Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dreaming for the Dust to Settle

Beyond doubt, the biased reporting, misreporting or lying is morally and legally wrong. Maybe, the chronic disease of building fake stories is a good business for some, but it infringes the rights of all others who have to suffer because of it. Despite the bitterness, the truth is always beautiful. It simply speaks itself without real effort. In simpler words, one has to remember what was fabricated while the truth remains the same and there is no need to recall the verbatim.

Some champions of Pakistani democracy are “a bunch of liars,” they don’t focus on their main task; rather they are obsessively motivated to monopolize power to rule for their own selfish agendas. Since they are involved in violating the constitutional articles including article 6, article 63 and many others by ignoring the best interests of the country, they do contribute in the discomfort of the masses indeed.

The fact is democracy is said to be existing when it is of the people, by the people and for the people. Here,  the word “people” means people who are in majority, nevertheless, the rich elite always manages to rule the huge majority of general public consisting of the poor masses.

Eye brows are raised over the ‘polluted journalism’ which includes bashing, ridiculing and creating hype in the hot pursuit of rewards in cash or kind from the unknown sources.
Because of this nonsense, Pakistan is stuck in a cul-de-sac.

Of course, the ongoing dilemma is injurious for an overall health of the country and its inhabitants.
Media is a tool for the rich (the powerful elite), while the poor and the oppressed are just the tools to be used in favor of the powerful elite. Among other things, it’s usually noticed that some groups do have a dirty habit of conveniently encouraging media to do biased reporting.

According to Malcolm X,The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control minds of the masses.
In fact, the media does have the capability to generate public opinion as intended to satisfy the vested interests. But, the problem is the ‘unfriendly attitude’ of the main stream media towards the oppressed public in general.
On the other hand, the competition among the media businesses is in a desperate need of giving the truthful information by being objective and balanced in reporting. And the media is always bound by a code of ethics to continue as competitive and credible under all circumstances. A successful journalism has to be conscientious, because presenting the distorted facts is unethical and unlawful.

The job of Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) is to monitor to make sure that no TV channel is violating the terms and conditions of the license.
If PEMRA in the past had fined the TV channels found guilty of violating the code of ethics, the ground reality would have been quite the opposite.

Furthermore, the ‘never ending cycle’ of “tugs-of-war” between power-players is a bad news and now the eruption of civil-military tussle and the media hype to further the deterioration is something that would inflict too much damage to the country.
Obviously, the incompetence of elected representatives to come up with a political answer to the multiplying challenges does get compounded by the substandard TV debates.
We still remember executive-judiciary confrontation that topped the media charts for around three years. And the gossips about the Military establishment’s anger with the judiciary and the civil military rift are more than frightening. 
To figure out - is expected to remain complicated for some time unless scoping beneath the surface is carried out to analyze the dilemma.

Damage control and fixing the Snags:
By the way, a massive education program is to be introduced to eradicate the general illiteracy followed by computer literacy campaign so that people are able to know the difference between right and wrong.
·         Practising shamanism and idolizing the dead saints as redeemers of human problems has to be banned.
·         Land reforms are desperately needed to eliminate the curse of feudalism.

Restoration of writ of the State:
·         All responsible for terrorism have to be crushed brutally.  The terrorists, extortionists, killer gangs, saboteurs and arsonists are making a mockery of the Law enforcement and legal system. They need to be nailed for summary punishments.
·         The FATA region should be declared as province at par with other provinces of Pakistan.
Crushing the separatist movements and insurgency is the absolute necessity, as it is a proxy war to undo Pakistan. Only the Pak Military can finish the job if allowed by the government.
Unfortunately, there are similarities between Egypt and Pakistan situation.

To conclude:
·         A stage is being set in Pakistan unless the incompetent regime comes to senses before it’s too late.
·         The media is divided and judiciary integrity is under attack. The threat of May 11 is fast approaching. The fear is, with the military intervention in the best interest of the country, all democratic gains would vanish once again.

The bottom line:
If the media focuses on achieving the goal of opinion building based on balanced truthful journalism on merit, no power on the Earth can break the country.


narazia said...

a level playing field is missing in pak politics

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is a country of illiterate population-- not much hope

G. Butt said...

What can you you expect?
The people of Pakistan do not know their rights. They don't vote for the deserving candidates and if they do vote; they vote under pressure of "political power hungry mafia."

a poor karachite said...

Only unbiased media can do the job --- knows how to get the job done in favor of the poor masses who are actually way below the poverty line.

Anonymous said...


anjaani said...

Good one


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