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Is ‘Karachi-Terrorism’ Nose-diving?

Pakistani born Altaf Hussain (Altaf Bhai) founded an ethnic political party called “Muhajir Qaumi Movement” in the mid eighties. The party mainly comprised of Urdu speaking community. Later on, party name was altered to “Muthidda Qaumi Movement.”
Members of the “migrant-community” are normally coerced to follow their master Altaf bhai’s commands.
The manipulative MQM loves to be onboard with all ruling parties.
Karachi Criminal Cases:
Amid his politics of ethnicity and fear, Altaf Bhai was severely involved in committing atrocities on human lives by running his own private jail with torture cell in Karachi.
According to a press release, the accused Umair Siddiqui also revealed that a former deputy convener of MQM’s coordination committee, Anis Qaimkhani, had presided over a meeting at Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall which was attended by former KTC in-charge Hammad Siddiqui, all sector-incharges and joint sector-incharges of the party. During the meeting in 2008, MQM's Deputy Convener Qaim khani allegedly directed to speed up targeted killings in the metropolis on ethnic/linguistic basis.
Pak Media seems to be gutless when it comes to paint true picture of Altaf Bhai and the MQM. All TV channels feel coerced to cover his telephonic addresses from London.
On the contrary, PTI chairman blames Altaf Bhai for inciting violence and soliciting murder after the May 2007 riot in Karachi.
Furthermore, Altaf Bhai benefited from the NRO (national reconciliation ordinance 2009) and had all his 3576 charges and cases of corruption dropped.
In 1999, General Musharraf disclosed that Altaf Hussain had received funding from India for terrorism.Altaf is also accused of inciting violence in Karachi after his party's leader Zahra Shahid Hussain was killed on 18 May 2013.A detained MQM member confessed of having committed target killings over political rivalry in the city and named a Muttahida office bearer involved in 2012 Baldia Town fire killing 258 factory workers.
Umair Siddiqui had formed a 23-member “Target Killers Squad” on the directives of former in-charge of MQM’s Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC), Hammad Siddiqui - which killed around 120 people on political grounds. It was also confessed that approximately 250-300 target killers reside, or are in hiding, in the neighborhoods surrounding the MQM headquarters. Umair was among dozens of Muttahida Qaumi Movement affiliates arrested on March 11 when Rangers conducted a raid at the party’s headquarters, called 90 (Nine Zero).
London Criminal Cases: In 1991, MQM chief escaped to London amid violence in Karachi and sought asylum and became a British citizen in 2002.
Sadly, in September 2010, one of the founding members of the MQM, Imran Farooq, was murdered in northwest London. British police raided the MQM office in connection with this case in 2012. On 20 June 2013 a Metropolitan Police team investigating Imran Farooq's murder raided Altaf bhai's house and spent 55 hours in searching through.
Pictures of two Pakistanis allegedly involved in his assassination were finally released in 2014; they are in protective custody of Pak authorities and will be handed over to Scotland yard when requested.
Secondly, London's Metropolitan Police started a money-laundering probe against Altaf after they recovered money from his house in searches in December 2012 and June 2013. On 3 June 2014 he was arrested in London on charges of money-laundering following a raid by Metropolitan Police at his residence and office. He was released on bail on 6 June 2014.
Weapons: A dealer in Quetta procures weapons for MQM's armed wing. The MQM’s member confessed to buying 40 Kalashnikovs, 8 LMGs, 1 rocket launcher, 6 G3s, 5 China rifles and 3 MGs, 8 LMGs, one rocket-launcher. During investigation, it came to light that following the raids and operations by law enforcement personnel in the city, all sector in-charges were instructed by the party to withdraw their excess weapons at the party headquarters, Nine-Zero. The weapons were transported to some other place from various locations through Ambulance Service.
Rigged 2013 elections: As ordered by Umair Siddiqui 60 to 70 MQM workers in Gulistan-e-Johar managed to cast fake votes in favour of MQM candidate Faisal Subzwari at the polling stations in the Maymar sector. As alleged, the presiding officers were called to the sector office and were made to agree to fake balloting. And, 15-20 boxes filled with fake ballots were given to the presiding officers.
Other Serious Questions:
(1) Why did Altaf Bhai disgrace national flag at the tomb of Mr. Jinnah (Mazaar e Qaaid)?
(2) How can he be a patriotic Pakistani, as he strongly apologized to audience in India for the 1947 creation of Pakistan?
(3) Why is he still maintaining his emotional alliance with India?
Turning point:
Former DG Rangers Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar, who, on account of his experience in dealing with the city’s inner working, had a deep insight into Karachi’s many complexities. Now, the Rangers have evolved into a fairly autonomous entity with its own intelligence gathering and urban counterterrorism units.
Currently, Gen. Rizwan has better understanding with the federal government and an exceptionally healthy equation with Army Chief General Raheel Sharif, therefore, he has made his plans of defanging Karachi’s powerful war-lords with a long-term super effective policy.
Saulat Mirza death row prisoner whose death warrant is currently on hold - should remain in protective custody till all truth is verified. He has significant material evidence to substantiate case against the embattled MQM and its leadership.
This time, it’s a different ballgame. Laws have been amended. Legal loopholes have been plugged.
The combination of Rangers, Pak Army and the “constitutional amendment 21” empowering the military courts is a good news for the country bad news for MQM and all other Terrorist organizations involved in proxy war against Pakistan, indeed.

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