Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'Friendly Opposition' Employs Fake Hostility

Most probably, the provincial government of Sindh is not doing enough to tackle corruption, crime or terrorism. This official inaction and laziness have contributed to the existing chaos. Obviously, this means more space for those whose mandate does not go beyond tackling terror-related crimes.
For curbing terrorism and the criminal activity in Karachi, the Interior ministry is in the picture helping the Sindh government through empowering the Rangers. The para-military forces are aggressively cleaning up as planned.
Therefore, there is no justification for being critical of the excellent job done by the Rangers.
All problem areas of Sindh are under active surveillance by the responsible security personnel who have a workable strategy to get rid of thugs, thieves, murderers and terrorists. Those who oppose the operation actually are involved in doing the disservice and a disfavor to peace and security of the law-abiding citizens.
In fact, the people of Karachi are very happy with Rangers’ efficiency. The citizens want them to continue the operation till its logical ending. Any compromise at this stage will jeopardise the whole operation and plunge us into greater instability.
On the other hand, the Pak military is successfully fighting to eliminate terrorism for good, and its operation zarb-e-azb is about to conclude soon with great results.
Other ground reality is the ongoing fake democracy is based on politics of reconciliation (MUK MUKA). However, the former president Asif Ali Zardari feels a little irritated, and he reacted to the recent arrests of his party members by the federal institutions in Sindh. He blames PM Nawaz Shareef for having reverted to politics of the nineties. Dr. Asim Hussain (Zardari’s associate) was taken into custody by the Rangers under a law strictly formulated for the pursuit of terrorists; he was detained under the Anti Terrorism Act of 1997. The Act was passed as an amendment on October 2013 at the start of the Karachi operation, specifically to empower the Rangers to detain and question those suspected of being involved in terrorism. So everything is going according to law.
Nevertheless, expressing his resentment over the actions taken by the Rangers, the NAB and the FIA, Zardari said in a statement that Sharif had not learnt anything from the past, warning him of dire consequences for what he termed ‘politics of vengeance.’
Indeed, the focus should be to curb terrorism in Karachi, but there are many groups, involved in target killing, kidnapping, extortion and land grabbing and there is financial terrorism as well where national wealth is being stolen from the people. Such crimes are merging with politics. If the corruption is used to fund the terrorism, no one should be spared after the accusation is proved in the court of law, civil or military.
Since, Pakistan, as a country, is marred by the ruling mafia facilitated by the friendly opposition which indicates their lack of patriotism towards people. Be it Zardari era or Nawaz era, the deteriorating state of the general public keeps getting uglier day by day, leading to a bad to worse scenario---which must stop now, as enough is enough.
How the hell India’s RAW was able to infiltrate in Pakistan and Hussain Haqqani was letting the non Pakistanis slip into Pakistan without involving the foreign office? How come, Nawaz Shareef is so inclined towards India inspite of Modi’s hatred towards the Muslims and Pakistan?
The irony is the party in power manages to stay in power with the help of friendly opposition as if their agenda is no more than that of completing five year term.
Shamelessly, the political leadership seems to be on the same page when it comes to maligning the military. They even ask for foreign intervention to protect them from the military.
This is why, it makes us laugh when Zardari contends the PPP stands fully with the Pakistan Army in the ongoing war against terrorism. “We salute our jawans (brave soldiers) who have given ultimate sacrifice in this war.” This statement is just a bluffing.
Dr Asim Hussain has been charged with helping finance terror, it’s a very serious allegation at this point in time. Maybe, the Rangers have collected substantial evidence before taking such a step. Hopefully, the truth will be made public later.Recommended: The arrests of economic terrorists must continue without discrimination across the country.Had Mr Zardari been concerned about the model town fiasco and the money laundering of the minister he should have taken a stand about it at that time, why is he yelling now when his corrupt cronies are being picked up?Take a look at the way the former pm Gillani got away with his arrest.
It’s clear that the NAB is after bigger fish, yet the problem is far from over as nothing much is likely to happen unless the real heavy weights are nabbed first without any opposition from any quarter.

Also, it’s important to open Asgher Khan Case on merit for netting another financial lot of big fish.Accommodating unethical convenience: “You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours,” is the understanding between the political parties that are taking turns. Unfortunately, they have nothing to do with serving the people of Pakistan. All they have is the crazy craving for political empowerment so that they can continue looting the national resources till the exchequer and the national resources run out. The financial vampires busy for their own selfish ends must now be hunted down, sooner the better.
Maintaining the current momentum is in the best interest of the people and the country and
 tackling financial terrorism will help the country get out of major trouble faster than expected. It will be a fatal mistake to stop or slow down the momentum of the Karachi operation.

SOURCES:,, Pak TV channels

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