Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Paradigm Shift with Trump in the Driver Seat

“I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, I tell you that. I’ll bring back our jobs from China, from Japan, from Mexico and from so many places. I’ll bring back our money. …Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.“ (Donald Trump)------
Though Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United State of America, is known for his ability to sniff out things that don’t smell right, he remains a potential risk for the foundation of existing political and global order. He tends to speak without thinking. In other words, he is brave enough to say what he thinks, and he can certainly voice an opinion. If he has an issue with you, he will say it to your face. In fact, a politician in office with that level of transparency can’t be dishonest.
Other factors for his win: He went along with popular sentiment of anti Muslim bashing. He praised Putin on his stand on Syria that went against Hillary’s approach to resolve conflicts in the Mid-East. Yet at the same time, Russia is alleged to have manipulated the western public opinion through successfully molding Western mainstream media into behavioral models for facilitating Trump’s win.
Question is why did the frustrated Americans become Trump’s supporters? Obviously, his loyalty only focused on America and the Americans—not any political party, any special interest group or foreign entity. Like his slogan reads, “Make America great again!”
The amazing confidence level: Trump is so much self-assured and a powerful personality that is perfectly suitable for the future political environment.
Unlike other politicians who tend to be swayed by lobbyists and special interests, Trump is his own special interest and is unlikely to give that power away to anyone but Trump. He is undeniably a great negotiator, and despite his outrageous public statements in the recent past, he knows how to navigate complex deals and convince a wide variety of industries, businesses, and investors to do what he wants. His track record for his financial success proves that he knows how to build a successful empire.
He has his priorities straight: He has emphasized beliefs in free enterprise and a strong military. He repeatedly highlights his acumen for success, his ability to get things done, and understanding of finances
He intends to keep nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands
Trump said it himself–he will single-handedly stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. We aren’t entirely sure how, but he’s Trump; anything is possible.
Why would Trump make the best president of all time?
He claims to save billions of dollars on the UN Climate Change Programs
He intends to ban foreign lobbyists fundraising for US Elections.
Trumps opponents imply that he was involved with Putin, and that Russia was having an influence on the election.
Furthermore, Trump seems to be the only candidate talking about how important it is that foreign governments and lobbyists shouldn’t have any power over US elections. According to him, Hillary, for instance, has been taking millions from corrupt governments for years.  Thus, a ban on foreign lobbyists from fundraising for United States governments means that it will be only American people  who should be able to have a major influence on the result of an election.
Another one of his ‘Drain the Swamp’ policies is that he will ban all White House officials from lobbying for foreign governments, meaning it will be harder than ever to work with foreign governments and bend the rules to benefit them. That would be great!
Trump said, “America comes first.” This policy shows he really means it.
This policy will ensure that government officials are bound to work in the interests of the United States, and not the rest of the world.
Other negativity on Trump’s part: Trump has unleashed a series of aggressive tweets against the U.S. intelligence community and his political rivals in the recent weeks, and he responded by implying that Brennan had done a bad job as CIA director — and suggesting that he might even have been responsible for information leaking from the intelligence agencies.
Anxiety among the Muslim community: The nervous Muslim-Americans Remain worried about Trump Administration. Many fear they will no longer be welcome in America during the Trump era. "We have a new president who has the support of a lot of people who are not very friendly to the Muslim community."
Moreover, Trump continues to advocate a policy of "extreme vetting" of potential immigrants, to screen out those, such as radicalized Muslims, who might be perceived as a security threat.
Some of Trump's immediate challenges:
How the United States' complicated relationship with Russia will improve?
Both China and the U.S. bilateral trade is 650 billion dollars, in this neoliberal world they are intertwined; how can they damage each other's economic interest?
How to tailor an affordable ‘Health-Care Alternative’ that doesn't strip coverage from millions of Americans?
Removing doubts on the questioned legitimacy of his presidency: Civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., is among several Democrats in Congress who vowed to skip Trump's inauguration, charging that Russian interference in the 2016 election delegitimizes his presidency.
In closing: President Trump is determined to construct a wall on southern border between the U.S. and Mexico to stop illegal migrants. The worst case scenario is he wants Mexico to pay for that wall - WOW!
The inexperienced president needs some practice to improve his thoughts towards the friendly Muslim World. Also, he must remember Pakistan for its sacrifices in its fight against terrorism. America’s friendship with Pakistan means an economically vibrant World, of course.
At the same time, Pakistan must re-evaluate the international economic and political environment in order to prioritize its foreign policy options in its own best interest.
Other problem is Trump intends to scrap NAFTA creating a major economic concern for Canada. Since the global situation is expected to change significantly, Ottawa has smartly planned a large-scale economic expansion with China as its central ambition. Certainly, President Trump is going to serve his people. Nevertheless, if things go wrong, he may not be able to complete his tenure.

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