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Happy Birthday O’ Canada

As Canada becomes 147 YEARS OLD on July 1st 2014, the excited Canadians tend to be merry making indoors or outdoors. As usual, Canada Day Parade and fireworks display is ready to offer fun and enjoyment.
Since ‘Canada Day’ is a federal statutory holiday, it’s celebrated throughout Canada with full fervour in recognition of the “July 1, 1867 enactment” of the British North Americas Act (BNA), also called “The Constitution Act, 1867.”

Historically speaking, the Canadian founders of confederation were the representatives of the British North America colonies who attended the three major conferences on Canadian confederation. Sir John A. Macdonald became the first Prime Minister of Canada on that day. Not only was he the ‘father of confederation,’ but he also drafted two-thirds of the provisions of the BNA creating the ‘Dominion of Canada.’ As a result, Canada became a self-governing dominion of Great Britain.
The four provinces were created from the former British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.
Currently, Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. This Canadian national holiday was enacted in 1879 under the name “Dominion Day.” In fact, the formation of the union of provinces under a new country is the basis of Canada’s July 1 celebration each year. However, the 'Dominion Day' changed into 'Canada Day’ on October 27, 1982.
The official lyrics "O Canada" were finalized in 1968 by a special joint committee of the Senate and House of Commons. This day also marks the anniversary of the officially proclaimed “O Canada” as national anthem. The Royal anthem plays 'God Save The Queen' at some festive locations celebrating Canada Day.

More exciting is the fact that Ottawa always welcomes Canadians from all across Canada who go to the national Capital to enjoy the specifically tailored festivities. This year again, thousands of Canadians are expected to congregate on the Parliament Hill to mark their country’s birthday.
In the morning between 9:00-10:30 o’clock, the visitors will be able to attend the Peace Tower carillon concert, the traditional flag-raising ceremony and the changing of the guard ceremony.

From Noon to 1:30 PM is reserved for the Canada Day Noon Show which would be including a CF-18 fly-over, and performances from Brett Kissel, British Columbia Boys Choir, Marianas Trench, Nadja, Serena Ryde, Terry Kelly, Véronic DiCaire.
From 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., visitors can enjoy 1930s- and 1940s-style swing dancing, with its spirit of joy and exuberance
Parliament Hill Evening Show will start at 7:30pm featuring Brett Kissel, Daniel Lavoie, Marianas Trench, Nadja, Serena Ryder, Véronic DiCaire, Whitehorse, DJ A-Rock and VJ Video Girl.
Major’s Hill Park will host an exciting all day line-up featuring a variety of cultural performances; the inspirational stories of Canadian Olympic and Paralympics Athletes will be highlighted.  At Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau (10:00am-10:45pm), a variety of activities for families, especially children aged 3 to 12 will be held.

Also, the Canada Day fun includes games, physical activities, performances, inflatable slides, and special activities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown and Québec Conferences and Canada Day Fireworks would start at 10:00pm.
The celebrations will be all over Canada; similarly, Surrey, BC has its own celebration features that include the World-class entertainment, great food, games and amusement rides, and indeed a spectacular fireworks finale.
Listen-in on this year’s main stage to be presented by Chevron, for another stellar lineup. In addition, shooting star amusements will have a full range of family-oriented fun for the younger crowd, including amusements, interactive games and bouncy castles. Here, Canada Day will be held at the same venue as last year. The public may come to join at 10:00am- and stay till 10:15pm, when there will be the fireworks show.

Some people would celebrate the special day by joining BBQ parties and enjoying the fireworks all over the country.
Let’s not forget, the Multicultural Society has contributed significantly to keep Canada going with excellence. Last year, a spectacular Canada Day Celebration at Strathcona Park was successfully organized by the Muslim Coordinating Council (MCC-NCR) and the Indonesian Canadian Congress (ICC) followed by a positive feedback from so many Canadians of different ethnic and religious background. It was a lot of fun, especially for the children.

Indeed, the event serves as a good bridge to facilitate Muslims to build ties with Canadians of other faiths. The international "mouth watering" food and dishes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Turkey were available.
Nevertheless, this year due to Ramadan starting on 29th of June, the Muslim Canadians will have to adjust a little respecting the sacred month of “pre-dawn to dusk” fasting.

Despite the insurmountable difficulty, a tolerance level among the members of multi-cultural society is a real blessing, as it has been playing a big role in promoting diversity in schools, work places, businesses and academic institutions. Of course, the credit goes to millions of motivated immigrants who kept building this nation to make Canada an attractive country to live peacefully.

Constitutionally, the Canadian society enjoys equal rights, opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, race, creed or color.
As said above, every year, tens of thousands of Canadians celebrate Canada Day in grand style in the nation's capital flocking to Parliament Hill to join with the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.
Of course, the Canadians are entitled to celebrate their legacy, pride and opportunities.

On the 147th Canada Day, the celebration in Surrey BC feature: world class entertainment, great food, games and amusement rides, and a spectacular fireworks finale. Plus, there will be a main stage presented by Chevron, for another stellar lineup. In addition, Shooting Star Amusements will have a full range of family-oriented fun for the younger crowd, including amusements, interactive games and bouncy castles - wow!

Certainly, Canada Day unites all Canadians regardless of creed, culture or ethnicity; it help us understand the significance of the Canadian life.


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