than a decade, the country is bracing for the expected consequences once the 2014 withdrawal of foreign troops actually takes place.

Pakistan: Recently, the General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the States using drone strikes as a counter-terrorism measure to comply with international law; the UN acted on a range of issues relating specifically to the violation of human rights. The use of remotely piloted planes (DRONES) against the suspected terrorists contained in a comprehensive 28-paragraph resolution: titled “Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism” has now been regulated. It’s worth mentioning here that the portion about drone strikes was included as a result of intensive efforts made by the Pakistani delegation.

On the other hand: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered the formation of an anti-terrorist task force to combat militancy. The Punjab government intends to employ 400 instructors from Turkey and Pakistan army to train 2000 new recruits. Helicopters and advanced weapons will be provided to the proposed anti- terrorism force.

Another positive development is the European Union has allowed Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP+ package) to Pakistan. The scheme is likely to give a major boost to Pakistan’s exports to Europe, especially the textile and apparel exports. The ‘All Pakistan Textile Mills Association’ (APTMA) expects the GSP Plus status would double the country’s textile exports to US$ 26 billion from the current US$ 13 billion over a four-year period.

Syria and Iran: President Obama was so eager to send his cruise missiles into Syria without having approval from the UN and the Congress. Now, there is no immediate threat of war, also Syria agreed to give up its chemical weapons. However, the furious opposition forces are disappointed because they have been counting on the US air cover to advance their rebellion. Quite apparently, the Syrian rebels are supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, while Russia, China and Iran back Syria.

Furthermore, lifting of economic sanctions on Iran has encouraged Iran to give up developing nuclear weapons. Though the interim deal between Iran and P5+1 looks a little fragile at the moment, yet the Muslim countries have to forget about any sectarian differences in order to stand united on single page. Surely, a collective voice is the best path for promoting the world peace.


Tariq.MJ said...

It seems as if Pakistan is going to change for the better soon.

Palomasea said...

Greetings, Tariq!
It was so nice to see your message, thank you.
Always very informational and enlightening to read your analysis. It is difficult to feel so helpless in this world of conflict. As always, I pray for peace among all people.
Is this a new blog address for you? I will resubscribe...
A happy and healthy New Year to you!!
- Irina

Tariq.MJ said...

Irina, what a surprise-----after all your friendship is golden.
yes, this is my newer version of the old blog----you may resubscribe if the system allows---
I would love to have you onboard.

narazia said...

OIC=Oh I see
this organisation is good for nothing---and is speechless.

Tariq.MJ said...


Daanish said...

Nicely written log of 2013 for the so called muslim world.

The plight is not foreign made,there is no yearning in ourselves.

Example of Pakistani, no one follow traffic rules, stalls on middle of roads, not paying taxes,they lie,cheat, bribe and live in history books as a national past time. We cannot just blame rulers,it is us who are the real problems.

Until then no change for us.

Revolution doe not need blood,it can come with a simple collective act of doing the right things by ordinary citizens.

I hope this time will come when our people will start doing right things individually,inshahAllah.

Tariq.MJ said...

Dr Daanish, your comment explains it all. Jo qaum khud apni haalat nahi sanwaray gee wo kaisya sudhray gee?
GOD helps those who help themselves.

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