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“Injustice to the Ailing Veteran”

What is the actual driving force for disgracing a 70 plus years old ex president of Pakistan who suffers from nine medical conditions? Among other factors, personal vendettas as well as pleasure of the friendly foes (external or internal) are the most probable motives.

The disease of opportunism runs in the human blood and unless it’s filtered out spiritually and ethically, the manipulators out there do try all kinds of political manoeuvres/stunts to achieve the goals as targeted.
Gen Musharraf having remained house arrested due to serious murder charges against him for almost one half of a year was finally released on bail. But it’s not over yet for the poor guy, as the Pythonic Article 6 looks for gobbling him despite his illness.

Apparently, the hypocrisy has almost taken over in Pakistan, where there isn’t “one standard” set for all indiscriminately.
The message is “might is right.”

No one is actually worried when watching the clowns manipulating for their greed. The manipulators never get tired of advocating in favour of democracy; however they never go for the real democracy.
Though, democracy is for the people, of the people, and by the people, yet an important element remains missing for ages; no leader ever cared for rectifying or improving of it. Reason is simple; this poses a potential hazard in their own election.

“Jamhooriat main bandon ko gina kertay han, tola nahi kertay.” Thus, democracy in this form is misleading and partially painful, because the fact is “quality is better than quantity.”

We are facing two problems: (a) Democracy based on election by all regardless of literacy level of the voter. (b) Democracy based on rigged elections where ballot stuffing takes place or vote is cast by other than the actual voter.
Fake votes are the worst scenario, where wrong candidates grab the assembly seats and some end up in the cabinet.

Now, with such a sham democracy in place, things start getting worse to a point where the population gets fed up and prays for the military take over.
Military takeover means “usurpation of the constitution.” which is carried out to save the failing state. This is called a coup which is meant to punish the culprits responsible for misgovernance.

Wishful talking about democracy/ jamhooriat all the time is only for the good of rich elite that takes turns, whereas fate of ‘masses below poverty line’ has not much to gain from this fake exercise of democracy.
The habitual power-grabbers want to maintain the ‘status quo’ for their own vested interests. The fact is, neither they are loyal with the country nor are they well wishers of the poor masses.

Furthermore, the same political mafia includes the land mafia, industrialists and the feudal lords who have been suppressing the oppressed from rising up for their basic legal rights on constant basis.
The other sad part is played by descendents of Sufi/saints in Pakistan who enjoy collecting cash from the followers and nobody pays tax on it. The impotent Auqaaf department is useless in this game.
Unfortunately, Pakistan does have the selfish politicians; this class of super humans leads a luxurious lifestyle which is comparable to that of the royal families around the world.

Ironically, they are the ones who always stress upon the importance of democracy; they teach virtues of democracy. They are the ones who are nourished in the lap of dictatorship but also talk about the curse of military dictatorship. Everyone knows these children of dictatorship have now turned champions of the rule of law and democracy, seeking to cover up their own misdeeds.

Shouting in favour of high treason trial and calling names such as “ghaddaar” would benefit no one other than the super active selfish mafia. What a mockery? Pathetic!
Political opportunism is at play: the selfish elite know fully well as to when, where and how to maneuver to achieve “means” to gain the “desired ends.”
Indeed, political manipulation is an important step of the game as long as it’s not costing reputation, yet, the national honour should never be compromised.

Ironically, there are those who believe or show that their salvation lies with military rule, but they are the ones who are the most fervent advocates of putting the embattled leader of the coup on high treason trial.
There are a number of the so called friends who were very active during the Musharraf era till the end; sadly, they are now conveniently absorbed in the new political order enjoying their new portfolios as ministers.
The same hypocrites have jumped onto the band wagon of condemnation of their former friend and leader. But, salutations to Ch. Shujaat and a few others, because they are telling the truth at this critical hour.

Though, Musharraf today stands deserted by his old associates and followers, his old ill wishers are turning to become his well wishers now. This is because the people with good conscience can’t tolerate injustice to anyone.
Let there be no selective justice, as law is blind; it flows on its own course.
Musharraf is no angel, he committed blunders and the law says each citizen is held accountable for his unconstitutional actions as long as the trial is not based on personal vendetta.
Conveniently, the federal government and the apex judiciary have attempted to restrict the current trial to the Nov 3, 2007 action.

Beyond doubt, the smell of something fishy is quite bothersome at this point in time. Obviously, it is not in their interest to go back to the original coup/counter coup of Oct 12, 1999.

As per the records, it was the judiciary that issued the validation sticker after having legitimised the coup. Additionally, the elected parliament later indemnified all the actions taken by the military-led government.
Many political parties had welcomed the overthrow of the Nawaz regime. Most of the N Leaguers came under the banner of Q League and became the face of the new order and had their share of power all through the allowed tenure. Uniform didn’t matter and the parliamentarians were more than willing to have Gen Musharraf re-elected in uniform for a second term and approved his decision to impose emergency on Nov 3rd, 2007.

The outcome of the current case is likely to face its own demise as ex army chief can’t be tried in a non military setting. The Pakistan Army act, as amended in 1978, covers the charges of "treason" as well as those pertaining to matters of military discipline committed by a uniformed officer of the Pakistan Army.
This special court has “no jurisdiction” on members of the armed forces even when the charge is that of treason. They are to be tried under the Pakistan Army Act through a proceeding under a court martial.

Political culture needs a drastic overhaul to accommodate the right only candidates to prevent the future army coup. This is advisable as undemocratic norm has to change for a much better Pakistan sooner the better followed by the healthy economy where everyone shares the prosperity equally but according to the individual’s input.
There is a great lesson for everyone: God Almighty doesn’t like anyone with pride (takabbur). Let’s remember “pride hath a fall.” This happened with Nawaz Sharif and the same is happening with Musharraf.


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Rumours have circulated for months that a backroom deal would be struck to whisk him overseas to avoid a destabilising clash between the government, which brought the charges, and the powerful armed forces.
Musharraf s camp says the treason allegations, which relate to his imposition of emergency rule in November 2007, are politically motivated, and his lawyers have challenged the authority of the tribunal.
But the former commando has said he wants to stay and fight the charges.
Aside from the treason allegations, Musharraf also faces trial over the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, the death of a rebel leader, a deadly raid on a radical mosque and the detention of judges. source :Face book


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