Friday, October 16, 2015

Strategic Voting For Positive Change

Beyond doubt, Canadians are desperate for regime change. During the four days of early polls, the number of voters was crazy at many locations. Obviously, the purpose was to vote for the candidates of their choice. Nevertheless, the voters seemed willing to compromise and became strategic voters instead just for ridding the status quo.
No matter what, time is ripe for electing the favourite candidates through “choice-voting” or “strategic-voting.” Mostly the voters are interested to stop the present government from getting re-elected. There is no logical thinking on the recessionary economy, however, a widespread frustration and anti Harper anger created the emotive voters. Trend is to vote for the one who has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives, regardless of political affiliation. Indeed, one must be looking for what is best for Canada. The upcoming Federal election means the best chance for getting rid of Harper regime and electing a government that has no choice but to listen to everyone indiscriminately. This confirms that the voting people are anxiously waiting for the end of “Harper era.”
This explains reasons behind strategic voting: As defeating the Conservatives has always been priority of the dis-satisfied public, so comes the tactical voting. This is exactly where “voters' perception” becomes necessary: Campaigning becomes so crafty and media strategies do focus on affecting voter's perception. They are helpful in shaping the way voters see their candidates.
Disadvantage of strategic voting: If one identifies with one party and is willing to vote differently for another party—there is conscience issue. Voting for something one doesn’t believe in may or may not lead to one’s disappointment in future.
Although, Mulcair did the right thing for standing up for rights and against fear mongering around the niqab and
road to power for the NDP was a strong showing in Quebec and BC with a moderate showing everywhere else, yet due to the xenophobia and demagoguery of the Harper party and the Bloc, the NDP is now struggling in Quebec. With the apparent collapse of NDP support in Quebec, the Liberals will also be scrambling to make some unanticipated gains in Trudeau's home province, which has turned into a four-way race.
Fact of course is, people are not happy with the status quo, they’re not happy with Mr Harper and his divisive politics. They really want change,” Bains said. “They see that Mr Trudeau and the Liberal Party represent that change.”
Moreover, media circles and politicians are endorsing Trudeau, and are busy publishing stories and graphs to back up their decision.
Wow! The Liberals enjoy their Liberal Waves. Justin Trudeau has exceeded the expectation. He is an excellent communicator and very charismatic leader. Encouraged by improving poll results, Trudeau’s advisers believe the party is in a position to draw in voters from both the right and left side of the political spectrum. The Liberal party has invested a lot of time and money into modernizing its technology to identify potential supporters. Canada's Liberal party within reach of election win is now gone into final mode. “Ours is the only plan that will invest now in what Torontonians and what all Canadians need — transit and affordable housing,” he said, adding the Liberal plan to raise taxes on the very rich while reducing middle-class taxes would address the trend of growing income inequality. Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals stand for a much needed positive change in government and a renewed hope for our beautiful country!
Latest polls show widening Liberal lead confirming the Liberals’ momentum. Middle and lower-income Canadians will be better off under a Trudeau government is the claim of the party.
Two crucial battlegrounds, where Liberals believe the election will be won or lost: the Greater Toronto Area and lower mainland British Columbia.
The political crooks should not be allowed to continue governing. Surely, Canada needs a change. Many Canadians are of the view that Liberal govt is the way to go, as Justin Trudeau is more than ready for the job. There is a difference between the economic policies being offered by Liberals and Conservatives. That alone shows how middle and lower-income Canadians will be better off under a Trudeau government. NDP has lost its momentum which is good for Canada as it cannot afford a Socialist government.  Under the NDP, the heavily taxed corporate World goes south of the border. Industries are unionized raising the cost of production leading to endangerment of marketing abroad. The most troublesome with NDP is, money is heavily borrowed to fund the social programs; this adds enormously to the national debt.
Obviously, it’s the Liberal wave now.
Actually, Canada needs an electoral system based on proportional representation, where every voter is represented in parliament. If neglected, the citizens can form a substantial opposition defending the needs of the people all across Canada. This electoral system if implemented would eliminate strategic voting.
But it’s important for every adult citizen to head for polling station on Oct 19 to elect good people for House of Commons.
There is a need to drop the partisan cheerleading and think about what is best for Canada. Voters must analyse before they vote: Previous delivery by the contesting candidates must be judged on the basis of true merit and transparency, fairness and equality; this would maintain spirit of democracy.
A stronger majority government is in the best interest of Canada. We have to stay united for a much needed positive change.

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