Monday, October 13, 2014

And Now the Modiism

It’s vastly believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a unique phenomenon in Indian politics. Admittedly, his love for India is quite obvious, so is his hatred for Pakistan and Muslim population.
Aside from his inherent flaws, Modi’s transformational leadership is inspirational beyond doubt. It’s usually thought that Modi goes a step ahead of Indira Gandhi because Ms Gandhi had an ideology, whereas, Modi is focused on-----power, power and more power. With more power, Modi should be able to resolve the toilets issue: By one estimate, some 300 million women and girls in India defecate in the open. Most of them belong to underprivileged sections of the society and are too poor to afford toilets. "Ending open defecation is an urgent priority that needs to be addressed, for the benefit of women and girls who live in poverty and without access to privacy and a decent toilet." Experts believe that India needs to scale up its war on sanitation with a special emphasis on women. But for a country which aspires for superpower status, lack of toilets is an enduring shameOn his stump, the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist BJP had promised,"Toilets first, Temples later". He needs to do that sooner to save lives of more women (source Indian media)

Coming back to Modi’s attitude regarding Pakistan and the Muslim population: Most probably, Muslims on both sides of Indo Pak border are hardly comfortable with the moody personality of ‘Modi in power.’ Historically, Modi’s passive support for anti Muslim Gujarat riots and Samjhota express bloodshed of unarmed innocent Muslim men, women and children was highly brutal and shameful act.
On the contrary, people in large number regardless of ethnicity, color or creed find a high quality in Modi’s administrative ability and his genuine delivery to his nation during his tenure as Chief Minister is praiseworthy. Furthermore, as Prime Minister he has passion to take India to the maximum height for providing financial prosperity to his people.
Other “good thing” is Modi is a “bad news” for the lazy Indians but the worst of all is Modi appears determined to be denying right of self determination (Plebiscite) otherwise available to the Kashmiri Muslims under original UN resolution.
Other problem is he is not doing anything to stop the ongoing cross border bombing which was initiated by the Indian forces on Eid ud Duha. Pakistani forces are only firing in defence and not targeting civilian areas. Furthermore, his anti Pakistan rhetoric make him look like Hitler. The irony is he employs anti Pakistan attitude just to gain more political mileage.
Moreover, firing along the disputed and working boundary between India and Pakistan has left at least 17 civilians dead.
The Himalayan territory of Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan by the UN-monitored de facto border of LoC but is claimed in full by both the countries. “Pakistan considers that United Nations resolutions must be the base for any solution of Kashmir," Sharif remarked. He further said that, "People of Kashmir should be part of any solution of Kashmir. UN should honor its own resolutions. Any solution which is endorsed by all parties including Pakistani, India and Kashmir will be the only acceptable solution.”

Conclusion: India offers a good model of governance under Modi and the Pakistani ruling elite must adopt simplicity and avoid the infamous VIP culture. The corruption will automatically come to an end if the top man is simple, fair, motivated and enjoys command and authority as truly mandated democratically. And, Modi should rid himself of anti Pakistan feelings for the sake of regional peace and prosperity. Non resolution of Kashmir issue is clear evidence of failure of United Nations. So Kashmir issue must be resolved amicably sooner the better.

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