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Education is the Real Power

Experience shows a ‘widespread illiteracy’ leads to a ‘widespread poverty,’ which may be responsible for producing unwanted anti social elements in the vulnerable society.
Certainly, the commercialism has added to fuel the fire. Motivated by greed alone, the selfish elite are responsible for damaging the most sacred profession of education beyond easy fix.

The self interest has side-lined the real purpose of education which is no other than producing the competent leaders at the end of the day.
When the goal is to generate profits and ignore quality, how would the graduates be marketable? Indeed, imparting inappropriate training and education is wastage of time and money.

The ongoing business malpractice has cost a lot in terms of wasting the young minds who otherwise can become competent leaders based on their aptitude. Lack of assessing intelligence quotient level (IQ) of the potential candidates is another contributory factor in sub standard education system which leads to generating useless graduates.

The existence of commercialized education is the biggest slap on the face of noble profession of Educationists; it has been corrupted as irrelevant education is conveniently sold to the naïve vulnerable public. In other words, the unfortunate ones are lured into valueless education where they are taught subjects that have no practical face value at all. The pain is their skill applicability is a big concern once these irrelevant graduates come out of schools; they end up with issue of facing joblessness for an extended period of time. There is no easy absorption for them in the working force.

Almost one out of ten Canadians does not have a high school diploma, while one in seven has a university degree. In many places, publicly funded high school courses are offered to the adult population. The ratio of high school graduates versus non diploma-holders is changing rapidly, partly due to changes in the labour market that require people to have a high school diploma and, in many cases, a university degree. Canada spends about 5.2% of its GDP on education. Since the adoption of section 23 of the Constitution, education in both English and French has been available in most places across Canada.(

It’s also true that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela
And, according to Mr. M.A. Jinnah, "Education doesn't merely mean academic education. You have to build the character of our future generations which means highest sense of honor, integrity, selfless service to the nation and a sense of responsibility."
Let's not forget the Muslim scholar of Indo Pak pre-partition days Sir Syed Ahmad Khan did have a vision for the educated Muslims. What he implied was education in this society was not only a demarcation of the wealthy and poor but also of the uneducated and educated. In fact, he was the one who had originally come up with strong suggestion for the Muslims of the sub continent in particular to acquire the knowledge of English language because of its universality all over the globe beyond any doubt. Of course, the knowledge and mastery of English as foreign language helps compete the world internationally.

Generally speaking, education enables the people to manage financial affairs. In exceptional cases, rich people have little education yet continue to succeed in life; they are unique people.
Not everyone is able to succeed like those people; many people need education to strengthen their natural abilities.

On the contrary, a person who lacks knowledge is considered to be idiot and is regarded as either a learner or an illiterate. And, those who are illiterate are left with no choice but go for labor jobs which do not require understanding, knowledge or development. Those who are uneducated, irrelevantly educated or insufficiently educated are bound to become a source to the needs of the educated.

The fact is the educated people do know what’s best for them; they know the difference between right and wrong. And, they know what it means if they are known as educated.
And the importance of learning Arts, Science, Mathematics and information technology can't be ignored, because the absence of relevant education invites poverty.

Some people are born gifted, while others are born with below average learning ability.
Whatever it maybe, it’s important to remain focused to reach your goal of relevant/up to date education. Don’t quit before the target is achieved. It sounds difficult but is not impossible.

Contrary to the notion that education closes prison doors as poverty is tackled, there are negative benefits of hi tech education: According to the CBC report, ‘Software known as a "zapper" or phantom-ware allows businesses to erase or modify sales transaction records in electronic cash registers, which often run on commonly used operating systems like Microsoft Windows. And, there are a lot of other hacking incidences that give headaches locally and globally.

Nevertheless, it’s still true that education holds the key to success. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet after all:  
A proper education leads to confidence; it optimizes your growth and helps you become independent to begin your own life. It makes you self confident while making decision.

In nutshell, education makes you knowledgeable; it makes you stand tall while debating an issue.
Let me assure you that the “character build up” of the youth is attainable through providing a unique environment where spirit of team work prevails and interaction between students and teachers is based on tolerance so that new leaders are produced.
Let’s go for imparting appropriate training including technical education and up to date knowledge.

In this regard, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan- (above mentioned) renowned scholar said:"Look forward, learn modern knowledge, and do not waste time in studies of old subjects of no value."
It’s suggested that the public and the government must be vigilant to save the vulnerable society from the sub standard education offered by the vested interests.


Tariq.MJ said...


Anonymous said...

good piece!

narazia said...

Education indeed is of vital importance.

Suleman A said...

jahalat ke wajah say Pakistan main jamhooriyet nahi aa sakti
issi waastay wadairay qaum ko ILLITERATE rekhna chahtay han

Crystal said...

I do so appreciate the quote by Nelson Mandela and I think it sums up the jist of your post quite well. What do I think? Hmmmm.. I agree that education does lead to better success, and it does affect ones confidence although a: how much of that boost in confidence is a result from the education itself or b: is it just another attribute measured by the amount of success an individual has achieved. Is it education or success itself that leads to the abundance or sometimes an overflow of confidence which can either mean the rise or fall of an empire so to speak.. I'm also glad that you pointed out something too about the success of less educated people. That sometimes people are just unique and or they're good with money, budgeting, making financial decisions etc.. Compared to the people who are basically, slow learners or people who have some form of learning disorder to some extent. Ultimately my dear friend Tariq, you have opened the door to yet another political debate and no one can deny that education is the key. And not only to success but to ensure the future of generations to come and ultimately to help make the world a better place! For everyone! And ignorance can be changed, so long as we all take the time and make an honest effort to educate ourselves and our children.

Tariq.MJ said...

Thank you Crystal for backing me up on the embattled sacredness of education and learning by all without discrimination.
Your enlightening view point is a source of my satisfaction.

Tariq.MJ said...

Your well said point is noted.
Thanks a lot.

Irfan Khan said...
Re: "English our way for progress"

Top Paragraph:=
The question as to what should be the medium of instruction continued to haunt the minds of Pakistani policy makers for nearly six decades. The result being that country continued to have three systems of education. Both the English medium and Urdu medium of instruction continued beside the madrassah school system. These questions might never be addressed properly because not a single policy ever implemented about our education system in Pakistan. For a long time mullahs considered English language as a threat to their creed and some assumed that Urdu language will be endangered if English is opted as medium of instruction.
First para:::::
I do agree with but critical thinking must be encouraged in all schools in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

that reads: English our way out for progress


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