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Normalcy on its Way to Karachi

Normalcy on its Way to Karachi

The paramilitary forces of Pakistan consist of various organizations charged with safeguarding Pakistan from external and internal threats as well as maintaining internal law and order. Their current strength is approximately over 420,000 personnel.[1] The said forces can be divided into three categories, performing three distinct roles: Firstly the armed security forces (the Rangers and Frontier Corps), secondly a reserve force (the National Guard), and thirdly the Maritime Security Agency. The Sindh Rangers consist of approximately 25,000 personnel whereas almost half of the total force is deployed to Karachi.

While kidnapping for ransom, extortion, threats to the business community were common in Karachi and industrialists were shifting their investment to Bangladesh and other countries, Chief of the Army Staff at the time, Gen Kayani took notice of the grave situation and on request of government and business community, the Rangers were deployed with special powers.[15]

Beyond doubt, the Rangers played a crucial role in maintaining peace and curbed law offenders indiscriminately regardless of political affiliations. Business community and the general public took sigh of relief and lauded the role of rangers in Sindh.[16]

Historically speaking, India was accused of having planted the seed of separatism in East Pakistan, and then it had played as a mid-wife for the birth of its own illegitimate child. Recently, the Indian government has confessed of having been actively participating in the fragmentation of Pakistan into two separate countries in 1971: this alone is enough proof to strengthen Pakistan’s assertion of India’s involvement in destabilizing Pakistan through supporting and funding the terrorist activities.

Indian active involvement in Baluchistan and Karachi through proxy is another dirty game. Irony is India always cries as victim of terrorism in front of the International Community.

Nonsense of muhajir card: The MQM originally came with anti feudalism slogan and could not achieve its target; instead it has turned into an anti Pakistan Party. (God Forbid)
This political party maintains a strong base of Mohajirs- people who have migrated from India to settle in Pakistan during the time of Partition. MQM has been always onboard with the ruling party.

Street power: When it calls for a strike, the whole city grinds to a halt.
Rhetoric and Threats: SSP Rao Anwar filed an application in Malir Cantt Police Station last Tuesday seeking registration of case against Altaf Hussain for allegedly threatening him, while addressing his supporters, has threatened to “blow him up with a canon.”

Recently, Altaf Hussain openly asked for help from RAW to aid them in avenging the slander of their party. He continues to give serious threats of destroying Pakistan if the Pakistan Army dared to go against the party. His appeal to the Indian RAW agents to support MQM against Pakistan and to prevent anyone from taking action against MQM reflects the secret confidence and connection between the two against Pakistan.

MQM and India are busy sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

The other day: Briefing the Interior minister about Karachi situation, DG Rangers Sindh Major General Bilal Akhter said that Rangers were effectively undertaking operation against the criminal elements in the mega city, which had resulted into bringing down crime rate significantly.
The interior minister said that it were the criminal elements versus the peaceful citizens in Karachi for which the operation was launched, which would continue till its logical conclusion.

Govt trying to pre-empt attacks by Altaf

Second Raid: “The Rangers’ raid at the Nine Zero last Friday was clearly a part of the drive to put an end to the ceaseless inciting addresses,” a federal minister told The News on condition of anonymity, and referred to a tweet of the chief of the paramilitary force Maj-Gen Bilal Akbar in which he said those detained from the MQM headquarters have been arranging and facilitating hate speeches against peace of Karachi.

British national Altaf’s addresses to his party gatherings in Pakistan are being blocked for targeting the security agencies. His Sunday speech was highly inflammatory against Pakistan.

It is due to his remarks that over 120 cases have been registered against Altaf Hussain all over Pakistan, which is the clear expression of deep ire and anger of the security establishment against him.

“All those who are connected with organising the telephonic addresses of the MQM chief in Karachi and Hyderabad will be taken into custody so that this practice comes to an end once and for all,” the official said.

Both the anti-terror powers of Sindh Rangers and an extension of stay in the province in aid of the civil administration and police needed the Sindh Assembly’s endorsement under the Article-147 of the Constitution after the passage of the 18th Amendment.

The former president said that the role of the armed forces in the ongoing military operation Zarb-e-Azb against the terrorists was highly praiseworthy. He said both the civil and military administration working in support of each other could effectively tackle and fend off internal and external challenges facing the country.

The Home Department recommended that since the Rangers were assisting the police and civil administration, therefore, their requisition may be extended for another year.

The chief minister, keeping in view the requirement of the services of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, extended the requisition for one year w.e.f July 20 to assist the civil administration and the provincial police in combating crimes and improving law and order.

Now hunger strike drama): In order to malign Pakistan and its security forces, his Excellency Altaf Hussain has threatened to go on hunger strike till death after permission is granted by the 10 Dowing St administration.

Furthermore, the addicted MQM was partner in every government, civil or military: they ruled Karachi and Pakistan for decades; still they feel exploited, what is it- they exactly want? According to the MQM leader, his party would release more details about the protest as soon as it gets permission from British authorities to carry out the hunger strike.

BUT: If Altaf Hussain wants to serve his people in Pakistan, he should step down, sooner the better. This would save paramilitary operation expenses, and everyone will be happy.

Good news is the MQM leadership has begun to realize the dynamics of the high stakes involved. Amendment 21 for military courts and the determined Army chief to clean up Karachi at all cost are a ground reality.

Fortunately, the MQM leadership is not going for violent shutdowns of the metropolis, in the wake of recent clamp down.

Surely, good economic time is ahead.

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