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Elimination of Terrorism, a Huge Challenge

How can Taliban (students) perceive themselves as Muslims without even knowing how to practise the Quran and Ahadith? In other words, they live and die without proper Islamic knowledge or with little knowledge. In either case, they can’t practise Islam. Hence, they tend to end up as totally confused/the most vulnerable species on the Earth. Because of their naivety, they are up for grab by the anti Islam/anti Pakistan forces (internal or external) for ulterior motives.
Secondly, there are those who have nothing to do with Islam except defaming it; they cunningly manage to fake as practical Muslims.

It’s evident the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) actually is one of the most dangerous – fully trained for guerilla warfare and armed to teeth “anti-Pakistan groups,” its members chose Dec 16 for a reason: They gave a painful message reminding the nation of crippling Pakistan when it lost its eastern wing in 1971. They carried out the Tuesday bloodshed, the most inhuman heinous crime against the innocent children of an army Public school on Warsak rd Peshawar.

According to sources, the TTP spokesperson vowed more such militant attacks and told Pakistani civilians to detach themselves from all military institution, adding: “We are still able to carry out major attacks. This was just the trailer.....” Horrible!

Obviously, the ferocious animals are planning more attacks at schools in Pakistan. Apparently, they are taking revenge for the Pak military operation zarb e azb which they claim has killed their innocent children. One survivor told how children belonging to army backgrounds were picked out and gunned down.
Nevertheless, by killing school children, the TTP has crossed all limits of barbarism.
Despite having been reminded many a times, the government has not been able to re-evaluate its counterterrorism strategy, to take the right steps and initiate the right policy so that we do not witness this kind of atrocity.

Good Show:
Pakistani nation has a fragile unity to deal with the national issue. Subsequent to the all parties conference APC headed by the prime minister and attended by Imran Khan among others in Peshawar and all participants had a single voice to defeat the terrorists. In other words, the sacrifice of 132 martyred kids and 9 martyred school staff has enabled the fragile nation to narrow the gaps if any. They have almost unanimously voiced for uniting to fight off the menace of terrorism.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf called off its 126 days long “Sit In” in D chowk Islamabad without any logical ending with regard to Naya Pakistan or the formation of Judicial commission to probe the election rigging in four constituencies.

Last year, the Nawaz regime drew up the National Security Policy (NSP) and showed its seriousness in countering the growing terror threat in the country. Strengthening of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) to coordinate and assemble all efforts to fight the terror threat was talked about loudly yet one can’t see any progress on the issue beyond lip service.
The politically embattled federal government has failed to realise that the military operation can’t be totally successful unless there is other counter terrorism strategy well in place. That is why, the ferocious militants were more than encouraged to commit a preventable carnage on December 16.

Normally, we can’t blame on security lapse, yet a counter strategy would have saved many innocent lives from being lost.
The truth is there is a trust deficit which is why a negotiated settlement is out of questions. So far, no talks with Taliban did ever bring any peace as they are not trust worthy. The terrorists have no religion, no conscience and no remorse; they are transformed into monsters that are paid and hired by the vested interests to damage our national interests. In this game, they kill if they have to. They please their masters.
Terrorist Attack at Karachi International Airport, attacking at the Wagah border and now killing so many children is part of enemy’s strategy.

The terrorists burnt and shot the kids to death; toddlers and nine members of teaching staff at the Peshawar Army School were not spared either. This clearly indicates what type of people in the name of Islam they are.
Although, the Pak military is heavily engaged in Operation Zarb-e-Azb, yet the fact is it can’t continue fighting successfully engaging the conventional methodology. Historically, such operations have failed to totally eliminate terrorists and provide security to the common Pakistani citizen.

Fresh strategy to fight against the menace is an absolute necessity.
Unpredictability: The TTP militants have the capacity to emerge at will anywhere in the country to carry out their brutality on innocent civilians. Many citizens, including non-school going children, have died peacefully to serve their so-called national interests. Moreover, Pakistan has lost more than 50,000 people already, and more than 5000 military/security personnel have lost their lives while fighting the terrorists (enemy commandos). There are no two ways about it; the nation is paying the cost in the blood of its innocent people and now its children (students). The Pakistanis finally realize that the ongoing war on terror is Pakistan’s war.
Finally, the Justice system is allowed to work against the terrorists. Once the mercy petitions are rejected, death warrants are issued and the convicted terrorists are hanged till their last breath.

Since providing the 24/7 fool proof security everywhere is almost impossible, the people are morally obligated to be watching for any suspicious activity near them,
Furthermore, the needed “Intelligence gathering’ is of utmost importance, so is sealing the borders to discourage the free inflow and outflow of militants. Also, a counter-terrorism strategy needs to be in place to disrupt the enemy supply line right at the original source.
Beyond doubt, the Pak military knows its job very well as to how, when and where to carry out a pre emptive strike aimed at repulsing the terror attackers right at their door step.
Importantly, the government, the military, the police and the civil society must stay on one page to get rid of the ongoing menace to save the country, now or never.

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Sp Osman: War is not the way, this is name of violence ideology ......peace is the best way to survive....the global entertainers creating the way for evil...they have not concern with the humane blood....the draw back in the counter militants attack is the la...See More
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Sp Osman: War is not the way, this is name of violence ideology ......peace is the best way to survive....the global entertainers creating the way for evil...they have not concern with the humane blood....the draw back in the counter militants attack is the la...See More
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Tariq MJaved: Taliban should not mess with Pakistan no matter what.... they are brutal and are being supplied arms to finish Pakistan. They must rethink and get out of killer attitude ----they must not kill women and children as Islam never allowed that stupid thing. REAL ISLAM must survive.

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