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Celebrating Pakistan Day Confirms National Strength

Celebrating Pakistan Day Confirms National Strength

General perception is the immature society in Pakistan remains labelled as the one living with its continuing incapacity to swiftly reject illogical and irrational acts. More sadly, even the media and the intellectuals have not been able to effectively discourage the growth of extremism, ignorance and sectarian violence and the ongoing proxy war with proven results.
Thanks to Pakistan Military that has freed the country from the clutches of terrorists. At least, the nation once again looks confidant and is already in the “gearing up mode” to celebrate the upcoming Pakistan independence day on August 14th. On this day in 1947, Pakistan became a reality as an independent country, yet the unbearable cost was sky high, as the damage in terms of lost honour of the violated women and their murders would remain irreparable forever.
Indeed, the massive migration, amid widespread communal violence, ethnic cleansing/genocide, trainloads of slaughtered Muslims and the mercilessly raped young women, reminds us of the trauma of all those who sacrificed just to give a comfortable independent land to the new Pakistanis.
Mr Jinnah particularly emphasised, “You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”
In spite of unfavourable economic circumstance and the unfriendly atmosphere around, the general public all over Pakistan loves celebrating Independence Day with patriotic zest. Many dress up in green and white, which are the Pakistani flag’s colours. People visit national monuments and places of national significance to celebrate Independence Day.  Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on public, private buildings, residences and monuments at dawn. Government buildings, including Parliament House. There are fireworks to enjoy.
Pakistan’s Independence Day also pays homage to people who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement and made sacrifices to attain Pakistan’s independence.
A change of guard takes place at national monuments, including the mausoleums of Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal, and Mr Jinnah (supreme leader)
The celebration will go ahead as planned despite it’s officially realized that “militant wings in the garb of political parties were hatching conspiracies against the ongoing Karachi operation”
In a statement the paramilitary force’s spokesman also asked the people to inform the Pakistan Rangers and advised the media to avoid broadcasting unconfirmed reports.
“Certain unscrupulous elements, under the garb of political parties running their militant wings in a desperate attempt have launched a campaign to malign the Karachi operation,” said the brief statement without mentioning these ‘elements’ and their move which forced the Rangers to issue such a statement.
“These attempts are meant to create restlessness among the citizens. Karachi operation by the rangers means the Karachites will be facilitated to celebrate the Independence Day peacefully.
There is no doubt about the ongoing success of the “Operation Zarb-e-Azb,” and the fact is the said operation still continues to weed out successfully all the anti-Pakistan warring factions, specifically the TTP terrorists from the FATA region.
However, threat to life and property by the foreign funded terrorism is still a big challenge which is being faced by all concerned throughout the country.
There is clear evidence of the foreign involvement in Sind and Baluchistan. The neighbouring countries that are sponsoring terrorism to disrupt the writ of Pakistan are documented.
Unfortunately, the Pak foreign office or the concerned officials have not presented the proxy war case before the World body.
Pakistan Day is coming fast, so is the flooding all over - and the reason is the rain overflow drainage system is all clogged up with sand and the rain water causes heavy floods .Lack of maintenance by the government is to blame too.
Other major reason is non construction of Kala bagh dam. Some stubborn politicians and the locals fail to realize that besides providing irrigation facility and generating electricity, the KB dam would have the capacity to store the excess running water flowing to the ocean.
Irony is when running rivers are normally flowing, there is water theft by the upper riparian India from the share of lower riparian Pakistan; so this remains one of the  major issues that Pakistan keeps failing to correct at the UN forum.
Suspicion is , there is a strategy at work to turn Pakistan into a barren land with no drinking and irrigation water, hence, making it look like miserable Somalia and Ethiopia.
Shamefully, some politicians issue rhetorical statements saying the KB dam will be built over their dead bodies.
Most probably, issues like energy crisis have been illegitimately designed by the anti Pakistan elements with ulterior motives; the stake holders may include both the locals and the foreigners.
With respect to the allegations of locally stolen mandate (ballot) and economic downturn, answer lies only in encouraging a level playing field to reproduce constructive conscience of the entire nation; that would generate peaceful atmosphere.
It’s absolutely necessary to keep paying tribute to those who dedicated their lives to earn freedom for us. Although the people of Pakistan celebrate the Independence Day with patriotism, yet they should remember what Jinnah’s dream was; many among us seem to have forgotten the reason for the formation of Pakistan.
Fresh indicators of economic Relief in sight:
Despite the expected global recession, an economic upturn in Pakistan is on its way. This year, Zarb e Azb has almost concluded with good results while the Karachi operation is going well, and the Pak China economic corridor is going as planned. Thus, Pakistan is moving towards its economic recovery faster than expected.
All gains are a gift for the “Happy Pakistan Day.”
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