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Bandwagon of Blame Shifting to Pakistan Position

Most probably, the chronic attitude “Blame Pakistan” stems from the untreated Islamophobia. Because of the misguiding opinion, the Canadians of Pakistani origin end up being nervous.
“When it comes to world news, attitude is what marks the distinction between justice and vengeance. Justice is pure, but vengeance brings more ruin.”Criss Jami
The question: Is it fair to keep suffering from PHOBIA directly or indirectly, as it leads to deteriorate the state of general health of all concerned?

Nevertheless, it seems as if the ongoing aggressive badmouthing against Pakistan is part of some kind of “hate contest” targeting a country in particular, for point scoring.
“I think that hate is a feeling that can only exist where there is no understanding.”Tennessee Williams

Certainly, the Canadian Pakistanis don’t deserve to be emotionally wounded by the irresponsible remarks of the Canadian minister of citizenship and immigration Mr. Chris Alexander who accused Pakistan of “state sponsored” terrorism. Furthermore, he has asked for allies help to take a joint action. Is he the right person to issue such a harsh statement endangering the great country that has sacrificed a lot while helping the World fighting a deadly war to eliminate terrorists?

The immigration minister should rather work on reducing 32 months limit to relieve the waiting Pakistani spouses and kids under 18 by deciding their cases on the fast track basis. Why is the picture entirely different for Indian spousal cases where time span is around a few months? The said minister’s immature comments on the non-issue clearly indicate where these are coming from.
How can a minister of citizenship and immigration give statement on behalf of the foreign minister? Pathetic! Surprisingly, the honorable prime minister and the foreign minister are still silent on this one.

The big global powers should not forget the fact that Afghanistan has always been a ‘bitter experience’ in the past. Even the allied forces despite Pakistani sacrifices couldn’t succeed in the prolonged war in the area.
Obviously, the rugged mountainous region is almost impossible to conquer. The problem is time of withdrawal has come, but terrorism is still a great threat in the region. Even Pakistan is not immune.
How can the World forget that Pakistan has been a “frontline State” to help the allied forces to tackle the menace and in so doing lost more than fifty thousand precious lives?

(REF) - “Pakistan: State Sponsor of Terrorism?” by Christine Williams for Gatestone Institute, April 7, 2014,
Pakistan’s High Commission to Canada rebuked Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander for calling Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism. “Pakistan is not a state sponsor of terrorism, as naively alleged by Mr. Alexander, but is itself a victim of terrorism, determined to fight this menace and extend every possible co-operation to our neighbors and allies in this regard,” said Press Counselor Nazia Khalid.

Mr. Alexander served as Canada’s ambassador to Afghanistan and authored the book, “The Long Way Back: Afghanistan’s Quest for Peace,” stated on a CBC television news program that “[t]he civilian government there [Pakistan] doesn’t control military policy, strategic policy… but the army and the intelligence service do…. and they have denied the obvious, postponed this reckoning for years with so many terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda.”

Update for Mr Alexander: Things have changed as Pakistan is a democracy and the Pakistan military and the ISI are under civil control. Interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign Pakistan is wrong.
Mr. Alexander (not a foreign minister) blames Pakistan for the ‘”failed Afghanistan mission” and blames Russia for the “failed Syrian interference.” He mentioned - "they are all connected".
Is he inferring “Russia” as the terrorist sponsor? One wonders: what are his views about China for having strategic ties with Pakistan.

The nervous Canadians may think that this nonsense has been designed to divert Canadians’ attention from the long list of difficulties related to the sub standard delivery of the Harper regime.
Some problems include the poor omnibus bills that camouflage changes from Canadians, the use of closure in order to prematurely end debate on legislation in many instances, the unfair elections act, and the riding nomination disputes. Scandals regarding appointments made by Mr. Harper are disturbing too.
Bottom line is whoever speaks ill against Pakistan is either misinformed or is just a tool in the hands of other trouble makers uttering naively.

Furthermore, the misinformed President Hamid Karzai also accused Pakistan of being behind a recent series of attacks and of blocking his government from striking a peace deal with the Taliban without substantiating his claim.

What should Canada really do?
Canada must help Pakistan in tackling neighboring State sponsored terrorism. Everyone knows what’s going on along the Pak Afghan Border in twelve or so Indian consulates engaged in training the BLA (Baloch liberation army) and dispatching professional terrorists to Pakistan for attacking on the pipelines and weakening the writ of State. The terrorism sponsor countries are involved in supplying state of the art weaponry and training to the anti Pakistan TTP (tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) and most of other 100 criminal groups who are available on cash basis to do maximum damage of life and property in Pakistan.
There are groups that are specifically hired to attack the military compounds and security apparatus of Pakistan.
If such is the case, Canada must side with Pakistan to sort out the differing thoughts to reach a logical conclusion.
Good News for Canada:
In fact, after so much destruction, Pakistan is open for business and Canada is more than welcome.
Since the whole picture is crystal clear, the honorable minister must withdraw his following statement:
"Canada and its allies must take a united front against Pakistan because it is a state sponsor of terrorism that threatens world security.”

The fact is Pakistan has been extending full co-operation, including exchange of information and intelligence sharing to the international community; it has arrested several high profile terrorists and have lost more than fifty thousands of lives in the process in addition to huge property damage.
Trouble is, with all the information at their disposal as to the reality of Pakistan's national issues, some people enjoy making provocative statements based on bias or naivety. They keep blaming with no real substance to back up their claims.

Good thing is some countries always maintain softer tones towards Pakistan and say, “we have already made it clear that it is up to Pakistan whether to take military action against the terrorists or to hold peace talks with them. They desire to see peace in the region, including Pakistan. They share a common stance and that’s the main reason they are able to stay united despite the differences.” If the US and the West greatly appreciate all of Pakistan’s sacrifices in the region, and remain optimistic about achieving the shared peace objectives, then Surely, Canada will be an achiever by maintaining its traditional neutrality indeed.

Most importantly, one must be able to separate truth from mere allegations. Pakistan’s importance in the region cannot be over looked. Beyond doubt, a happy Pakistan is better for the betterment of the region and the entire World.

Long Live, “Canada-Pakistan" Friendship! 


Tariq.MJ said...

Will the minister step down in the best interests of Canada?

leo said...

you have visited my lovely Lahore and after return back asking about what happening.:(

Tariq.MJ said...

I still love to come back to Lahore,
I need your sincere dua for a prosperous Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

kanada da kee banu?

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K.B. said...

The minister should think over it in larger national interest and harmony in multicultural society.

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leo said...

Now a days I am not posting any thing. All is well. May Allah keep Pakistan safe from terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan bashing should stop now; it has exceeded limits.


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