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Canada's Vulnerable Muslim Community

Unfortunately, the hijabi ladies in Canada continue to be in trouble again after the Paris-massacre which was carried out by the cruel ISIS terrorists. Probably, the frustrated hate mongers are over-reacting due to the scheduled arrival of 25000 Syrian refugees to Canada. Nevertheless, the reaction appears to be based on multiple factors including bias against people who practise religion of Islam. Here again, Harper era is to blame for the spread of anti Muslim feelings irresponsibly. Although, days of "politics of fear" are over and there is no divisive politics any longer, yet the side effects are appearing now.
Besides burning of a mosque in Peterborough Ontario, the misled cowards are making trouble for the hijabi females.
Recently, A hijabi lady was on her way to pick up her kid from school in Toronto; she was attacked and badly injured by the anti Muslim rascals.
Hardly a couple of days later, two Muslim women riding the TTC were called "terrorists" and pushed. Luckily, a bystander stopped the train to get help.
TTC spokesman Brad Ross said two women wearing hijabs were on the eastbound train between Bloor and Sherbourne stations "doing nothing but minding their own business" when two men and a woman began taunting them. "They were making racist comments towards these women, suggesting they must be terrorists and were going to blow up the train," Ross said.
Also Metrolinx officials found racist graffiti directed at Muslims in a washroom on a GO train coach and they responded quickly.
"We have absolutely no tolerance for discrimination or racism," Metrolinx spokesman Anne Marie Aikins said. "This illegal act of vandalism is deeply offensive and in no way reflects our organization’s values.
"We extend our sincerest apology to any customers who may have seen the offensive post. As soon the graffiti was discovered by our staff, the coach was taken out of service so it could be removed. We are also conducting an investigation to determine if we can identify the person or persons responsible."

TTC condemns incident, says it has 'zero tolerance' for anti-Muslim behaviour
Mohamed El Rashidy, a lawyer with the Canadian Arab Federation, said there's been a spike in hate crime numbers this year though many more go unreported. "People are calling me and they're scared," he told CBC News. "We say enough. We call on all Canadians to come together," said Debbie Douglas, executive director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. She pointed out that the recent attacks have been both Islamophobic as well as sexist, as it's primarily hijab-wearing women who have been the target of attacks.

Blaming Muslims for the Paris attack, and being fearful of all Muslims, including Syrian refugees, is like holding all Christians responsible for the atrocities we know as the Inquisition, Crusades, Wars of religion, KKK, Slavery, and anti-Semitism.
Thought provoking: Right after the Paris attacks the shares of the entire major US defense contractors soared.
Fact is there is a lot of racism in Canada, however, Islam is not a race. White people, black people, brown people and Asians can be Muslim.
Note: Some people out there are always looking for an excuse to attack immigrant communities.
​Peterborough-Kawartha MP MaryamMonsef, a Muslim who came to Canada as a refugee from Afghanistan 20 years ago, said she was "shaken up" by news of the fire.
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement on the fire that took place at the mosque in Peterborough:
"I am deeply disturbed by the fire that took place at the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association’s mosque in Peterborough on November 14, 2015.
"The values that make our country great are values that celebrate our diversity and our religious tolerance. Canada is a country that is strong, not in spite of our differences, but because of them. Muslim-Canadians contribute enormously to the social and economic fabric of our nation, and Canadian authorities will not abide innocent and peaceful citizens being targeted by acts of vandalism and intolerance.
"The recent terrorist attacks in Paris have shocked peace-loving people in all countries around the world. We must remain focused on those responsible for the atrocities committed in France. It is equally important for Canadians to understand that Muslims around the world are also being persecuted regularly by these violent extremists. We are in this together.
"To the families who attend the mosque for prayer every week, the Government of Canada and our law enforcement agencies will protect your rights and make every effort to apprehend any perpetrator. I hope your mosque will be open for prayer again very soon."
Trudeau ‘deeply disturbed’ by Peterborough mosque fire
In a statement the Prime Minister assured Muslim Canadians the country’s law enforcement agencies will work hard to find those responsible for what is being investigated as a hate crime. Community leaders in Peterborough, Ont., where a mosque was set aflame over the weekend, came together on Monday to condemn the attack, which police are investigating as a hate crime.
Thank you Mr Trudeau! You are a true Canadian leader! 
Summing up:
No one is above the law, so I am confident that our justice system is intact.
Intelligent Canadians continue to blame individuals and not race nor religion for the actions of these cowards.
ISIS is using Islam as their weapon, so we can't be stupid enough to blame an entire religion (and its followers) for ISIS. It's just fuelling hatred and division, which is what ISIS wants us to do!
Canadians have to protect themselves not just from outside threats like ISIS, but also from falling prey to prejudice.
Those who attack innocent Muslims living peacefully are just helping ISIS terrorists in their cause.
Terrorists have no religion; ISIS is so organised as to kill innocent Muslims and other innocent people around the globe.
The media should act more responsibly by not sensationalizing the issues of grave concern.
.Terrorism in any form is unacceptable in Canada.
During Oct elections, Canadians have rejected those who love wars.
Salutation to the Liberals: They are in favour of peace keeping role under the banner of U.N.

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