Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Strategic Strike at the Commercial Hub

Regardless of legality, the strategy of warfare against Pakistan has changed from the conventional methodology to non-conventional approach. Believe it or not, disarming a nuclear armed country is not that easy. However, the cunning enemy has found out the remedy alternatively. They know the proxy is the best answer and that’s exactly what has been happening in Pakistan for more than a decade. Therefore, it’s not wrong at all to expect the enemy attack 24/7 from any un-imaginable angle.
Among the available tools are the “Fool Taliban,” that includes those belonging to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and many other groups. In fact, there are more than hundred groups and factions residing in the hide outs of Waziristan/ the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) which is strategically located between the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and the settled areas of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).
It’s generally believed that there are good people and bad people residing in the FATA. But the area is mostly infested with criminal groups that are conveniently available to the internal and external enemies of Pakistan based on who pays them the most. The said criminals are also involved in drugs and other crimes for their livelihood. Naturally, heavy cash attracts them to do anything. Remember! If the criminal culture prevails, the religious people are among the innocent sufferers as collateral damage. The fact is religion has nothing to do with the nasty behaviour of criminals/terrorists.
Only heavy cash motivates them to attack the military and civilian targets beyond doubt.
Since Karachi happens to be the commercial hub of Pakistan, it’s in the best interests of those who want to make Pakistan bend backward. Especially, attacking the international airport is a signal to the world about the safety issue aimed at nothing but isolating the country economically.
Sadly, the aftermath of five-hour attack on the Karachi airport left at least 37 dead including 10 militants. This reminds us of all the previous terrorist attacks on army bases on GHQ in 2009, PNS Mehran in 2011 and on the Kamra airbase in 2012.
As usual, the Taliban have taken responsibility of this first large-scale attack on a civilian installation. It was aimed at hijacking as claimed. Whoever the terrorists were, they demonstrated their reach and skill which is comparable to that of highly trained army soldier. Based on sophistication, it can be safely assumed the Karachi attackers had foreign commandos among them.
The breaking news brought Pakistan on TV channels all over the globe just for the nonsense. Doesn’t this indicate a failure of Pakistan law enforcement apparatus? Where was the ISI, MI or civil agencies? Unbelievably, the enemy managed to enter the most secured of site.
This shows the true level of protection to Pakistanis is almost zero, and the sub standard governance is all we see.
Nevertheless, at the terrible hour, it was Pak Army that showed up as usual to defuse the alarming scenario. Rightly, the public always ends up loving the armed forces.
Question is what is it that makes Taliban jump in taking responsibility based on revenge or several other nonsense reasons which divert public attention away from the possible foreign hand?
Although, the magnitude of terror strike suggest differently, yet the TTP itself is claiming the attack. Maybe, it is trying to take the CREDIT just to FAKE its power.
Reportedly all attackers met their fate and their bodies are now in the state’s custody for further action to establish their identities and whereabouts.
If the story as told by the Taliban is believed to be true, then Pakistan needs to fix itself internally sooner the better. On the contrary, some people believe that the Karachi attack was carried out by the foreign agencies and army soldiers from the neighboring countries, but the TTP had to claim responsibility just to tell that TTP was still alive.
Unless the writ of state is adequately protected, the human life remains vulnerable, national exchequer will be touching the bottom in the absence of secured economic activity. If the most secured areas are vulnerable, what can be expected in non secured public areas?
Enough is enough:
Why should the terrorists be allowed to continue crippling the country and making people’s life miserable?
Any negotiated settlement with the terrorists/aggressors is pointless unless the enemy is first pin pointed, declared and designated officially. Pakistan armed forces must be given a free hand to crackdown on these foreign sponsored terrorists who have made our country a living hell.
Pakistan National assembly, the senate, and all provincial assemblies must be on a single page to legislate some tough laws to deal with the ongoing terrorism, militancy, social and economic terrorism keeping in view of non conventional warfare.
All private parallel governments and feudalism must be declared unlawful and unconstitutional.
Now or never approach to deal with challenges may offer some way out.

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