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Challenges for the Ambitious Trudeau

Challenges for the Ambitious Trudeau
(Adv TariqMJaved) 13 Nov 2015
Fairly speaking, hiring the best person for the job regardless of gender, creed, color or ethnicity is the best thing to do, indeed. This means a cabinet with more men than women, or more women than men is fine either way because of merit system.
On the contrary, if there is a 50% female quota, there is denial of the opportunity for a more qualified person. Women make up just over a quarter of the Liberal caucus, yet they have captured half of cabinet which is beyond understanding.
The problem with quota system: It may keep a more suitable person away from the position unfairly as true merit is most likely to be compromised.
Nevertheless, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau selected 50 female federal liberal MPs for his cabinet fulfilling his promise of honouring gender parity (50-50 gender quota) first time in the history of Canada.
Furthermore, there are 18 rookies, 2 aboriginals, 2 disabled people, one Muslim lady and 4 Sikhs in his cabinet now.
First female Muslim Minister Maryam Monsef from Peterborough (Ontario) has been appointed Minister of Democratic Institutions. This important portfolio goes to this young lady who came at the age of eleven from Afghanistan to Montreal as a child with her widow mother and two sisters seeking asylum. And the family drove to Peterborough Ontario to settle for good. Wow!
A brand new prime minister has to cope with new and stale-challenges transferred from the Harper era: First scenario happens to be the rejection of proposed Keystone Canada-U.S. pipeline. President Obama under domestic political pressure had to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Killing the pipeline allows him to claim aggressive action on the environment. 
Shortly after the rejection announcement, Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement saying his government is disappointed by the decision but respects the right of the United States to make it. He added further that the Canada-U.S. relationship was much bigger than any single project. Despite the disappointment, Trudeau signaled Ottawa’s willingness to work more closely with the U.S. officials on energy and climate change.
Positively, PM Trudeau seeks a new beginning with U.S.
The negative decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline has divided petroleum interests and environmentalists for more than seven years which is economically painful. President Barack Obama capped a seven-year cross-border drama by rejecting the Keystone XL project, while Prime Minister Trudeau has promised quick action on climate change.
Hopefully, the U.S. officials would soon open talks with the Canadian officials for stepping up cooperation on energy and global warming. This would pave the way for cooperation between Obama and Trudeau on ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets in advance of UN COP21 climate-change talks in Paris some times in December.
Furthermore, the Canadian government supports the proposed $12 billion Energy East pipeline as economically sound recipe. This pipe line, from Alberta across the country to New Brunswick, now appears to be the most viable option for getting oil sands-derived petroleum to market abroad despite the stiff opposition from environmentalists.
Also, Trans Canada seems committed to building Keystone XL and has not ruled out filing a new application for a presidential permit.
Other development is more balanced approach to the Israeli Arab situation: Mr Dion, (Minister of Foreign Affairs) announced this week, that the Liberals are calling an end to Israel's special-relationship, and we will now see a more balanced approach to the Israeli Arab situation. Trudeau is making the right decision. We should not become one with the terrorists, unnecessarily being part of the slaughter. We should be targeting more of the humanitarian aspects, focusing on diffusing the situation.
Also high on Mr McCallum’s priority list is the Liberal plan to speed up processing times for family reunification, as a part of a renewed approach to immigration.
In the short term, McCallum said the most pressing issue for his department is the Liberal commitment to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada by year’s end. He said the government is still working toward that target, but is also determined to do proper security and health checks along the way. He said the public service is working “around the clock,” looking at every option to get Syrian refugees to Canada.
“Air transport, either commercially or through the air force, is possible, as is transport by ships. All of those things are being looked at and we will choose the most efficient and cost effective way to bring this about.”
Housing the Syrian refugees upon arrival: Options are military bases, the Red Cross and Syrian families in Canada.
Summing up:
There is a need to improve Alberta's environmental record and reputation so that we can achieve our goal of building Canada’s energy infrastructure, including pipelines to new markets. (The Canadian Press)
One must remember that the purpose of a democratic society is to listen to each others.
Canada should continue to strive for normalising friendly relationship with all countries of the world to boost up understanding and trading with them.
Step-motherly treatment of Pakistan: Sadly, Harper has been ignoring Pakistan, but Mr Trudeau may repair the damage now by encouraging bi-lateral relations between Canada and Pakistan.
Canadians of Pakistani origin are more than eager for Mr Trudeau’s Pakistan visit in the near future as a State guest. In that regard, High Commissioner of Pakistan at Ottawa must immediately move forward facilitating such a tour of high significance.
Canadians have no clue: Only Prime Minister Trudeau is aware of what actually prompted him to give away half of the cabinet-portfolios to the females who make around 25 percent of the Liberal caucus. A lack of proportionality remains questionable.
Rule of thumb: The person should be picked if he or she is the most suitable to optimize performance to serve Canada.
As Prime Minister Trudeau is almost fully loaded with the best tools and is equipped with a cabinet well-tailored with a remarkable “gender-parity,” time is ripe for normal delivery sooner the better.
In case there is a failure in terms of delivery, Trudeau cabinet should be re-selected based on merit, not gender.


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