Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Electoral Reforms, the Only Way Out

With the exception of a few, the majority of Pakistanis continue to be the sole victim of fake democracy. Although, the stubborn “status quo forces” benefit from it, yet they don’t care about miserable condition of the suffering majority.
Probably, the “imitation democracy” is to blame for having wiped out the middle class from the national scene.

Sadly, the surviving majority lives below poverty line only to moan with pain of poverty; this class faces terrible living conditions.
Nevertheless, the ailing system of governance appears to be the mother of all ills.
Under the cloak of democracy, the power addicted mafia (political vampires), struggles to keep erecting financial empires at will.

In other words, the ruling elite including members of the official opposition are always after grabbing the political office regardless of merit. Some members of this elite class are notoriously remembered for their oppressive behaviour towards “the have-nots.” Yet, it doesn’t end here, as these selfish vultures mainly focus on stealing the public exchequer and other resources.
If such is the case, it’s simply a matter of chronic condition of selfish behaviour; this can simply be classified as “untreatable” unless a large scale revolution occurs, sooner the better.
Some other factors include the curse of feudalism and hypocrisy at different levels; they do create major hurdles blocking the smooth running of fair practices both in public and private sectors.

Better Late than Never: The common people are getting active by coming out on the streets to start a journey from ‘revolution to evolution’ of real democracy. It’s a sure way for achieving the targeted democratic process in place.
According to News channels, there was a tremendous response to the calls made by Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri on May 11 for anti rigging rally and for the electoral reforms respectively. That’s a sign of political maturity in the making.
Absolutely, a fair political system would be a blessing for all, because everyone enjoys the fruits in the form of better opportunities and equal rights under the constitution and there is rule of law.
Last Sunday was the day to commemorate the first anniversary of rigged general elections of May 11, 2013 when the country ended up with sham parliament (the fake democracy) as usual. But, there comes a point where the patience gets exhausted.

Among others, Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) were out rallying around against the never ending cycle of massive exploitation to the “dis-advantaged majority.”
Last year, there were complaints against rigging; the cases were filed with the Election Commission and with the honourable courts, but all in vain.
Of course, the disputed election results leave a big question mark on the authenticity of the election process.
By the way: The election related cases pending adjudication before the courts for so long means “justice delayed is justice denied.” Indeed, the ills of selective justice and the partiality displayed by the Election commission are unacceptable.
Furthermore, the PTI leadership gave more than enough time to the Judiciary and finally came out in the open asking for justice. It blames the Election Commission and the ROs (the returning officers) for the massive rigging.
Obviously, the judiciary haven’t responded swiftly with regard to the electoral issues. PTI have been hawkingly stressing upon the need of recount and authenticating of voters’ thumb impressions in four pin-pointed constituencies in question.
Thank God! The ‘anti rigging rallies’ were peaceful and orderly.
Remember! The enemy of Pakistan takes advantage of any weak spot produced by sub standard governance, attitude of some members of the media and even the judiciary.

The attempts of character assassination of political personality or tarnishing the image of military and intelligence service are matters of real concern indeed.
Recently, the intense concocted reporting against the national institution is something very serious in nature.
Furthermore, as the insecure common people are left on their own, they tend to come out voicing their concerns on the streets. In short, Pakistan’s main problem is the oppressive behavior of the powerful denying the basic rights to the powerless oppressed.
The parliaments based on stolen mandate are nothing other than a major disappointment because their members are more interested to secure their own agendas.
Technically speaking, there is no democracy when the poor people continue to suffer, while the elite class continues to prosper by leaps and bounds. And, the people also wonder as to how did the ‘party in power’ manage to obtain the ‘restraining order’ from the court, if it hadn’t rig the elections as claimed?
Isn’t there something fishy behind the removal of the NADRA chief?

Even a layman can easily figure out what would be the consequences if one ruins the electoral system and is in violation of the constitution under normal circumstances where parliament is genuine and the government respects the merit system. Simply speaking, the rule of thumb is if anti Pakistan activity is said to have been committed it is punishable under article 6 and a few other articles. Furthermore, applying article 63(g) will be a major blow to the selfish elite. Without punishing the criminals and paving the way for a democratic order there can’t be real economic prosperity.
There is no doubt that the electoral reforms are needed desperately to wipe out corruption at all levels.
Also, the real essence of democracy is said to exist when people are really entitled to choose whoever they want without any pressure or coercion or fear of reprisal.

It’s crystal clear that the dynastic politics cannot bring the true essence of democracy as some families tend to remain in power merely taking turns, while the friendly opposition adds further to mockery of democracy.

Though many people don’t exactly know what democracy is, yet at the same time it would be easier to stick to the famous proverb, “I know it when I see it.”

Most importantly, all those who have invested their capital abroad but keep their political links with Pakistan are not sincere enough to be patriotic. They must be persuaded to look after Pakistan first. 
The problem is the selfishness, where love of wealth surpasses love of country.


Daanish said...

Great article.

The problem of our country is its people. Unfortunately the masses are corrupt and hypocrits. Being a a vendor occupying a footpath which he is not supposed to, likewise a postal worker getting slaary and not delivering the mail.

Haram is the way of our lives in Pakistan. Everyone,just to say clerks,policemen,milk men,anyone and every one is involved in the murder of my beloved country.

I don't blame politician,people gets who they are in their core values. There are neither muslims nor kafirs, there are hypocrits in Pakistan.

Election rigging issues is a good start till its finish.

Abdul said...

Daanish, you are right that everyone is corrupt; no one is immune from hypocrisy.
One of the paragraphs in the above article mentions as follows:
"Some other factors include the curse of feudalism and hypocrisy at different levels; they do create major hurdles blocking the smooth running of fair practices both in public and private sectors."

Tariq.MJ said...

Corruption is out of control, national sovereignty has been severely compromised and incompetence in high positions of authority has become intolerable, and many politicians with fake degrees are occupying the National and Provincial Assemblies. Naturally, the public patience is exhausting fast.

narazia said...

Current govt is much better than the previous one but the disease of corruption is present too. Only surgical action through educating may be helpful to start with the elimination of hypocrisy (as a condition precedent).


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