Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the Name of Democracy

The Azadi march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Inqillab march of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) are currently in a “sit-in mode” outside parliament house in Islamabad. The mega flood of protesters is technically in the Red Zone after removing the containers from their path. The voice continues to be “Go Nawaz Go” coming from all sides. The buildings in ‘Red Zone’ are symbol of state, hence are being protected by the army.
As alleged, the current assemblies were formed through massively rigged elections. Right from day one, the PTI has been asking for audit of four constituencies, but the prime minister and his cronies ignored the request. Their fear seems to be nothing other than their embarrassing exposure.
The PAT Chief (a non entity) has been pushing for electoral reforms, the system change and now demanding the registration of FIR against culprits of Model Town genocide where fourteen members of the PAT lost their lives, whereas, around ninety workers were brutalised and injured by a few Gulloo Butts from the police force.

The non sense operation known as Model Town genocide triggered the situation further.
Despite the triple one brigade controls the buildings in the Red Zone, Both the PTI and the PAT continue to carry out their “SIT IN” in the forbidden area - intending to trespass and storm the PM house if the PM fails to step down by Wednesday evening, whereas the PM has declared his intention to hang on to his democratic position. The defiant leaders, however, are flexible for negotiated settlement. "Situation requires patience, wisdom & sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve prevailing impasse through meaningful dialogue in larger national and public interest." (ISPR spokesperson Asim Bajwa tweets).

What goes around comes around; the tactics used by Sharif in his past long march are now being applied by PTI and PAT against him. If decision to restore a Chief Justice can be made on the roads instead of parliament house then the Sharifs should understand it. Also, during their previous tenure the Sharifs attacked the Supreme Court.
In fact, the political leadership has utterly failed to implement the democratic principles and allow human rights as provided in the constitution.
The man on the street believes that the parliamentarians are incapable of solving their problems.
Because of unfair status quo, there is unfair distribution of opportunities; only 5% are the lucky ones who control 95% of total wealth.
The fake democracy (damn.o.crazy) in Pakistan has been responsible for a number of crises. The economics presents a sad picture, so does the political scenario.
Previously, the people of Pakistan were sick and tired of Zardari regime which only had played tactful games to complete its tenure with a friendly opposition of the N league and others.

Nevertheless, the alleged 2013 election fraud, incompetence and corruption led by the N league made it worst for the public to find basic needs. The 3rd time prime minister Sharif brought more misery for the Pakistani silent majority of 180 million.
Since the ruling Mafia, in the name of democracy commits fraud, the Sharifs are under pressure from PTI and the PAT.
PTI chief Imran Khan (stakeholder) and PAT chief Tahirul Qadri (non Stakeholder) have separately played their cards; both leaders have shown the kind of street support they command. Imran Khan came out as he has been waiting for the courts to force the Sharifs for audit in four constituencies and there is no relief as yet.

Demand of electoral reforms and formation of independent election commission are genuine demands. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can’t simply resign a year after winning an election, but being involved in Model Town murder of 14 people, he has to step down for the justice system to work freely.
Currently, the protesters are in front of Parliament in D CHOWK despite the presence of Park army.
 In general, the PM’s resignation and dissolution of assemblies remain part of demands
Some argue that it’s only a national government that can bring electoral reforms and administrative reforms which is in the best interest of Pakistan.

The problem is Nawaz Sharif has learnt nothing from his two previous incomplete tenures, most probably, he is a good business man who is devoid of political expedience.
Democracy in its present form has failed repeatedly in Pakistan not because of army interventions but due to the selfish political elite that wanted to maintain the status quo for their personal advantage.
In a parliamentary democracy, the first priority should be to bring about deep seated modifications where candidates are allowed to contest for a seat in the assembly. They must be highly qualified persons of utmost integrity well known for their contribution to the society.
More administrative based provinces will facilitate the public.

However, a presidential system of democracy rather than the British parliamentary system of democracy would be more suitable. A presidential form of government like that of the U.S. is less expensive.
Democracy in a country can’t flourish unless the feudalism is outlawed; the feudal mentality is to manipulate the system by buying votes through coercion. These chains of slavery must be broken through education, science, technology and innovation so that a strong middle class can emerge.

Good development: The neutrality of Pak army is praiseworthy; this would help democracy to flourish.
Both leaders are ready for negotiation; Imran Khan has backed off from his earlier rhetoric of storming the prime minister house. Yet, he reiterates the dialogue would fail unless Nawaz steps down. The “sit in” would continue until talks are successful. Both Imran Khan and Allama Dr Tahirul Qadri have been rightly stating that democracy will not work in Pakistan without proper changes in the electoral system which ensures that only the brightest and those with unquestionable integrity come into power.

A highly competitive and transparent merit based system needs to be incorporated to ensure honest and professional governance for stopping Pakistan from slipping deeper into a state of uncertainty.

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