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The Awaited Wind of Change

The Awaited Wind of Change
During the hot humid weather, snakes tend to come out of holes; they may or may not be biting anyone indiscriminately along the way. Then there are snakes in the human form that act as snake of the sleeve, and if the weather is permitting they are available for any indecent act depending on the nature of strategy.
Other example is of the parliamentarians at home or in the exile: Unlike snakes, this category of democratic snakes takes orders and act as told. They always look well equipped with their mouthing ammunition to do shouting to please the hidden master; they become as aggressive as they can - just to defame the most loved institutions of Pakistan regardless of the consequences.
In other words, they just wait for the right moment for attack and come out in the open bickering about their “tailored-displeasure” with the very existence of Pakistan in general and the Pak military (along with its main spy agency) in particular. Who are they trying to please and what are they gaining from the nasty agenda - is a trillion dollar question, of course.
Being anti militancy is perfectly okay, yet being anti military is construed as being anti Pakistan.
It’s about time to deal with the “snake like behaviour” through employing the snake charmer’s assistance to weed out the huge pile up of strategic serpents in hiding inside the various institutions of the country. There is a great deal of threats from the insiders who are working as proxy for the outsiders.
Thank God! Human snakes are showing up little by little. So far some are brave enough to accuse the Pak military so openly that the hostile neighbour’s joy needs no bounds.
Muhajir card: After migrating to Pakistan, non-Urdu speaking migrants are proud to be called Pakistani nationals, but when it comes to the Karachi followers of the self exiled leader Altaf Hussain (British national), they are conveniently grouped as Muhajirs, and the children born to the members of this group are made part of the Muhajir group as well--- not only that’s intriguing but it’s pathetic and funny as they should not be doing the nonsense.
Nevertheless, reason is simple: Altaf Hussain uses ‘muhajir card’ to have stronger mandate at election time as well as he uses this as a tool to scare off the ruling elite of the time to his greatest advantage as a political maneuver---believe it or not.
Also, the terrified media is programmed to televise his telephonic speeches for hours and hours otherwise there are reprisals and repercussions. Is it a real democracy?
Altaf Hussain speaks with difficulty. Not a single word is clear enough to be appreciated. So this man ends up getting ridiculed instead. Funny thing is the slow paced speech of Altaf Hussain and his body language and gestures are so funny that the irked audience have their eyebrows raised.
 With his constipated speeches, Altaf plays games as a paid con-artist; he is master of emotional black mailing to get his audience’ attention. Also, he is addicted to blackmail the ruling elite in order to negotiate for a few of the cabinet portfolios in the provincial and federal assemblies.
The MQM has been on board almost with all regimes, but now he and his cronies are deadly against Rangers’ operation. Double standards!
Certainly, the ongoing immature democracy in Pakistan is good for a few groups looking after the vested interests only. They can flourish through money laundering and outsourcing their businesses while keeping their own populace unemployable at home shamelessly.
Be it Altaf Hussain, the defence minister Khawaja Asif or the quitting federal minister Mushahid Hussain, there is always a price tag to pay for being mouth-piece of the hidden hand. It’s just different faces at different times for the same end in sight that may include strengthening of a softer corner in favour of India but weakening the strength of Pak military and its affiliated spy agencies; their strategy is so designed that damaging the good image of the most loved institutions of Pakistan are a target (directly or indirectly).
Judicial commission: Though irregularities were judicially noticed, yet the stolen mandate in the form of organized rigging could not be proved before the judicial commission. The word ‘munazzam’ (organised) seems to have been added trickily to the word dhandli (rigging), it was really a tricky one as it made the organized rigging an “evidence-deficient-allegation.”
Problem is the Pakistani democracy needs crutches of friendly opposition to continue which itself is undemocratic.
Furthermore, the N league has taken so much of foreign debt that Pakistani kids and the future generations would have a tough time paying off the menace. Only a miraculous recovery may help the poor kids out of the debt quagmire.
Poor Pakistani people who had to live with the paralysed Zardari regime for five years are now enjoying other government born out of the irregularly conducted elections.
Pakistan spent too much time and resources for grilling Altaf Hussain of MQM for having an affair with the RAW of India, and now the current ruling elite is busy hurting the reputation of the Pak military and its affiliated secret agencies.
Since the rangers’ operation in Karachi is going as planned, extortion incidents and target killing cases are on the decrease drastically. Truth is the political parties do depend on their armed wings and they see the operation as a big threat to their militancy and their illegitimate sources of income.
Like snakes, our politicians in power may have a heat sense, however, they are unable to reach their nefarious goals because their heat sense remains their “nonsense,” indeed. And like snakes these miserable politicians may attack without actually seeing their prey! Don’t mess up with the military! No pangga is only changga.
Maybe due to their keen sensitivity to the boots related vibrations through the ground, the corrupt rulers may misunderstand and presume the ground troops are coming to haunt them.
Message to the civil society: Beware of politicking snakes.
Good news is the Pakistani civil armed forces and the military are on the same page to make a logical ending of the ongoing war against terror. There are positive results in Karachi while Waziristan seems to be returning to normal sooner than expected and new horizon is opening up for the suffering Pakistanis.

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